The coolest, strangest thing about writing a series is that dialogue and details, written in a spirit of experimentation, become fixed once a book is printed. Sometimes I have to revisit my books to relearn rules I invented.

Five years ago, three books into the Fallen series, I set a scene on the Jordan River circa 1000 BCE, featuring my favorite character Cam. It was a break-up scene, full of vitriolic heat—a fragment of a romance, a lens through which to see the relationship of Luce and Daniel, whose love so consumed its context it left space for little else.

I didn’t know Lilith then. I didn’t understand why Cam loved her.

I certainly didn’t know that these four pages in Passion—pulled down from my office shelf to answer a reader’s question last summer—would inspire a new Fallen novel.

This is a rock and roll story, a second-chances story, the villain’s side of the story (the villain’s always the hero of another tale)—and above all, a testament to the powerful experiment of love.

Many of you have asked me: What happened to Cam? A part of me must have always known I would return to my most enigmatic character. I think you knew it, too. Unforgiven is available today (in the US/UK/Australia/NZ–and soon around the world). This story is for you.

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  1. Thank you for writing this wonderful book! I know the word “wonderful” is not enough to express and describe it even though I still haven’t read it. I also want read it and I’m more than super excited for it ♡. I wonder when will it be available in the Philippines.

  2. Cam is my absolute character, from the beginning, after you wrote about him looking at luce with those green eyes I was already in love with him even though that was about the start of the book. Amazing how reading works, it’s a different world. Thank you Lauren Kate!

  3. I just finished the book and I can honestly say I could not put it down. When I read the Fallen series I wasn’t sure how I felt about Cam. He seemed overly confident and egotistic. Towards the end of Fallen though there was apart of me that wanted to know more of his story, more of who Cam was and why he loauthed Luce and Daniel so much. After reading Unforgiven I can now say that a part of me fell in love with Cam. The books gave him a new light with an amazing ending. Thank you Lauren Kate for allowing Cam’s story to come to life!

  4. I got the book yesterday and finished it the same day. I was so sad when It ended. I had mixed feelings about Cam after reading the Fallen series. Of course there was the “Bad Boy” in him the pulled me towards his character but his bitterness and attitude in parts pushed me away. In this book I can honestly say I was team Cam from the beginning! I hope you write another book soon!

  5. Hi I absolutely love the fallen series I cried at the end of rapture I was wondering if you are going to write a book about Luce and Daniel falling in love all over again…. After not knowing each other at all?

  6. I just finished reading last night! Love!! Ever since I have read your first Fallen book when it was already in paperback I was addicted! First few paragraphs had me hooked! It is my favorite series ever! Already can’t wait for the next book!
    And sorry for all of the exlamation points lol.

  7. I just finish the book!! it was absolutely amazing!!! I loved every page of it…
    I’m a big fan of Fallen! for me, the best serie!! I was so anxious about Cam’s story… it was better than I’ve imagined!! But… now I want more!!! I want another Cam book… I want to know how Luce and Daniel fall in love in their new mortal lifes… I want books for Arrianne and Roland!! Ok… I know i’m asking too much… maybe just a second Cam’s book and all the other things may be short stories, deal?
    Can’t wait to read more books of you!!

  8. OMG! I really loved Fallen, I can’t believe Unforgiven is now available, but, when is it going to be available in Spanish? I’m from Mexico and I prefer reading in Spanish ?

  9. I absolutly love all of your books!!! My heart soared with luce and daniel as they fought for true love, but it ached and throbbed for cam!!! Now he has his story and im so thrilled about it, but i must know!!! Will there be a sequel???? I about died when the fallen series ended, i cant imagine what would happen if i lost cam again

  10. I just finished reading this book and I must say, it did not disappoint! Although the ending was a bit open ended, I thought it was most certainly fitting.
    Despite the fact that Lucinda and Daniel’s love story has already ended, I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe you’ll write a book that follows their mortal romance.

  11. I was absolutely gutted when I ordered my copy of UNFORGIVEN from The Book Depository (because postage fees to Finland are so high with Amazon), only to be told yesterday that the book is no longer available as it is out of print.

    Since when is ANY book from such a great author as yourself out of print? Nothing in this world makes sense any more. *sigh*

  12. Dear Lauren,
    I just finished reading Unforgiven. You never fail me! This book is totally amazing. It’s breathtaking, full of love ! Once I opened the book I cannot get my self to stop reading it and before I knew it I was done. My heart is still racing this very moment after reading it! I really love UNFORGIVEN!! ♡ Thank you very much for giving Cam a second chance that he very much deserved! You’re the best!

  13. Hi Lauren,
    After a long time, back here blogging….Glad to be back to hear this amazing news.
    I can’t wait to get my hands on this gorgeous looking book. Sounds fantastic!
    When I look back at those emails I sent you ages ago, I re-visit the fallen world and to be honest, we as readers (personally I feel like) we’ve grown with these amazing characters you created.
    I have chose literature as a subject for my yr 11 and it’s amazing to gain perspectives on how an author thinks. Of course, I had very strong opinions whether an author is trying to make a point or if it is us readers putting words into their mouth. It was one heck of a controversy with my lit teacher.

    Anyways….sorry (trailing off back there),glad to hear about it.
    I will read it ASAP! How is the film coming along? Can’t wait for it! OMG!
    So excited. My friend and I planned to watch it three years ago, we still hold that plan firm.

    All the best for your future writing and hope you’ve been having a fun year.

  14. I just want to that you for the amazing books. I have read all of the fallen series multiple times now. I know this has been posted before but I really hope the stories are not over. I can only imagine what could be to come of Luce/Daniel, Lilith/Cam, Shelby/Miles, and all the other favorites.

    Thank you again for the amazing stories, time well spent!

  15. I’m still in “torment” the second book of the fallen series and Cam has always been my favorite, i kind of ship him with Luce and now that i know theres a book just abt him, im super excited to read it!! I love cam thanku for writing a book abt him

  16. Hey ! I’m a brazilian and your fã, but i have one question about this novel. Is this a “saga”, actually what i really know is if this book will have a second time or is the only one.
    I’m really sorry but my english is horrible.
    This is your best book and i’m falling in love with this couple.
    Thank you soo much.

  17. I recently finished reading Ungorgiven, and it was one of the best books I have ever read! I hope there is a future Unforgiven series! If you like the Fallen series you should read the Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia and Margret Sthol

  18. I just completed unforgiven. It’s sooooooooooooo… awesome. Even then I love the 3rd book best . I never thought any one could imagine in such a way. It’s really my favorite . Is there going to be a sequel to unforgiven please write one, I hate to see this series end

  19. Hmm. Agree with others who say there needs to at least be a sequel. The open ending (although not entirely a cliffhanger, thank you) left so many questions and huge possibilities. Could Roland, Cam, Arriane, and Lilith carry a new series? I think they could with the introduction of a few new characters. That said, with the possibility of continuing to explore the new direction you suggested there at the almost end, I’m regretting the loss of M in Jerusalem.

    FWIW, I never believed Cam was that far from center to begin with.

  20. i really hope you will make a sequel of this novel. it was so good and im dying to know what is going to happen next??? what happen to the lucifer? will the lucifer bother cam again? what happen to roland and arriane??

  21. Hello mam. I hope you’re having a good time. I love fallen series a lot. I Can’t tell you how much I love them.
    So thanks a lot. I wish mam the the curse should have been lifted in the end after some action…. but still its just amazing.
    But the main reason i am writing is bcz of last book of series – unforgive. It. Was. Just. Wow. Just wow. Exceptional. Really mam its my favourite. I believe that the love of cam and lilith eclipsed dan and luce. I just wish you wouldn’t have given a little bit incomplete ending. I wanted the story to continue for some 40 pages with lots of romantic moments from cameron and lilith. But anyway i am just so thankful to you for what joy you have brought to me ( i’m sure to plenty others as well) with this and other 5 novels in the series.
    I wish you will continue the series forever with new characters,plot and even of arianne , roland and especially the incomplete story of camlilith.
    I wish you and your family all the happiness,love and successs.
    My review on goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2254471891
    P.s.- My favourite scene was when lilith and cam changed clothes in trial room. I thought they were going to kiss in that scene. I wish you’d made ’em.
    But thanks a lot.

  22. Loved it. Now the real question is will there be a second part? You’ve now left it wide open for a new book. Hoping you do another one.

  23. Will there be a sequel to Unforgiven? It seems there is room to learn more about what happened to Cam and Lilith. Also a lot to learn about the battle against Lucifer.

  24. Hi, I was just wondering if you thought about doing a second book to unforgiven? I would like to know how their life played out and what Happened with Roland going after Lucifer. 😄

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