New Event at the Grove in Los Angeles

One week before the Rapture tour, please join me at the Barnes and Noble at the Grove in LA with four other terrific writers:

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  1. I had a couple of questions regarding RAPTURE…. First of all, I loved it! What I didn’t figure out was who Cam’s first love was and who the boy was sitting in the laundry room was….. Did I miss something?

  2. adoro seu trabalho , voce tem um jeito de escrever este livros muito maginifico , apesar que ate hoje so li um , mas ja estou loca procurando mais do seu trabalho

  3. im not a reader at all i brought your book fallen an i read it with in a week an i went tonight an got torement an rapture an im addicted i cant get enough!!!!! im glad i brought the first one.. i cant wait to finish them all an i hope you make more of the series!!

  4. ****i ment passion im going to get rapture this weekend.. i havent found fallin in love yet.. but i would love to have it as soon as it comes out!

  5. i just finished reading rapture 2 hours ago. finally! it was really good but i am really wondering what happened to cam after everything was finally settled? and why is luce confused with her feelings toward cam? was there something more to it?

  6. I used to be a big Twilight fan, but I started reading this series and wondered what i ever found appealing in the Twilight series. This series opened my eyes to other, more fulfilling series.
    thank you.

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