I’m heading to Italy this weekend. So excited to see all my amazing Italian fans in Milan this Saturday!

Non sto più nella pelle!

xx Lauren

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  1. Hi I love all your series I was wondering if water fall was the last book in the teardrop series I would love to hear back from you even if you can’t give me a answer
    I’m a huge fan…… Morgan.w

  2. I am a HUGE fan! I was wondering when you were going to release another book? I’m in love with your writing and can’t wait for the Fallen Movie! Would love to hear back from you. ~Shallon J., NC

  3. I really love your books! SO MUCH!! Just want to ask if that orange cover of waterfall will still be out in the market. I was looking for it in bookstores but the only available waterfall book is the one with the new cover. Help me out please. I really really want to have one to match the teardrop book I have which has the blue cover. Thanks so much!

  4. I LOVE ALL YOUR BOOKS SO MUCH and I honestly CANNOT wait for the Fallen movie! Really hope to meet you someday soon <33 ~ Huzaifa the mighty lover of Arriane.

  5. I love your fallen series to death. They are so amazing. Cant wait to see a movie. These books keep me on the edge of my seat. Those are the kinda books I like the ones that keep you on the edge of your seat. I cant wait to finish so I can read your other series. I am on the second book because I just started reading the series. My favorite part so far out of the two books I have read is when Luce found out that Daniel was an angel. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!! THESE BOOKS!!!!!!


  6. I love you Fallen series and im waiting for the movie.Your work has inspired me to express myself and become a true writer. All i have been doing is writhing covers and fanfiction fot the Vampire Diaries, but i dont want to continue that. I want to create love stories like you do but with my own characters with heart shattering and romantic scenes. My question is, What inspiries your scenes to become so vivid in the books and how do you come up with ideas that are so in detail?

    Your 13 year old fan

  7. I bought Fallen, Torment, Rapture and Fallen in Love, too bad I couldn’t fine Passion. I’m looking everywhere for it anyways, keep writing xx -Nour

  8. oh my god, I love your fallen series so much Im a huge fan of you. I didn’t even finish the series yet and I don’t want to 🙁 cuz I adore it. Love u so much XX

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