Two to go…

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  1. Ai meu Deus, ainda não acredito que faltam apenas 2 dias *-* Espero ansiosamente a estreia aqui no Brasil!

  2. I can not wait! I’ve put it on hold already at my local library and I don’t think they have their copy(ies) yet! lol.. I’m waiting for other books of other series too.. So of course I just started the Hush, Hush series. I love the Fallen series and will have to likely read the whole thing again back to back.

  3. I have read both the Fallen & Torment “Twice” now, can not wait for my copy of Rapture to come in the mail! This is an awesome series & YES! I am now hooked on Lauren Kate! Thanks for a wonderful series Ms. Kate! Looking forward to reading more of your books (i.e. Series). <3

  4. I love this quote but I wonder if Dee is a new character or if she/he is already here in the other books? Because I read the other ones in French and sometimes when we translate,we change the names.
    (sorry if my english it’s too bad!)

  5. I LOVE all the book and cant wait for the next one to com in the mail, and can not wait for the movie ill be at the preimer i love them soooo much and ive gottan all my friends and untie hooked…<3

  6. i have read the “RAPTURE”.
    by my point of view, the ending is less satisfaction.should add more story about Cam even though the main characters is luce and daniel. Cam is one of the important roll of the book.

    best if another fallen book series to be produce for more meaningful reading and sweet happy ending for both Cam, Luce, Daniel and Luce parent back in shorelines..

    thank you.

  7. i LOVE these books… i have become officially hooked on them, and i reckon the movie will be amazing!! does anyone know when the movie is out??

  8. I have definatly FALLEN for these books!. Cam and Arriane was awesome!!!. My fave autograph I have is from you, Lauren/Ms.Kate!. Especially ’cause you put “Love never dies”!
    Aaaaaaah! Rapture was amazing!!!!. All 5 were amazing but for me Rapture was the best!.
    Keep writing, Lauren!

  9. i love Fallen Series!!! im really in love with it. i love it the twist in the end!!! i wish this could be a movie soon!!! great story!!! more power to you Lauren Kate!!!

  10. I love the fallen books I got all of them and I would love to read more about Luce and Daniel do they have kids or how does it go on I would love to find out thank you

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