Winning Dream Cast

Hey Fallenatics! Thanks to everyone who entered the Fallen Dream Cast contest. You shared so many terrific ideas that it was tough to choose a winner. (Just a reminder: THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL FALLEN CAST. This is one fan’s brilliant vision!)

And now, a super congratulations to our winner… Valentina Paz Gajardo Rivera! Her witty descriptions charmed me, and I love the YouTube videos she chose. Her passion for Fallen is clear, and her casting decisions are inspired. Take a look at these clips to fully enjoy Valentina’s dream cast.

Do you think any of these actors will make it into the Fallen film? I hope to share the *real* cast with you very soon!





1.   Kaya Scodelario as Lucinda ‘Luce’ Price.


I think Kaya would make an amazing Luce. Ever since I saw her on “Skins” as ‘Effy’ I’ve thought she was a very good actress. I think Kaya can angst and act wild and crazy quite well. Those emotions are what I expect Luce to show, because Luce seems to always be about to lose her mind due to all the hard things that have happened to her during “Fallen”, and after we see her pretty rebel and tough in “Torment”, only to discover her true inner strength. Though I know Kaya has blue eyes, I think she could still fit how Luce would look physically: dark and wavy hair, pale skin and her complexion.

2.   Tim Pocock as Daniel Grigori.


I’ve struggled with Daniel’s look since I started reading the books. I just can’t seem to picture him blonde (Thanks to my boyfriend who has brown hair and I often project him while I read). So I’ve never really imagined how he would or could look. That was until I saw a promo for “Dance Academy” recently. Tim Pocock is quite handsome but not in what I’d describe as in a “regular” way. He has amazing bone structure that I envision Daniel having. Being an angel, I picture him as very masculine and I’ve always considered a strong jaw to be a very manly thing. Not to mention he also has that to-die-for sculpted body and nice eyes.

3.   Adam Gregory as Cameron ‘Cam’ Briel.


I’ve been in love with Cam since the very beginning, and it’s not that I’m team Cam for Luce, because I truly believe she belongs with Daniel. It’s just that he’s the bad boy who’s been hurt and who struggles during the whole saga. That said, I still think he was kind of a jerk during “Fallen” and “Torment”. The moment I saw someone else’s dream cast and saw Adam Gregory on it, I was sold. Adam played ‘Ty’ on 90210 and he played the ultimate rich cocky boy that happens to want the new and innocent girl, only to break her heart, along with a couple more. But he still showed some true feelings and it just spelled out Cam for me… well,
that and his amazing physique.

4.   Emma Watson as Arriane Alter.


Arriane is also a character I’ve kind of struggled to picture, but I think Emma Watson could be a good choice to play Arriane. She has been stuck as ‘Hermione Granger’ for too long and she’s been trying to let go of that role by appearing on “The Perks of Being a Wall Flower” and now “The Bling Ring”, portraying two very different roles – from Hermione and from each other. She really surprised me when I saw “Perks”. ‘Hermione’ was always a very strong character and a brainiac, but Emma played Sam, who’s so vulnerable and outgoing, incredibly well. I think Emma is a fantastic actress and I would love to see her as someone who’s at the same time fun and crazy but still very friendly and strong. Emma has showed that she can both rock out short hair and
that she’s a very talented actress.

5.   Dianna Agron as Gabrielle ‘Gabbe’ Givens.


The same thing that happened to me with Adam Gregory happened with Dianna Agron. Someone cast her as their dream Gabbe and I realized that person was totally right. I searched for Dianna Agron images on Google and I thought she was the true definition of a southern beauty with her long and beautiful blonde hair and those big blue eyes. I immediately cast her as my
Gabbe too. I’ve seen Dianna play some cute characters, but none like Gabbe and that makes it very interesting for me. Gabbe is not just a pretty face, she’s also a big hearted person and tough as nails, so it would be quite interesting to see Dianna in a stronger and nobler character.

6.   Cara Delevingne as Mary Margaret ‘Molly’ Zane.


I had another actress in my head as I was reading the books for Molly, but recently I went to the movies and saw “Anna Karenina”
and there I got to see Cara Delevingne. The movie presented her as a fantastic mean girl. Cara has a very rocker chic sense of style in her everyday life and she kind of has the face of someone you don’t want to mess with, because she isn’t just pretty, she’s very intense looking too. So once I thought of it, she made the perfect Molly for me, someone mean yet beautiful and rebelious.

7.   Samuel Larsen as Roland Sparks.


I never really had in mind how Roland would look like until I saw Samuel Larsen on “Glee”. He just has the Roland style all over him! He’s new in tv and I think portraying Roland could be an amazing challenge for someone like him, specially because he could grow as an actor and embrace the character. In “Glee” he plays a very quiet and religious character, so it would be fun to see him as someone with a sad past, yet still a party boy. Dreadlocks included.

8.   Ellen Page as Pennyweather ‘Penn’ Van Syckle-Wood.


Penn is described as a very lonely and awkward girl and I think Ellen Page’s ‘Juno’ was all Penn: she’s weird, kind of a loner yet a good person. She’s also kind of what I picture when I think of a nerdy actor: she looks very smart and she has played very intelligent and emotional characters, so for me she has everything needed to play Penn.

9.   Gary Oldman as Mr. Cole.


Mr. Cole was that character that I always pictured as very strict, yet at the same time someone with a sort of parental role as he takes care of and helps Luce and Daniel. I love Gary Oldman’s ‘Sirius Black’ in the Harry Potter saga. He was very good at channeling his parental side toward Harry. He was so believable and memorable and it’s one of my personal favorite
characters because he plays a tremendously important role in Harry’s life. Also, I really liked his role in Batman as ‘Commissioner Gordon’; again he played a loving parent and a very loyal character. Those are the kind of feelings I get when I picture Mr. Cole in my head so I think he could be amazing in this role.

10. Anna Paquin as Sophia Bliss.


Miss Sophia is just the character we all love to hate and to make that even more obvious I always thought she would have to look flawless, amazingly beautiful, and young. Anna Paquin plays goodie-two-shoes ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ in “True Blood” and I think she is a surprising actress. She portrays a very naive character who everyone seems to want to help and take care of, while still being disliked by some other characters. I think that quality is very Sophia-like: she projects herself as someone very relatable that you can trust and then BAM! she stabs a knife in your back. So I would really like to see Anna showing a more feisty and fierce side standing in Miss Sophia’s shoes.

11. Lisa Edelstein as Doreen Price.


Well, during “Fallen” we don’t really learn a lot about Luce’s parents, at least until the last part of “Torment”. But somehow I always managed to get an idea of Luce’s mom in my head, which is kind of stereotypical. I picture her as very neurotic and a control freak who kind of loses it after what happens to Luce in the fire and after her troubled childhood,
becoming really pushy as a way to protect Luce. Lisa Edelstein plays a very busy and neurotic woman in “House” and when I thought about Luce’s mom she came to mind as a very good choice.


12. Christopher Meloni as Harry Price.


On the other hand, I have always thought of Luce’s dad to be a much more reachable character, who tries to make things easier on his daughter. I’ve loved Christopher Meloni ever since I started watching “Law & Order SVU”. He plays a tough guy, who struggles a lot with family issues, but you can see he really tries to be a good father and cares about his family. That’s why I would like to see him finally in a more closely paternal role.

13. Dot Jones as Randy.


I absolutely adore the character Dot Jones plays on “Glee”! She’s just super! Such a tender, vulnerable, and fun character and she completely nails it! She’s an amazing comedic actress and that’s exactly why I would really like to see her as a tougher and less “adorable” character like Randy.

14. Callan McAuliffe as Todd Hammond.


I love how Callan McAuliffe always seems to be serious, with his tiny eyes and confident look. Still he was a complete sweetheart as ‘Sam’ in “I am number four” when he played the good guy. Todd is a character, though we don’t really know much about him, shows amazing strength by helping Luce out from the fire in the library. That’s why I pick him for Todd, he kind of has the bad boy look but he’s also very charming.

15. Emma Roberts as Shelby.


I think Shelby’s a really cool character. She’s a total badass and she’s all cocky and sarcastic, but deep down she’s still a very emotional person and a loyal friend and it’s nice to figure her out as the book goes on. Emma Roberts is someone who I believe could absolutely portray that kind of girl. She has done a lot of shoots for Tyler Shields in which she looks completely different from the good girl role I was used to seeing her in, so I thought it be nice to see her cast as Shelby who’s so determined and fun. Plus, I think she totally has the Shelby look.

16. Thomas Mann as Miles Fisher.


Miles is the sweet guy who’s always in the friend zone waiting and waiting for the girl he loves to finally notice him, suffering silently and always being there for her… and then, suddenly he notices a girl that does like him back and both fall in love. That’s the cutest of the cutest. Recently I saw Thomas Mann in two movies: “Hansel & Gretel: Witch hunters.” and “Beautiful Creatures”, and in both movies he landed secondary roles. He seems so naïve and willing to help in “Hansel & Gretel” that I couldn’t keep from
thinking he’d make a stunning and adorable Miles.

17. January Jones as Francesca.


When I think of Francesca I picture a very accessible, caring person who at the same time is very smart and suspicious. Therefore, I’ve always pictured her in my mind as someone very beautiful but with a sort of stiff look, and that’s where January Jones came up to me. She has a very cold and intense look and she’s a very beautiful actress that happens to have a great smile. She just speaks ‘Francesca’ to me.

18. Matt Bomer as Steven.


I am crazy in love with Matt Bomer: he’s so handsome and has the most stunning physique, and I absolutely love his eyes. Steven seems so mysterious and sexy, that it just makes perfect sense for me to choose Matt Bomer, because I would love to see him portraying a more serious character.

19. Zoey Deutch as Callie.


Callie is Luce’s best friend from Dover and she’s always sounded like the very bubbly, cute girl who’s very attractive and it’s into boys and partying. I’ve pictured her as a very pretty and fresh looking girl. When I saw Zoey Deutch in “Beautiful Creatures” I thought she embodied that southern beauty and kind of sassy attitude, while still being very refreshing. So, for me she would be an amazing choice for Callie, where she would have the chance to play a little bit more of a good and soft character.

20. Alex Pettyfer as Trevor Beckman.


Trevor seems to me a very stereotypical character: the football player with everything he could ask for, including a hot girlfriend, but who somehow realizes he might want different things than what others want. Unfortunately, he dies kissing Luce. So what a better way to suffer along with Luce than by killing a really hot guy? Alex Pettyfer is very handsome and I’d like to see him even if it is for two minutes at the beginning, because I think he portrays the handsome jerk pretty well, like his role as ‘Kyle’ in “Beastly”.

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  1. I agree with your choice of Luce, Gabbe, Molly, Roland, Penn, Mr. Cole, Sophia, Doreen & Harry Price, Randy, Todd, Steven & Callie <3 The others do not like: S

  2. I really think Alex Pettyfer should play Daniel, but i totally agree about Scodelario <3

  3. I prefer Alex Pettyfer as Daniel Grigori… Just like I pictured him… *-*

  4. As I was going through, I kept thinking “aw, yeah, maybe… Yeah, okay. I can kind of see that.”
    Then I got to Matt Bomer and I was totally sold.
    Some excellent choices here.
    +1 for being a Gleek!

  5. MILES WOULD BE PERFECT Logan Lerman! daniel and alex would be perfect, there is much that daniel guy who knows ‘-‘

  6. Is Really, really, really a dream cast! I love Kaya Scodelario for Lucinda Price, Emma Watson for Arriane. Diana Agron for Gabbe, Matt Bomer for Steven, Samuel Larsen for Roland, Adam Gregory for Cam and Elle Page for Penn!! <3

  7. OMG, I thought that I was the only person who think Tim Pocock AS Daniel! Really, I read the books and then “Daniel Grigori is such like Tim Pocock… but like always, just me think that…” And now, I came here and ~OMG~ haha. Adam Gregory as Cam and Kaya a Luce would be awesome! And the others I liked too, but I don’t think the same about Miles, Shelby, Trevor and Steven… (PS.: I’m from Brazil c: )

  8. Oh boy, Alex Pettyfer should be Daniel. Definitely. Oh, and Freya Mavor should be Shelby.

  9. I think Alex Pettyfer should be Daniel !!♥ then could swap, Alex Pettyfer as Daniel and Tim Pocock as Trevor.
    The Kaya was perfect as Luce and Cam I think Brant Daugherty would be much better!
    Taylor Monsem should make Molly, I liked Samuel to make Roland and Diana to make Gabbe.
    Matt Bomer was perfect for Steven!! ♥
    The others were pretty cool, but I’d trade the Ariane, Shelby and Miles to other actors who look more!

  10. I want Alex Pettyfer to be Daniel! All my friends who have read the series agree with me on this… I can’t see Luce as Kaya though, but that’s just my opinion!

  11. I think Alex Pettyfer should be Daniel, and Logan Lerman have to be Miles.

  12. I´m Pretty sure that Alex Is more perfect for Daniel than no one else. And a lod of us think that.
    Luce Perfect.
    Logan for miles.
    Please, a Perfect Cam, no Adam, he is not perfect and… CAM MUST BE PERFECT

  13. I really don’t know, why a lot of the Fallen fans always choose Alex Pettyfer for the character Daniel. I mean, does Alex look like he would fight till end for his love?? -For me not.

    Your cast is brilliant !! 🙂

  14. Alex Pettyfer should be Daniel and Brant Daugherty should be Cam. I really liked the idea of Kaya as Luce though.

  15. No estoy para nada de acuerdo con que Tim Pocock sea Daniel, no queda para nada con el personaje, es mucho mejor Alex Pettyfer para Daniel, el si encaja perfecto para el papel.
    Y Thomas Mann para Miles ??? nada que ver…no encaja para nada con el :/

  16. Please I beg you Lauren! Alex Pettyfer as Daniel Grigori, Kaya Scodelario as Lucinda Price, Brant Daugherty As Cameron Briel, Samuel Larsen As Roland Sparks, Dianna Agron How Gabrielle Givens, Ashley Benson How Shelby Sterris , Logan Lerman As Miles Fisher, Emma Roberts as Penn, Elizabeth Gillies How Arriane Alter

  17. Kate is perfect for Luce but I think Adam Gregory would be better as Daniel. Him and Kate look like a better couple than Kate and Alex Pettyfer. Alex would look better as Cam he looks more like a Cam. I think Tim Pucock would look like a better Trevor

  18. Some of us really don’t want Alex Pettyfer for Daniel I mean why not cast someone who is less famous? They said Fallen could be the next Twilight why not cast some guy with a clean record so that viewers could get to know someone NEW 🙂 like maybe Alexander Ludwig?

  19. OMG! Lauren, where’s my Liz Gillies?? Of course I love Emma, but I needed Liz in your cast, please!

  20. Please I beg you Lauren! Alex Pettyfer as Daniel Grigori, Kaya Scodelario as Lucinda Price, Brant Daugherty As Cameron Briel, Samuel Larsen As Roland Sparks, Dianna Agron How Gabrielle Givens, Ashley Benson How Shelby Sterris , Logan Lerman As Miles Fisher, Emma Roberts as Penn, Elizabeth Gillies How Arriane Alte

  21. Alex Pettyfer queda mejor como Daniel Grigorie es perfecto la decripcion del libro le pega mas a demas de que su personalidad va mas con el que nadie <3 Los demas me gustan como posibles actores excepto a daniel grigorie es mejor Alex harian mejor en escogerle.
    Alex Pettyfer should be Daniel…

  22. The cast is almost perfect. I also egree that Alex Pettyfer should play as Daniel Grigori.

  23. Molly isn’t hot enough, and miss sophia isnt old enough. Maybe go…Helen Mirren as Miss Sophia and Candice Accola or Taylor Momsen as Molly. Also…..idk….i pictured everyone looking more like high school aged, not in their 20’s….just saying

  24. I like a lot of these. I agree that Logan Lerman should be Miles, I totally see it. Alex, he could be a good Daniel, I like the Luce. I kind of pictured someone more prettier for Gabbe. How the book describes her, I think absolutely gorgeous. MAYBE Hayden Panettiere, but even that doesn’t look perfect. :p

  25. Ummmmm, Roland Sparks is black. I really disagree with who the fan chose to play to him. Corbin Blue perhaps? Kaya OMG yes, Cam ” THANK YOU ” Adam Gregory has always been on my list. I would like to see Alex Pettyfer as Daniel though. Tim Pocock I cant really see him as Daniel, barely. I think Arriane should be played by Jessica Stroup she reminds me of her a lot. The way she has played her character on 90210 fits well with Arriane’s rebellious attitude. Diana Argon, ummmmmm, ok yeah. Ana Paquin is someone I dont see as Ms. Sophia hmmmmm?

  26. Whilst I also agree that Alex Pettyfer would make an awesome Daniel there’s a slim chance that he’d actually accept the part, he turned down the part of Jace in TMI so I doubt he’d take this one…

  27. PERFECT CAST LIST! the only change i would make would be maybe to cast Logan Lerman as Cam, i really love his character and i think Logan could portray the sweet caring side of Cam we see in the final book plus it would be really interesting to see him portray the “bad boy” side of Cam after watching him in Perks!

  28. I still insist on having the outrageous suggestion that NO ONE seems to agree with in the slightest. But I am adamant that Katie McGrath would be a PERFECT Lucinda Price.
    <– Haters to the left. I stand by my choice.

  29. Lauren, I am sorry but every cast member I yelled the word “no”! You can’t have Emma Watson play Arianne, she’s such a strong character and as much as I love Emma Watson, she’s not good for this part! I was honestly looking forward to this, but now I’m just meh…..

  30. I’m really unsure about who should play Daniel but definitely not Tim Pocock. 100% NO. There are so much better actors mentioned in the comments! And LOGAN LERMAN is a perfect Miles and considering you did so well on the other characters I’m surprised you’ve mistaken that badly.

  31. I must say I love all the choice’s except for the one about Daniel,Adam Gregory is a way better choice in my opinion,based on the fact that Adam Gregory has that passion and drive in his eye’s that you read about in fallen with Daniels character.He really does fit the bill perfectly.

  32. Please not alex pettyfer as daniel he would totally kill the character, he’s too plane and gray to me, he is fine being the supercial and “good looking” guy in every movie, but not in these movies, what we need is somebody new to love since the very beginning please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please SOMEONE NEW FOR DANIEL!!!!!

  33. Alex looks like a sissy boy…Daniel needs a strong manly/sexy actor to play him and honestly if it was Alex I don’t think I’d watch the movie because that would ruin it….

  34. I love your cast choices, Lauren! But I’d cast Alex Pettyfer as Daniel. And I really can’t picture Emma Watson as Arriane, I think Elizabeth Gillies would be a great option. Kaya as Luce is absolutely perfect. Huge love! x

  35. I think all are perfect except those playing Luce and Daniel which sucks like hell cause those are the main characters

  36. I do not like the choice for Daniel pls make him blonde! lol (even the face isn’t how i imagined Daniel to be) >.<

  37. NO!…Alex Pettyfer is Daniel!!!…India Easley should be Luce….and please, Elizabeth Gillies is the best Arriane!!

  38. I think Alex Pettyfer would make a Daniel Grigori and I don’t know why but I think Saoirse Ronan (Did I spell her name right? Lol) would make a better Miss Sophia/ one of the outcasts because of her beautiful yet light eyes.

  39. I’d put Nick Roux in for Miles…he played the friend who wanted more on Jane by Design and he is so talented and good looking. I think he’s currently just working on one project since the show ended, so he’d be a great catch for that role!

  40. I LOVE the ideas for Cam and Daniel…. I struggled with Daniel ideas, too, but when I watched Dance Academy, I fell in love With Tim…. Our visions are the same xD
    Especially with Cam, because that is EXACTLY how I imagined him, and I don’t even know of the actor you picked :))

  41. I absolutely LOVED your idea. Seriously, Cara playing the role of Molly?? Perfect! But I must admit that both speak of, was already in my head, Alex would be Daniel. But Tim is really beautiful and if he was Daniel, I love it too. The same happened with mortal Instruments – City of Bones … I thought Alex Pettyfer… but Jamie was chosen, at the beginning I did not like but then I found a great choice. Your choices are great and I think the Queen Lauren Kate will choose a wonderful cast and it will be the dream of every Fallenatics. Congrats.
    Ps: I’m from Brazil and Fallen is one of my favorite books, I am very excited waiting for the cast and the movie!

  42. I agree with only one of them and that’s Matt Bomer as Steven. I think that’s the perfect choice out of them all and I think he should be considered to being cast for real.

  43. Não, o Daniel tem que ser o Alex Pettyfer e a Lucy tem que ser a Emma Roberts “/

  44. You’re casting is amazing, it seems perfect for all the characters except for Samuel Larsen as Roland Sparks. I don’t really visualized him as it is, maybe another actor though 🙂

  45. I still think Lucy Hale would be perfect for Luce! I think that you chose well for Cam, Roland, Sophia, Shelby, Miles and Francesca. I wouldn’t go for the rest though.. they couldn’t pull it off!

  46. Alex como Daniel. Kaya como Lucinda. Samuel como Roland. Cast oficial poderia ser assim, ficaria perfeita.

  47. all the casts are perfect EXCEPT Daniel! please make Alex Pettyfer as Daniel or pick somebody else. Adam Gregory is perfect for cam! 😀

  48. I like the Luce idea, Mr. Cole and Luce’s parents are good ones, but everyone else I really can’t see any of them playing those parts Alex would be much more better to play Daniel that’s the way I think everyone else pictured Daniel like him.

  49. OMG…I never thought of Samuel Larsen as Roland but he would be PERFECT for the part.

  50. This is a great list! I think A.P. as Daniel is overrated! And Emma Watson as Arraine, I never thought of that! great choice! Have you considered who would play Phil? (outcast). And what about Molly and Anna? Your Choice for Gabbe was great as well, all in all the best even if i have others in mind in some places. Also, no offense of course, I think Sophia needs a few more lines in her face, nothing under 40 and nothing over 30…… All and all good job!

  51. OMG LOVE the winning cast!! Gave me shivers just looking at the images and reading the descriptions… close to my imagination and the cast isn’t overly crowded by famous actor/actress so it gives a fresh judgment of character in the movie.
    Hope the cast is close to the winnings!
    So far, Cam, Luce, Molly, Roland, Randy, Mr. Cole, Steven, Gabbe winnings are super awesome!

  52. I think Kaya is just perfect for Luce’s role, but Tim is not that great choice for Daniel’s role… don’t gate me wrong I know that Tim is a good actor,but Daniel is too complex charecter for him while Alex Pettifer is a great choice for Daniel’s role…regarding Cam, Adam is an interesting choice..but I’ve always pictured Cam as a “bad boy” so maybe Adam should change him look a bit for this role, maybe let to look more “dangerous” :)) As for Francesca, I couldn’t thought myself for a better actress..January Jones is, indeed, PERFECT for that role.

  53. After reading a few comments, I gotta say while Alex Pettyfer is a babe, he’s too weedy to play Daniel. Daniel needs big shoulderrrrrssssss hnnnnggggggg *drool*


    I was gonna say, impressive list – couple of surprises!!!! But I approve 🙂

    um…. soo….


  54. I think Alex Pettyfer should play Daniel and Logan Lerman, Miles. Kaya is PERFECT to play Luce!

  55. yay!! someone else who can picture Samuel as Roland. The moment i saw Samuel on the glee project me and my friend were like ‘omg its Roland!!!’ lol, but Alex Pettyfer is the perfect Daniel. He’s so ‘angelic’ lol

  56. I agree with some of the choices, I think Alex should be Daniel and Kat Dennings would be better for Molly.

  57. Please I beg you Lauren! Alex Pettyfer as Daniel Grigori, Kaya Scodelario as Lucinda Price, Brant Daugherty As Cameron Briel, Samuel Larsen As Roland Sparks, Dianna Agron How Gabrielle Givens, Ashley Benson How Shelby Sterris , Logan Lerman As Miles Fisher, Emma Roberts as Penn, Elizabeth Gillies How Arriane Alter

  58. I dont feel Tim Pocock is not cute enough to play Daniel. I would prefer Chris Zylka. He has strong angelic features, great body & is not so famous. I really liked Lucy Hale as Luce. Kaya looks to scary. If not Lucy, Zoey Deutch would actually make a great Luce too . Love Diana Agron for Gabby, but prefer Elizabeth Gillies for Arriane Emma Watson is too good girl looking. I can see Adam Gregory as Cam. The rest I am not worried about.

  59. @Thays Barbara, i totaly agree with you hes perfect for it :3, i dont think emma watson would be a good choice though..mabe someone else, i pictured her as a slighly crazy chick lol i have many friends like her 😀

  60. as a follow up comment: maybe some one that looks a little like Helena Carter, Tilda Swinton or even Bryce Howard they have that edgy look but slightly crazy look that arriane needs 😀

  61. You should totally cast the top 3 with those who usually play supporting roles and not leads so as to “balance” it? I kinda agree with Ellen Page as Penn coz you need someone REALLY famous in the cast like Twilight had Dakota Fanning. GO WITH ALEXANDER LUDWIG PLEASE HEHE.

  62. … i think alex pettyfer is perfect for daniel grigori.. and logan lerman for miles.. 🙂 kaya is a good choice and the rest 🙂

  63. I defiantly agree with all but one. Alex Pettyfer is the clear and perfect choice for Daniel not just because he a TOTAL FREAKING BABE but because he is a very versatile actor who could bring so much to Danial’s character!!

  64. I agree and found my self wanting to scream “Yes they’re perfect!!!!!!!” but I can’t….I’m at school. But this is near close to the perfect cast. Maybe a different person for Daniel. I see someone a little younger looking. Maybe in his early 20’s. He looks a little older than a typical Daniel.

  65. Okay, Alex Pettyfer definitely IS Daniel Grigori. He’s just perfect to play the character, and I don’t think the people of organize the cast see this. Guys, Alex Pettyfer for Daniel, please!

  66. Nooooooo 🙁 Lucy Hale as LUCE and Alex Pettyfer as Daniel…:(( Brant Daugherty as Cameron and others can be whoever 🙁

  67. as i was reading the first book, i always thought of Alex Pettyfer as a great Daniel. Cam i saw as maybe a Matt Lanter. I could never real picture any specific actress as Luce, because when i read a book i really enjoy, i like to think if myself as the main charectar. If i had to chose someone, possibly Alice Englert. She was just so dark and amazing in beautiful creatures.

  68. Alex for Daniel please.. Adam for Cam is good.
    Emma Watson in this cast?? Idon’t think so. She’s good for Hermione.

  69. I love the chosen characters except for some.

    I always think of Alex Pettyfer whenever I read about Daniel. Or, Avan Jogia. They’re great, talented actors and their pulchritude is just angelic (and hot). Bone structure, body figure, nice eyes, charismatic smiles, whatever you can add on… all check! Next, I really think Elizabeth Gillies (Jade West from “Victorious”) is perfect for the role of Arriane Alter. She’s strong and she rocks!

    Well, Callan, Emma, Ellen, Samuel, and Diana are ideal for their respective roles (and I’m looking forward to see them in the movie). The list is not really that bad, though. 🙂 (But to tell you honestly, I felt disappointed seeing Alex at the bottom of the lest :()

  70. I love the chosen characters except for some.

    I always think of Alex Pettyfer whenever I read about Daniel. Or, Avan Jogia. They’re great, talented actors and their pulchritude is just angelic (and hot). Bone structure, body figure, nice eyes, charismatic smiles, whatever you can add on… all check! Next, I really think Elizabeth Gillies (Jade West from “Victorious”) is perfect for the role of Arriane Alter. She’s strong and she rocks.On the other hand, Emma Watson is too girly.

    Well, Callan, Emma, Ellen, Samuel, and Diana are ideal for their respective roles (and I’m looking forward to see them in the movie). The list is not really that bad, though. (But to tell you honestly, I felt disappointed seeing Alex at the bottom of the list. )

  71. I dont like the choice for Daniel at all. i think Alex Pettyfer should be Daniel!!

  72. I’ve always see Daniel Grigori being played by Alex Pettyfer but…… Her cast was awesome the characters she choose I wouldn’t have thought of so great job Girl!!!

  73. Honestly the fallen angels and Luce and Lucifer have to be played by characters that represent perfectly ! they have to look exactly like or so very close look alike because if not, it’ll ruin the movie. Yet Daniel has to be perfect ! <3 ( & Cam and Luce too ) ^~^

  74. I think everyone is good except for Daniel an Luce they need to be different cause when I imagine Daniel I don’t think of someone like him

  75. you should have placed alex pettyfer as daniel since he is good in portraying a strong yet emotional character. as i understand daniel, he is a very strong man who fights for his love and yet an emotional man who can’t stand losing someone he loves. alex have all the aspects i expect from the book. so please consider. 🙂

  76. While I may not agree with the choices, i admire her dedication and loyalty to the books! Congratulations on being the winner! I’m soooo jealous 🙂

  77. i agree with almost eeryone els i really belive that alex pettyfer should have played as daniel grigory. he fights for love and whenever i think daniel i see him as it i really want him to be the guy for the film. plz consider this ppl
    and ofcourse lauren kate

  78. I agree with everyone she chose expect for Luce and daniel.
    For Luce i was thinking Lilly Collins She is exactly what i pictured. And for Daniel I was thinking Chace Crawford. But everyone else she chose is perfect! I’ m truly hoping to see Samuel larson as roland he is exactly what I pictured him to look like!

  79. honestly!! I dont think, that the one who was picked as Daniel isn’t fit for the character… i think Alex Pettyfer is the BEST choice!! please reconsider!! 😀

  80. that sounds great! didn’t think of tim playing daniel, it would be okay but i think i would prefer alex pettyfer 🙂 and im sorry but i dont really like your choice for roland, otherwise best cast ever!!! good job :))

  81. no offense girls, i know alex pettyfer is hot but it’s kinda overrated if he gets the role. i think they should get someone who is less known…

  82. i think Alex Pettyfer should play Daniel. The way she writes about him in the book Alex already has the hair , the charm, the body, the ladies love him. He can really get into the roll of Daniel. Alex Pettyfer will be the right pick. I hope he gets the role<3

  83. I think Alex Pettyfer should play Daniel.I often project him as Daniel.when I read the series, he definitly should play Daniel! So please, choose him!

  84. I think Alex Pettyfer should play Daniel and maybe Lucy Hale for Luce and someone with a little bit more of an attitude for Arriane. Just my opinion 🙂

  85. perfect cast but ,in my opinion alex pettyfer is perfect for daniel and hayden panettiere for gabbe =)

  86. I think these are good choices. I’m not sold on the one for Daniel, nor Alex Pettyfer, like everyone else thinks. When I saw a pic of Chris Zylka…I immediately thought of Daniel. I know this is just a “dream cast”, but anyway…

  87. Well, I have to say, these are great choices for the cast! Although, I don’t agree with two… I have it in my mind that Miss Sophia was a bit older? And I pictured Daniel being portrayed by a guy with more sculpted mysterious angelic features, soulfull eyes and full lips, not someone with sharper features like Tim? otherwise I like the rest! Cam is perfect, and I can really picture Luce like that. Emma would make a great Arrianne 🙂

  88. Oh and I forgot to say, my choice for Daniel would have to be William Moseley 🙂

  89. I don’t agree with some, but the other ones are amazing! Especially Cara for Molly, that would be perfect. I’ve always dreamed Logan Lerman for Miles, he is just perfect for the role! He’s so sweet and cute yet sexy, it would be flawless.

  90. I like the choices except daniel and Cam. I always pictured alex as daniel which I think everybody has already said and I pictured Tom Sturridge from like Minds as Cam. He has the awesome black hair like Cam, I am pretty sure he has green eyes (the guy you picked had blue) and he is extremely hot just like Cam. I really do hope Kaya, Daniel, & Tom get to play the main characters.

  91. I agree with all of the casts except Daniel character. I think Drew Van Acker – Jason DiLaurentis from Pretty Little Liars would be perfect for Daniel. He has this breathtaking look. Other than that, love the whole casts!!!

  92. hey there’s always gonna be people that disagree but its not even the real cast list and no one cares who you think is better for the part. get over it!

  93. I love the books and when i read them i always pictures Alex Pettyfer as Daniel, i hope that he is casted as Daniel, besides that i love the rest of the Dream Cast. Cannot wait for the film. Excited much <3

  94. I think Brenton thwaites should play the role of miles I always have him in mind when I think of miles 🙂

  95. I think Alex Pettyfer would be the PERFECT Daniel Grigori <3 he is handsome and in some ways misterious! Cam should be more sexy something like this guy called Brant Daugherty . I dont like Diana Agron as Gabbe maybe you could change her for Ashley Benson! And I also desagree with Emma Roberts as Shelby! I don't know I imagine her like more mature… older! You should really reconsider it if you want your movie to be a HIT!

  96. My dream cast would be Jessica Lowndes for Luce, Liam Hemsworth as Daniel, and Drew Roy as Cam! As for the other characters I would probably do Ksenia Solo as Arriane, Mae Whitman as Penn, Alexandra Daddario as Molly, Amber Valletta as Miss Sophia, Willa Holland as Callie, and Nick Roux as Miles.

    I think the rest of the Dream Cast would be fitting!

  97. I agree with nearly all of the characters choosen. Except Daniel. I dont think Tim Pocock would be right, he is fantastic in Dance Academy but I dont think he would suit the role very well.

    I’d have to agree with ‘Valentina Paz Gajardo Rivera’ with her description of Cam! I loved him from the start, even when he was a jerk, haha 😀

  98. I don’t think Alex should get to play Daniel. Although I love him and I think he’s freakin hot, he’s not really what I imagined Daniel would look like. To me, Daniel is the kind of guy you take one look at and you see kindness, strength, and love in his eyes. Sure he’s good looking, he is an Angel, but that’s not what you should love most about a character. When I look at Alex I see a hot guy who is probably a heart breaker. I also think the the character that you picked for Callie should be Luce’s character. I imagined her as a person that you can easily read with one glance. The girl you cast as Luce looks too in your face and she looks like a bad girl, which Luce is not. The girl you cast as Callie looks more innocent. Just my thoughts….:)

  99. I really love a lot of these choices, particularly the selections of Matt Bomer, January Jones, Anna Paquin, Dot Jones, Emma Roberts and Diana Argon.

    I have a few of my own personal favorites for some of the main characters that I just wanted to share; Lucy Hale as Luce, Lily Collins as Arrianne, Alex Pettyfer as Daniel, and Tyler Hoechiln as Cam (especially this one) 🙂

  100. I also think that kaya is a good actress for luce but I always see in lauren mcknight the perfect luce. I think that alex pettyfer is the perfect daniel, and when I think in ariane I always see Emma stone and not Emma watson. But I really loved this cast :3

  101. I know who is playing all the characters it took days of reaserch look on comeing soon .net kaya is luce Alex petrifying is Daniel and Adam Greg is cam you’ll figure out the rest on the sight if you interested have a good one clara

  102. I see Alex Pettyfer as Daniel more…but other than that i love everyone else 😀

  103. I Think Alex Pettyfer for Daniel.. He Is very good looking.. Everyone else is absolutely perfect.. Can’t Wait!! :’D

  104. Alex Pettyfer For Daniel.. He is very sexy.. Everyone else is absolutely perfect.. Can’t Wait For The Fallen Movie!!!!! ;D

  105. it’s really great cast BUT i don’t agree with Daniel i carml believe that Daniel’s role must play it Alex Pettyfer. From the begining i imagined Alex in that role he is so handsome and i think he is the PERFECT Daniel. Kaya and Alex will be the perfect dueto!

  106. I think everything is absolutely perfect but i think you should switch Daniel and Trevor’s characters.

  107. This is a joke,right? Because this is horrible at it’s fullness. Except maybe for Luce and Penny but they already have Luce so that leaves this in to the trash. Emma as Arriane? Thomas as Miles? Adam as Cambriel? No,hell NO!

  108. The guy cast as Daniel is just not hot enough. The others are okay (though I imagined miss Sophia as a brunette) – but the guy playing Daniel just isn’t hot enough for the job. I’m sorry.

  109. Alex Pettyfer should play Daniel or Cam but the other thing i want to comment is whats with cam at the end. I never get to know everyone is all like youll find out plz tell me

  110. That peanut is just the cutest! Thanks for saying about posting on your blog rather than on LJ as I wa&n;#8217st sure. It is just automatic to reply on there! Have a nice Christmas and New year!

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