1. it was 12:00 pm when I arrived with my friend in glorietta, we are so….. excited to see Lauren Kate. And when it is my turn for my book to be sign I was so.. stunned and excited and forgot to have picture with Lauren Kate. So we waited until the program ended to have a picture with Lauren Kate. And I succeeded

  2. Omg I just got done with toment and can’t wait to get passion! I really would love to meet you! Ur such an amazing writer. I know a good book when I rather read it more then hang with my friends! Lol I Hope you keep writing more fallen novels! Ps maybe I’m wrong but I heard that disney will be making a movie of it? I’m srry but this bothers me! Don’t get me rong I want a movie but disney is going to take the cussing out and make it nothing like the book :( and they better make the guys as hot as they sound in the book epesially cam. I could go on forever lol wish I could talk to u face to face :( its like rite up there on my wish list. Also I think its cool u went to school in atlanta cause I like an hour from their! Well anyways, best of luck to u and ur writing! Scincerly, Hannah Groff

  3. First off, I love your books! I’m literally almost done with Passion! I got Fallen this summer after I finished the Harry Potter books and didn’t have anything to read. I’m into romance and I found the perfect book for me to read. I once read Fallen from 3-11p.m… As soon as I finished it, I drove my poor mom crazy asking her to drive me back out to Valparaiso. I love the characters! I can see what they look like, you did a great job at describing them! When I read Torment, I could stop laughing at Shelby… She’s possibly my favorite character! Passion, I simply have to say,I think its my favorite book out of the series. I’m super excited because Rapture comes out June 13th, just one day before my birthday! I told my mom and she said that she’d get it for my birthday. If the rumors are true, that your making the books into movies, then I’m so excited. And if you’ve chosen Lauren McKnight as Lucinda Price… I think there is some one better… I know that it’s your choice, but, she’s not as pretty as I thought Luce would be. Disney is doing the movie? I agree with Hanna, they’ll just ruin them! Warner Brothers would do a better job… anything but Disney. They’ve torched so many could-have-been-good movies.But like I said before, its your choice. But any way, I love your books and I’m passing them on to all my friends so they get hooked on them!
    Bridgette Bazin :)

  4. ohhmygod I love your books!!! I found Fallen at the library over the summer and fell in love with it. I just couldn’t put it down. When I finished I decided that I HAD to own the series lol. As soon as I got the rest of the series you couldn’t pull me away from the books for anything haha. I loved everything about all the books, from the well described characters and the awesome
    settings. It was just amazingg<3 ! If the rummors are true and Disney is going to make the movies then I will be quite disappointed… I mean I want your books to be a movie so badly
    but Disney will not do it justice. If you can I think summitt entertainment would be better but I guess either way the movies will be good(: can't wait to read rapture!

  5. PLEASE OH VERY PLEASE will you stop by any part in ohio or maybe even in pittsburg Pa. i would appricate it very very much
    thank you very much
    love your BIGGEST FAN
    Cherokee Dawnn, Eastliverpool Ohio, 43920 (14)

  6. Hi im lauren i live in the alaska i love your book its amazing when i read the first book after one capter i fell in love with it!!!i hope you keep wrighting more of your fallen books other wise id be really sad!please keep wrighting please

    Love,your biggest fan

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