Fallen Movie Trailer


Woke up this morning to this. Now let’s spread the eternal love, Fallenatics. #fallenmovie #fallentrailer

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  1. When is this actually coming to theaters and why have I seen absolutely no marketing!?! If I wasn’t following Lauren Kate on Facebook, I would have never known about this coming!!! I am super excited, however what’s with the long hair lol anyways can’t wait!

    1. ave to agreeI have to agree…I mean the release is in the Philippines with no mention of anywhere else. If no one shares will it not be distributed?

  2. e o filme?? sai quando mds, já demorou o trailer.. espero q nao demore pq eu quero mto ver isso <3 espero que esteja o mais próximo possível do livro <3

  3. I absolutely love the trailer! It’s been a while since I’ve read the books, but just watching this brought the story back to me. When is it actually coming out in theaters?

  4. Watched it more than 10x now. I can’t stop. I loved it. I mean I mean I super LOVED IT AND I’M EXCITED FOR THE MOVIES!!!!!!!!! MIND BLOWN! AND GREAT JOB GIYS!!!! ????????

  5. Please show it in SWEDEN. I have read the book more than what your fingers can count. This story also proved that Love can conquer time. You really did a great job. Loved ? the trailer. Lauren please SWEDEN TOO. ?????????

  6. Oh my goodness, absolutly love the trailer! I just read the book series and some additional Fallen books in less then six days! Love it completely but, I have one question is there a book that continues where Rapture left off? I’m just dying to continue on about they’re mortal love starting at the college…

  7. I love it! I do not have a twitter to retweet it but I will post this on Facebook! I can’t wait to release it in Philippines!

  8. Ever since I got the series 3Years ago I’m Obsessed! Been waiting for this since then! Hope they make it almost as good as the books!

  9. OMG OMG OMG I have been waiting for this movie for years! When is the release date in the U.S.?? I will literally be at the premiere! OMG! I thought it was gonna be released this month, though! Oh well. I cannot wait!!! <3 this!

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