Torment Teaser Finale

Less than a month now! I can’t wait, can you?

Check out the newly revamped website.

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  1. so so excited for torment love the music by bridezilla for the fallen series plus the newly designed website is gorgeous

  2. Amooo Fallen! não vejo a hora pra estreia de Torment aqui no Brasil! Espero sinceramente que o Daniel não seja malvado de verdade e que ele realmente ame a Luce! Bjus

  3. OMG! I totally love the Torment trailer and I loed falen!
    Please… when is Torment released in England???

  4. wow i love the trailer and im going to be going to the shop the first day its out. xD i love your books and im trying to write a book too but i use to many saids and ands can you give me some adivise xxxxxxx =D

  5. OMG
    I love this series! AHH this is deff one of my top favorite books EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  6. Read the books! they are fantastic! Please tell me there is more to the series to come and also please tell me there will be movies made??

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