Daily Dash of Romance vol. 1

Counting down to the release of Fallen in Love (6 more days!), I thought I’d share a selection of things I find romantic and inspiring. Check back here every day from now until the book’s release on Tuesday (in the US…sorry for those of you elsewhere who have to wait a little longer) for your DDoR.

Today’s Dash of Romance is a painting I fell in love with during a recent trip to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. It’s called The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis and was painted by Jacques-Louis David in 1818. David was inspired by the French novel, Les Aventures de Télémaque, which is loosely based on characters from the Odyssey. Here we see Odysseus’s son, Telemachus, who has has fallen in love with Eucharis only to have to leave her to continue searching for his missing father.

There is an electricity between these two lovers that makes their goodbye both torturous and stunning. And of course, I love the loyalty in that little dog’s eyes! And I want her dress. Clearly there is much to covet here.

Maybe it’s the hopeful romantic in me, but I’ve gotta believe these two (and the dog!) will meet again…

Do you have a favorite romantic painting? Have you ever had to say a very difficult goodbye to someone you love? I’d love for you to share your thoughts below.

Until tomorrow!

Romantically yours,


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  1. That painting is so…so emotional and powerful. You can just see in her expression how she doesn’t want to go but has to, and how he doesn’t even want to acknowledge the fact that she’s leaving. His eyes look so sad, and it’s just a painting! It’s…it’s wow.

  2. So hard to chose but of the top of my head “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt . Love the colors and the vibrancy and the all encompassing love of a kiss. And also “The End of The Quest” by Frank Bernard Dicksee. Just love the whole feel and tone of this painting, it’s a happy ending.

  3. Hello Lauren,

    Happy New Year!!

    I cant wait for Fallen in Love to be released in Australia!!

    I was looking through some art books and I found this art work called “woman with dead child” by Kollwitz. The sorrow and pain the mother is going through for her lost child is so heart breaking yet beautiful. Love is such a powerful thing! Love can give you so much joy and strength and yet destroy you when taken away. A love tragedy. Look up the art work on google and let me know your thoughts.

    All the very best 🙂 Alina

  4. When I went to Louvre Museum I saw a sculpture called “Cupid and Psyche” and it screams Fallen!!!! Checked it out. Hopefully you add it to DDoR. And in real life it is so stunning, next time you go to Paris go check it out.

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