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Do you remember the first time you fell in love with a song?

Three thousand years ago, on the banks of the Jordan River, Cam stumbled upon a girl with long red hair playing a lyre and singing. She called her song “Exile,” though Cam would always think of it as “Lilith’s Song.”

The song—and its singer—changed Cam. They broke his heart. They inspired him to make his own music. They made him the bad boy rocker you fell for at Sword and Cross. Remember when Cam gives Luce the green guitar pick with his room number printed on it? It would never have happened without Lilith. Cam wouldn’t be Cam without Lilith and her song.

Unforgiven is Cam’s side of the story. And his side opens onto Lilith’s story. You’ll discover them both, trapped in the forsaken town Crossroads, when the book comes out. Until then, you can hear their love through their song.

“Exile (Lilith’s Song)” is available today.

On November 10, the 4-song EP by Cam and Lilith’s band–Revenge–becomes available. All 4 songs from the EP appear in the novel Unforgiven. The titles are:

“Exile (Lilith’s Song)”
“Somebody’s Other Blues”
“Famous for a Broken Heart”

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  1. This song and story breaks my heart, Lauren (in a good way!) You always know how to play my heart’s strings.

  2. Omgh! I am really exited about this! I love Cam, it is a really beautiful and interesting character, he is metaller-rocker, evil and good. I just can not wait. Thank you Lauren for taking out this story before anything! I love you!

  3. I absolutely luv you Lauren Kate your books are absolutely amazing!!! Lilith’s song is so beautiful and if it wasn’t for her Cam would have never met Lucinda!!! I luv Cam and Daniel both so much especially when they all have such A long history together!!! Love you Lauren 🙂

  4. I just don’t have words to express how amazing it’s this song – and how I am excited to read Unforgiven. I’ve missed you, Lauren. So bad <3

  5. I love this im so excited lauren!!!!!!thanks for writing you’ve gave me something wonderful to look forward too

  6. I have never fell in love with a character before and he is amazing. OMG!!!! I Love You so much you rock. <3

  7. I’ve totally fallen in Love with Cam. He’s such a bad boy and so daring! You definitely know how to make an angel play with my heart! 😉 You make me fly! ?

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