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  1. I love your books. I have only read torment and fallen. i hope to read them all but mamma can’t afford to by them si i can read them. =(. by the two that i have read i know that they must be amazing. good job.

  2. I absolutely love your books. I have only read Falllen, currently in the middle of Torment and I don’t want to put it down. I read a lot and you are honestly now one of my favorite authors. I hope you the Fallen series grows and continues. Great imagination, your amazing.

  3. I love your books, i try soooo hard 2 get the newest book in the fallen series, i have read Fallen, Torment, and Passion. AMAZING! Though i want more of Miles! i hope he is in Rapture.

  4. i have read fallen and most of torment im just waiting to get passion i keep getting yelled at by family cuz i read to much you are amazing i am currently doing a class assienment with fallen i loved it so much i hope i can get other people in my class to love as much as i do

  5. lauren I am truly ur biggest fan! Also, I am TEAM DANIEL ALL THE WAY! I’ve heard that there will hopefully be a movie in 2012, and I say that the actor for Daniel should be Alex Pettyfer. Luce should be someone that looks like Selena Gomez with hazel eyes or herself, and someone that looks like Brant Daugherty but with the emerald green eyes that you described. But if no one can find an actor for each of these main characters with the same eye features that you have described, they could just wear eye color changing contacts.

  6. I love your books. You are my favorite author. I have been saving my money just to buy your books. Can’t wait till the nextbook comes. Just a few months away. I’m so excited!!!!!!

  7. hi, i just got you to books for christmas fallen and torment i have started to read fallen but i am confused on the order the books go i know it goes fallen, torment,passion,fallen in love and then rapture but where does betrayal and the splendour falls come into it i am so confused please email me back when u get time and also are their other books hoping to get all of them as i am loving the first one, can’t stop reading it 🙂 thanks

  8. Your books really are page turners what gave you the inspiration. Please keep writing I love all your books. I have read fallen and tormented unfortunately all the libraries are out of passion and I will have to wait to read it.

  9. Hi… i love these books and now i’m waiting to fallin in love and rapture sadly that i now have to wait a long time because i live in the netherlands and they will come out like somewhere around july. And also can’t wait to see the movie if it’s coming:D

  10. The books are amazing! Cant wait for the next ones to come out!
    These are so great, there should be a movie xx

  11. I have read all of your Fallen books and I am DYING to read Rapture. I am so lucky i picked it up in the library one day.

  12. Dear Lauren
    I own and have read “Fallen” “Torment” & “Passion” loved them all!! I’m recieving “Falling in Love” soon and have preordered “Rapture”. Needless to say, I am hooked! Thank you so much for so many hours of reading enjoyment

  13. hi Lauren Kate
    i really like the story really in love with torment so munch and i think that i would be inside it
    all the way form bringing to the end so the book is my number one favourite now
    i am looking foreword to read the next one soon from jasper farrow Jones cumming

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