1. I love the UK and have spent a lot of time in the home of my heart. Hope you had a great time…it looks from your pics that they love you as much across the pond as we do here in the US.

  2. I real and fell in love with Fallen last week and reviewed it on my blog last night and I’m currently in the middle of Tourment and loving that too!

    It’s a pity I missed you on your UK tour, but hopefully you’ll be back again with another book :)

  3. Only just found out you’d been to the UK, and gutted to have missed you.
    I absolutely adore your books – it’s nice to have something different on the market and these just has a way of speaking to me that none of the other books on sale seem able to offer.
    LOVE THEM!!!! :)

  4. Incredible! Torment was amazing. Also you must be very tired from all that signing. WoW. I just feel a excited about Passion. Though I hope for a little more Cam involved in Luce and Daniel’s past. I want to know what Cam is really hiding under all his bad boy act!!!!

  5. Mrs. Kate, you should come to the southeast sometime whenever you can, because me and my friend would love for you to come down.

  6. I was just out in England not so long ago. It was amazing and hope that you as well as I did had an amazing time. I have your torment book and am gettng the Fallen book.

  7. Well I’m just not very happy … I’ve only just seen that you came to england…. Not only did you come to england you came to liverpool hehe… I would have loved meeting you… I read fallen a while ago and loved it and I’ve just finished reading torment and loved that too!!! They’re amazing!! I’m very much looking forward to passion!! In the end tho I hope luce and daniel get their happy ending lol… :) xx

  8. Lauren Kate, I have just finished your first book, fallen, after starting it yesturday i’ve been unable to put it down, and also managed to leave no time for homework in the process! :s

    I’ve very exited to go and buy “Tormented” and Britain LOVES you! :):) <3

  9. This made me so nostalgic! I moved from Scotland to Canada just last year…your photo of Aberdeen (a gorgeous place to spend a few days holidaying) seems somehow familiar :)

    Are you coming to Canada?

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