Three Gems For You

First, two things that need no introduction:

(Don’t forget to scroll down for a third very special surprise!)

And now, because I’m so happy with this book that I can’t keep it to myself anymore, here is a very special sneak peak at FALLEN IN LOVE! This will give you a taste of the kinds of stories you’ll find in Fallen in Love. There are four complete love stories in the book. Can you guess who else is featured?

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. the COVERS are absolutely gorgeous! so fab! i love love it! and I love love you more for the sneak peek! 🙂 i’m going to read it now! 🙂 many many thanks to you!

  2. I Loved the Sneak Peek, I can’t wait for “Fallen In Love” to come out …. You really have to love Miles

  3. The covers are absolute AMAZING! so gorgeous!!! Love it! Can’t wait to read the two books.
    Pfff, i hate waiting!
    Luce & Daniel forever!
    Arriane & Roland???
    Shelby & Miles???
    Lauren, NEVER stop writing!!!

  4. The covers are amazing!! Thank you so much for the sneak peek! I’m so excited about all these books and can’t tell you enough how much I love them!

  5. Fallen, Torment, Passion, and even Fallen in Love, the girl, whom I assume is Luce, is always wearing that black dress….For the Rature cover, she’s in white. Curious 🙂
    I can’t wait for the book to be released.

  6. I agree with Balckhair, i think it could be Arriane & Roland but then i also kinda think that maybe she wont have Luce & Daniel as all the other books are basically about them so this book could be about the other characters so maybe its like:
    Arriane & Roland
    Shelby & Miles
    and maybe like
    Cam & Molly or something like that.. im sure you get my drift 🙂
    Im so excited though i cant wait to January, i wana read it now xx

  7. I have to say your writing is amaze. Thanks so much for giving your fans a sneak peak to Fallen in love. Can’t wait til Jan.

  8. OMG! u are just aweeessssooooommmeee!
    ILY so much (as a author)!
    the covers are so gorgeous.
    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

  9. oh my gosh so…………. i totally love the cover
    if this book are now available I’m gonna totally buy it

    I also love the sneak peek chapter


  10. I dont want Miles and shelby together grr.
    I wanted alittle Romance luce with miles or
    luce and Cam. HAHa

  11. Love the covers! They’re awesome. I can’t wait to get my hands on those books!!
    The Rapture cover though makes me curious to what you have in store for Luce and Daniel.


  12. I think the “Fallen in Love” cover should have been “Rapture” cover!!! Beautiful Photo…

  13. omg the covers are fabulous i cant wait to read them!!!!! omg me and my friends are obsesed we just saw the new book fallen in love in a magazine and we freaked!!! we cant wait for the wait for it MMMMOOOOOVVVIIIIEEEE!!!!!!

  14. OMG! I Saw the Rapture cover on DeviantArt (Huge Deviant right here) for um…whazzhername…Fernanda Brussi, and I didn’t know that that would be the rapture cover! I love how its not so very dark and mysterious as the other three. Its open to me! 🙂
    ANd I cant wait for either of them!!!!!

  15. I just started reading Fallen online over the summer. It’s really good. I also read Troment online, it’s really good too. And the covers are just beautiful! they always get my attention. I really want to get into these books, they’re really interesting! I love Luce and Daniel. I can’t wait to get into these books! You are such a talented author Lauren!

  16. I love how Luce is wearing a white dress on the rapture cover instead of a black one, the Fallen series is one of my fave book series

  17. OMG!! She has got a ring in her finger!! :O And she´s wearing a white dress… Mmmm… i see a wendding in the future… =) ¿Luce and Daniel? Awww… :3

  18. Hmm,
    Luce and Daniel,
    Arriane and Roland,
    And Miles and Shelby
    All set in the medival times……I guess:)

  19. The cover art is just gorgeous! I have already ‘fallen in love’ with the books and I havent even read them! (Rapture and Fallen in Love, of corse I have read the others!!!) Can not wait the stories in your books are truly beautiful ♥ xoxo

  20. Oh! The covers are precious! I’m inspired by your work all the time! I’m very eager for them to come out, I always force my dad out of bed the same day the books come out. I hope one day I get to meet you, Lauren Kate. I’m always for the lookout if you’ll ever come somewhere near the area of where I live so I can finally meet you in person!! 🙂

  21. OMG love the books… im gonna pee myself when i see Fallen In Love in the stores.. >.< i am not joking….. 😀

  22. OMG i wanna read them both soooooo bad i however have to finish the second one still but those are deffentlty gonna be on my mind to find when they come out i am soooo excited now YAY!!!

  23. Love, love, love it! It’s like I’m infatuated with the Fallen Series…
    Fallen, Torment and Passion beat every good book that I’ve EVER read!

    I SO cannot wait to read this!!
    NEVER stop writing.. x

  24. Dear Lauren I love the covers of your new novels,and can’t wait till I read them.I hope Lucinda and Daniel finally get to be togetter for eternity with no one trying to tare them from each others arms ,I can understand how L

  25. First of all i love all your covers for every book. Each are mysterious, sensual and beautiful in different ways. I cannot wait to read Fallen in Love and Rapture. I read a sneak peek of fallen in love and feel happy with Miles and Shelby being together, what do you know, opposites attract. I also read a neak peek of Rapture, where everyone is back at the Sword and Cross Library. There is a talk of Luce’s part in the battle between good and evil and i am shaking with excitement at the thought of being able to read the book!!!
    Your writing is fabolous, hope that even after you finish this series you will carry on writing!!

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