A little bit of news…

Hi everyone! Several bits of news today:

First off, I’m excited to report that I’ve been nominated for an Indigo Teen Reads award in the Best New Writer category. This is the inaugural year for the contest, run by the great Canadian bookstore, and the best part is: readers get to choose the winners! Please visit the site, fill out the very quick registration form, and vote for Fallen (and me) in the Best New Writer category.

This is what you’ll see after you vote. If you’re hard core, you can come back and vote every day!

Next up, I’m about to head out on a blog tour in the UK for a little armchair (or desk chair) travel. Tomorrow (June 30th), you can find me at Book Chick City, and I’ll be making about ten more stops after that. More details, dates, and links to come.

My Brit blog tour coincides with the perfect-beach-read mass market paperback release of Fallen in the UK, and I also have this wonderful new trailer to share. Some of you Brits might be seeing it during the theater previews for Eclipse this week!

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  1. Great update Lauren, look forward to meeting you at Eternal Twilight 4 in Birmingham in October!! x

  2. I went and saw Eclipse on Tuesday. Actually I saw a triple feature of all three and I was so excited because I saw the Fallen ad before all three movies! It was amzing… it made me want to rush home and read it all over again. Is September 28th here yet? I will be sure to vote for you!

    PS Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. Wow congrats on getting nominated!! Lauren thats great!! and love the new trailer and I agree is it sept yet !! The wait is killing me!!!! Im off to vote for you !!

  4. I didnt see it during my previews for the movie i would have been uber excited if i did :o) love the new trailer and the suspense is killing me for Torment *sigh thank god for pre ordering

  5. there is some talk that Fallen may be made into a movie, just wondering is there any truth to this?

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