Fallen Movie Featurette

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  1. I really love the move with all my heart. When is the next coming out?? Please, I need this.

  2. i have read all of the books
    and i am curious as to when i am able to get the movie
    i am looking!for it everywhere!!!
    i live in Texas and all i am getting are the trailers..
    please please

  3. Cuando sale en México?
    Ya salio?
    Cuantos libros de la saga son?
    Recién acabo de enterarme de la saga, lo siento no se nada.
    Ya esta en todas las librerías de México?
    Respuestas por favor.

  4. What is the song that starts at 2:00 in the movie?? and please could you upload liela avila’s songs? cant find it anywheree

  5. I am so disappointed!! I love these books (even though the ending was bittersweet) however I’ve just gone into Sky store and the Fallen movie is there to rent!!! I didn’t even know it had been released!!! There’s been no trailers or advertising and it was not on at cinemas! Does this mean there won’t be a second one?!

  6. Are there next series of movies coming out in the future?? I already watched FALLEN. It was incredible and amazing!!! 🙂 So I am wondering if there is the next movie coming out in the future. I cannot wait to see it if it comes out!!!!

  7. When will this be released in the US? All the dates I see on the website are for overseas. Will it ever be release in theatres in the US? What is the date? Or will it go strait to DVD in the US?? If so, what is the release date for the DVD in the US??

  8. Hi, so watched it loved it but i want to see more where is the rest of the story are you going to finish……?????

  9. I know you’ve probably been asked this before but DOES THE DRESS ON THE COVER FOR THE FALLEN BOOK EXIST AND WHERE CAN I GET IT?!?!

  10. The movie was actually leaked, so many pulled out of releasing dates I think only US. So it is out there on the internet in the US off of those sketchy websites.

  11. Hey, I’m from TX too. The movie is out on the internet if you just try g googling it mostly sketchy movie websites have it. It’s not ideal, but US dates have been scrapped as what I’ve read due to the movie being leaked in 2016.

  12. Hey,i have already read the novel,”fallen”am eager to watch the movie!hope to see more from you lauren kate,you the best!big up!!!

  13. i have already read the novel,”fallen”am also eager to watch the movie,lauren kate you the best,big up

  14. Hey, I’m from South Africa I’ve read your novels and fell in love with each character ……And I loved the movie!!!! Please please make a sequel…

  15. Beautiful work. Loved the Fallen series! You are a true inspiration. Can’t wait to see the movie 🙂
    Feel free to check out my books at http://www.SharronReneeRhodes.com and send me a message. My books promote empowerment, diversity and self-esteem intertwined with fictional stories. Thanks a million! Looking forward to reading more great novels from you. <3

  16. First I have seen the movie and in my opinion its great because according to that I found out that they are the books. I have already watched it several times although now as I am reading the book series, some of the things were changed, but I dont mind. Hope there will be another movie coming up soon because I really like the cast. 🙂

  17. its on youtube . its Fantastic! I can’t wait to buy it and see it in the theather I hope it comes soon. Are they Making the second one? I really hope so , I have all the books and it is my absolute fave series!!!

  18. I’ve just seen the movie and LOVED it! which was great as I am mostly disappointed in book adaptations 🙂 Is there going to be a second one based on Tormented? Love the books, may have to reread them! (Plus its pretty cool we have the same name)

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