Weekend Update

Here’s a pic from a book signing I did in LA with my friend Anna Carey, author of Sloane Sisters. It was a lot of fun, filled with cookies and enthusiasm–if you don’t count the one angry dude who walked into the store and barked at us because we didn’t know where the bird guides were. “You don’t work here? You’re just sitting in the middle of the store then?” Yes, sir.

Bird guides aside, my weekend was a relaxing mix of football watching, picture hanging (officially the last step in Moving Into a New Place), Mexican food eating at my new watering hole, El Compadre, and lots of Torment revising. I’m about halfway through the second draft and it’s hard to contain my excitement about this book. I hope it’s worth the wait until September!

My blog tour continues this week with a few added stops, on at Bitten by Books on Tuesday, and two more at SUVUDU and The Undeath Match (both on Thursday). And I have a reading and a signing in Mission Viejo on Tuesday night. Hope to see some SoCal-ers representing!

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  1. Would be awesome if you had a signing in New Zealand, however, I’m sure that’d be rather difficult. Haha. Btw, Fallen is really popular here…and school hasn’t even started yet. Will get my sisters and friends to read it, even if I must lend them my copy. Muahaha. Good luck with Torment. I’m sure it’ll be just as amazing as Fallen!

    Also, I hope you’re finding time to relax amongst all these signings etc. 🙂


  2. i saw you’re book at the bestseller stand in the bookstore… here in the philippines… i was awe-struck on how the story uncovered… i just put my hands at my mouth to stop my self from saying “oh my god” all the time… you’re novel is far better than twilight saga, for me… when will the next book be published??

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