Comic Con

My first trip to Comic Con was a great time this weekend. I did a few video interviews that will be available on youtube very shortly. I got to sit on a Bite Me panel with  six other fantasy writers, where we spoke to around 350 Comic Conners about everything from demented unicorns, to how we do our research, to whether or not proper vampires have fangs.

I had a really nice signing after the panel:

I saw some amazing costumes, including a few that I was too stunned by to even photograph. One was made of only a strap of red patent leather fabric about an inch thick.

And after the con, we had a great time in San Diego. We stayed near Ocean Beach and walked all around the neighborhood, eating many fish tacos and watching Milo take his first brave dip in the ocean.

Great weekend! Now it’s back to writing PASSION….

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  1. I am confused, but excited as to what PASSION is. Is it the book following TORMENT in that same series?

  2. Yes Reilly, Passion is the 3rd book! (I seen it on xP )
    oooooo I’m soooo excited for Torment!! I have sooo many different thoughts and prediction on what might happen or not…. I can’t wait another 2 months to find out!!!!! :O hahaha 😀

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