Fallen Movie U.S. Release

I promised to shout it from the digital rooftops the moment I had more news, so here it is: the Fallen movie is coming to the United States! The film will be out in theaters on September 8th. You can also watch the movie on-demand TODAY or purchase the DVD or Blu-ray on October 10th.

The DVD edition will have some amazing bonus materials, including “The Making of Fallen,” featuring interviews with “Fallen” me, director Scott Hicks and stars Addison Timlin and Jeremy Irvine; “Missing Footage from Fallen,” which includes deleted and alternate scenes; “Lauren Kate: The Author’s Blessing,” in which I share my personal experience of seeing the novel come to life on screen; and, finally, “Meet The Fallen,” featuring the film’s cast on set as we learn about their on-screen chemistry and what it took to bring their characters to life.

Download the movie on iTunes here!

Download the film or pre-order the DVD on Amazon here!

I’m so excited to finally share the film version of Luce and Daniel’s love story with all my American fans.

xx Lauren

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  1. So excited and happy for the American fans. Any idea when it’s coming to Canada or what us Canadian fans need to do to bring it to our country as well?

  2. Just finished watching the movie and it was amazing. I read all these books in a month last year. I feel like picking it up again 🙂 But just one question… will we be seeing a second movie coming out soon? I hope so!! Cam is my favorite, yes Daniel is amazing, but Cam. Love him XD

  3. His name is not Lucifer anymore it’s Satan. The beautiful angel Lucifer sinned, rebelled against the God of Heaven and became cursed and his nature was changed to that of a destructive being now called Satan and the Devil the slanderer. This is no fairy-tale story.

    Isa 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
    Isa 14:13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
    Isa 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
    Isa 14:15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

  4. LOVED THE MOVIE!!! AND LOVE EVERY SINGLE BOOK 🙂 CANNOT WAIT FOR A PART 2 IN THEATERS!!! Daniel is my fav but I like cams bad boy side .

  5. Yessss! I am sososo happy about this news! Loved the books and I know I’ll just love the movie! Can’t wait to see it! 😀

  6. IS THERE GOING TO BE MOVIES FOR THE REST OF THE BOOKS ??? I loved the movie and I hope there’s going to be flms for the rest of the books. My fav is Daniel but I like how Cam gets all cute and softy for Luce in a little way.

  7. I am dieing to know!!! Are there going to be sequel’s???? I absolutely LOVED the book series and just watched the movie I’m dieing to see the next!!!!!!

  8. I am dieing to know!! Are there going to be any sequel’s??!!! I absolutely LOVED the books and I just finished the movie and I can NOT wait to see the next! Please say it’s coming!!!

  9. Dear Lauren Kate,

    Thank you for blessing us with the fallen series! It is AMAZING! I LOVE the Fallen books as well as the Fallen film! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sequel films!

    Love Sophie


    Purple 🙂

  11. So excited to see this on film ! When is the next ? I want more lol ! Really great job !

  12. Just watched this on demand, now I am gonna get the books…. Movie was great, hook line and sinker but wanting more movie already.

  13. Yes. It is on OnDemand just under the “Movies” and then “New & Most Popular. It is $9.99. It is very good, I just finished watching it.

  14. Ohh wow, so I had finally gotten to watch this amazing film since I bought it via Amazon digital thanks to my lovely boyfriend (who loved this film too btw lol), and oh my goddess I ADORE this film soooo much! It is beautifully filmed and all of the actors and actresses are wonderful. PLEAAASSE make a second film one day Lauren Kate! :3 xxxxxx

  15. I loved the book series and just recently saw on a movie channel the movie “Fallen”. There seems to be 3 of the movies. I watched and said I don’t remember this being what the books were about. Still about angels and demons just not the same. Is there a different Fallen movie that is out besides yours?

  16. Was not a fan before, i must confess found the movie cause i was bored. So i rented and watched. Now im in love with the series and will buy the books i must know how it ends, but i still want the rest of the movies, hopefully there will be more movies right???

  17. I’ve seen that before 🙂 that is also called ‘Fallen’.
    It’s another fabulous series about Angels but is very different from Lauren Kate’s lovely book series and film. It is a 2006 ABC Family miniseries based on the four-book series of novels by Thomas Sniegoski ‘The Fallen’, and is broken into three parts.

  18. I just bought the movie yesterday. So excited that it finally was released in the US. OMG I loved it! Everything was just as I pictured it when I read the book. I really hope that the sequel is made and so on…ugh please!!!!

  19. I’m so happy there has been a movie created. The books are amazing! I am wondering if it will be released in Australia? So keen to see it.

  20. I AM SHOOK!!!! I have watched the movie but I just watched the trailer and it mand me so angry it shows like how they meet in the trailer and it’s not the same as in the book. Also they like combine concepts from other books. Like how Luce doesn’t really figure out that she has had past lives with Daniel really until the second book. She finds out a lot more about the curse until later. They get it all wrong and I refuse to watch the movie because this is my favourite book series ever and it would just ruin it. I highly recommend watching the movie with caution.

  21. okay, HUGE fan of the books, read them all more than once. I was super excited that they were being turned into a movie , could not wait to seee rhese characters on the big screen. However, to my surprise the movie was absolutely HORRIBLE! Poor quality and extremely bad acting. Everything is so jumbled together that you don’t even understand what’s going on unless you have already read the book. Even the ending was terrible. Absolutely disappointed!!! If there is a sequel I hope on all everything it’s a major improvement. Even twilight wasn’t that bad!

  22. Omg! Yes girl!!! I agree with you. Major disappointment and I would not recommend to anyone. Ugh I had such high hopes for this movie.

  23. Same! When I heard that it was going to be a movie I was so excited. I have read the series 3 times over, and it is by far my favourite book series of all time. It was such a disspointment. I would hate for anyone to watch the movie and feel the same way. So people before you watch the movie and become disappointed make sure you watch the trailer first. So at least you can decide for yourself if you are willing to watch the movie or not.

  24. Haters gonna hate, lol as the saying goes. I don’t think that films are supposed to be exactly like the book. I don’t even think the film Twilight was spot on with the book like with characters and the sort. This was a really great film and is in correspondence with the book… at least a film was made 🙂

  25. I really loved this movie and all the books, I really hope a 2nd movie comes out this year , and i would love to watch all the movies if you turn them into movies

  26. I am on book five and love this series so much! I wish you would continue it! See what happens to the other angels and Daniel and live. I love their story and can’t get enough!

  27. I just watched Fallen here in the United States on Hulu and loved it when is Torment coming out?

  28. I just got to watch Fallen on Hulu OMG I loved it!!! The guys were gorgeous and the girls did a really good job. I cant wait to see what comes next. Please Please Please tell us there will be more.

  29. I loved the movie, though my parents didn’t. But they never read the books so….. WHEN is the next one coming out???????/

  30. Omg same, I liked the movie but there was so much from the book missing and different concepts just slapped togeyandim just sad because the film wasn’t nearly as good as I had hoped for

  31. Is there any update on a second movie? I’m dying to watch more! Just as hooking as the books were!

  32. This is one of my favorite book series. When I saw the trailer for FALLEN I lost it. I just watched it finally and would really love if the rest became movies too and became available in the US because I am OBSESSED! I’m gonna have to reread the books now til then!

  33. Not only do I have the 4 books, I have bought the movie and still watch it on Hulu. Love your work waiting for movie 2.

  34. OHHH MYYYYY LORDDD!!!!!!! ABSOULUTELY LOVEDDD THE MOVIE, LAUREN KATE. Please tell me there will be a sequel…

    I love the Fallen Series soooo muchhhhhhh
    Also btw, DANIEL IS SOOO HOT, but Cam is too. :3

    xoxo Autumn Stine

  35. When is the 2nd movie coming out? Just watched the first one and loved it. I read all the books a couple of years ago. I just recently bought thrm as well to re-read them. Please tell me there is going to be a 2nd!!!

  36. I wish they would answer the question about torment being released..both of my daughters and I love the series and we loved watching the movie together. We need more!

  37. Please please please PLEASE make a sequel!!! Torment is the movie we all need! I loved the books and the movie was amazing, it would be an injustice not to film a second movie of this series!!

  38. Just watched the Fallen movie. Loved the books and the movie was just as good. Loved every bit of it. Will there be a movie for Torment and all the rest of the Fallen book?

  39. Need a torment movie!!! I wish the first one was longer and more detailed. But please continue making them. LOVED it!

  40. Waiting for torment is torment I have been reading these book waiting it said it was in the works but where is it

  41. When will Torment be released? Or was the second movie canceled. The internet said it was in preproduction, but I can’t find an answer wether it’s still being made or not. Please let us know.

  42. Hi there! As a teenager I fell in absolute love with this series! I just watched the movie and I’m so upset that Torment hasn’t been made into movie!! Did they cancel production? The internet doesn’t give enough info.

  43. been waiting for this to happen for 6 freaking years . yhe whole damn seriies need to be made in to movies or even and tv show something !!!!!

  44. Will torment be made into a movie and will it be made available in America? I loved the Fallen movie and the Fallen Series so much!

  45. Will torment be made into a movie and will it be made available in America? I loved the Fallen movie and the Fallen Series so much!

  46. I heard torment was filmed but never released!?! Why!?! Us die hard fans NEED the rest of the books into films, I’ve been reading this series since I was in the 6th grade I’ve re-read it at least 12 times!!! What happend!?!

  47. Come on guys!! What can we do to petition for the second movie TORMENT to be released? Is it to late?!? I’ve been waiting years and was even told that the production was being made even before the first one came out!?!
    What happend!?!
    Did they ever get even a trailer done?? And if they did, why have we die hard fans not been able to see this!?!

  48. It’s been years and people are still leaving comments about the sequel, MYSELF included!!
    I’m dying to see how they do with involving the announcers more and watching luce make strides to finding out her truth!!! I also want to know who they would cast as lucifer!!! How sick would that be!?

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