Fallen Film: Exciting News!!

Double exclamation points for two exciting pieces of movie news. Some of you saw whispers of this online on Friday, and most of you have been waiting feverishly for some word on the progress of the Fallen film. I am very happy to tell you officially that the casting process has begun! And the film will begin shooting in September 2013…just a few more months!

I promised to loop you in on the casting calls when they came, so for those of you who are interested, here is the casting information.

What moment are you most looking forward to in the Fallen film? I can’t wait to see Cam’s first moments on the big screen!

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  1. Hi, I’m Brazilian ..
    I’m more eager to see Ariane on the big screen, really wanted to know who will do it without any doubt she is my favorite character!
    I love you, Lauren

  2. I can’t wait till the movie comes out! I’ve been excited for this ever since i got Fallen for my 16th birthday!

  3. omg im so exited me and my friends love your books i saw fallen in the library and it looked interesting so of course i read it it was so good so i got the second one and told my friend about the first one but then she got ahead of me but finally we finnished and they wre amazing i love your writing and you are my inspiration for writing

  4. i’m excited to do the audition ♥… hope i have a chance to stay on it. love the books, love you lauren and love the director. he’s the best 🙂

  5. omg, i’m sooo excited for this! xD i’ve been waiting to see what was going to happen. i did a project in my graphics art class and made a poster for the movie coming out. didn’t think they were actually going to make a movie. so excited, can’t wait!

  6. Thank you, Lauren!
    I’m so happy I cried. I want to see all the scenes and I’m excited to see Lucinda stalking Daniel ;).
    Your loyal fan.x


  8. OMG THIS IS GONNA BE SOOOOOOO AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ‘Talent must and be legally eligible to work in Atlanta, GA and the United States’
    Does this mean that people from other countries can’t audition? :/

  10. Elise: yes, talent from other countries are still able to audition. That notice just means that you have to be able to legally get into the united states from wherever you live. Basically it means don’t have a criminal record or be a terrorist.
    We’re you hoping to audition for a part? 🙂

  11. Oomg Omg !! Finalmente eu não to aguentando mais esperar, finalmente mal posso esperar por Setembro !!!!!! Estou esperando ansiosamente !!

  12. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!CANT BELIEVE THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENNING!!SO EXCITED!I adore this SERIES <3 Cant wait to see who will play Cam! <3

  13. Finally! We’ve been waiting fot this anouncement! Congratulations, Lauren, it must be really exciting to have a book made into a film! We’ll just wait patiently until the time comes to go and watch it!!!!

  14. I am so excited. I’ve been waiting so long to see the movie and now I’m even more excited that the date is set for production to begin. You are my favorite author and hope I get to meet you one day!

  15. I look forward to the duel in the library! And of course, for the scene that Daniel gives middle finger to Luce! I’m super excited!!! I hope this film since 2010, I am still not believe that the recordings will start in September!
    Kisses all over Brazil for you, Lauren! We love you!
    PS: TAG USED ON TWITTER: Fallenatics Are Excited For September

  16. OMG FINALLY! I have been waiting for soooo long!!! 😀 This just made my day!!!!

  17. If only I lived in GA or if I didn’t have school D: This would be a dream come true for me. Nonetheless, good luck to you all who audition, and I can’t wait for the final product to come out in theaters 😀 Lauren Kate, you are just awesome! 🙂

  18. Sami: thank you so much! I would love to audition but I don’t think that I’m good enough :/

  19. So your saying just about anyone with acting experience can audition??? Wow.

  20. So I’m going to try and audition! I’ll be sending out my resume in the next two days! I’m not trying to get a major part! Just a background part, but I thought why not! It’s one of my favorite books and it would be a great experience 😀

  21. I’m really really looking forward to seeing what Sword & Cross looks like. I’ve always imagined it and even dorkily pretended to be in there while I’m at school. I can’t wait to see the visuals that were like the ones Kate imagined while writing the book.

  22. I dont understand the auditions! You have to be there to give them the picture at the casting?

  23. I am looking forward to this more than any of the Twilight movies. I truly hope that they can make it all as visually appealing as how the books make things sound……if they make a movie half as good as the books it will be breath taking 🙂

  24. I am sooooo excited!! If I could try and audition I would but I’m still excited just for the movie!!!

  25. I can’t wait! The books were amazing they really sucked me in. I was hoping to audition though my age may be a problem and getting to the states but oh my god i really want it.

  26. I’m so excited to hear this news! I just finished reading Fallen and just started Torment. I can’t wait to hear about the cast. I’m looking forward to seeing the library fire scene and what the school will look like.

  27. Everything That CARINA said but ten times more of the excitement. I truely do hope the movie is everything on how i’ve pictured the books. Lauren u’ve made readers fall into ur world i’m very happy for all the success that u’ve had and all that is going to come congrats lovey from Adelaide Australia

  28. Elise: I was sifting through the website this post links to and I saw all the info posted about how to send in your resume and how to get started as an amateur (which sadly I am) and it says that the casting directors actually have to sort through thousands upon thousands of resumes before they even start auditioning so I think you should just send in your own photo and resume and hope for the best cuz you know, nothing ventured nothing gained
    that’s what I’ll do anyway

  29. I pray to good that NO ONE messes up the movie, I would die if this turned into another twilight. *holds on to all my fallen books closely*


  31. whoooe hooo!..can’t wait to watch the movie…praying that Miles be like the one in my reveries.(top secret out)…and, I hope i’l be able to hold my tears when penny-weather dies(sad).

  32. Sami: On website is wrote “Not only does it display a huge level of non-professionalism, it is extremely inconsiderate of casting directors time” So i think that the amateur can’t… what do you say? 🙁

  33. I am probably to ugly to audition as Lucinda Price, but go all the other people trying to audition

  34. Omg i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love cam!!! I love them all!!!! I’m sooooooooo excited!!!!!!!


  36. OMG,
    I can’t believe that…
    finally… I wait for this to much time…
    Please, you don’t make us to cry… then, as soon as possible, you say us about the actors..
    thank you
    Ps. Sorry for my bad english.

  37. Sami:


    I’m so glad to actually see that these books are going to finaly become a movie. The thing is that I’m not from America, I’m from Greece which is too far away and very expensive. But I saw what you said about sending resumes?? Can I ask where? To whom etc.? Do i have to pay for the ebooks that you attached on the link above?

    Thank you 🙂

  38. OMG OMG OMG this is like the best new ever, senses I first read the fallen novels. I always thought that you should make a movie this books the story they have is so strong and amazing and powerful, that I know for sure when people see the movie there gonna fall more in love with the story. I know I will.congratulations and I can’t wait to see the movie ^_^ excited.!!!!!

  39. my neighbours thought i was being attacked from all the screamin when i read about the film being made OMG cannot wait to see it arrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bringin the characters to life i love it toooooooo excited xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  40. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this to happen! It’s nice to see a great book series come to life on the big screen, and NOT have the typical “vampire/warewolf” theme.

  41. Oh my god!!! I can’t wait! These books are seriously my favorite series, so im not going to be able to contain *_* SEPETEMBER HURRY UP xx

  42. omg! i can’t wait. i hope Lucy hale as Luce price. I love her. she my fav actress. if not her i don’t want to watch. seriously i can’t find the casting.

  43. oh my god what a wonderful great news. I’v been waiting for that movie since long. I’m too excited. i just wanna to know how sword&cross will look.

  44. omg this is so amazing !
    i am not from Amercia , i am from the Netherlands
    but i am totally gonna try and send my cv 🙂
    You never know, right ? 😉

  45. Alex Pettyfer would be the guy for Cam! Still thinking
    About the rest of the cast…

  46. Omigod! I love the books, I keep reading them time after time. I always wished for the books to become movies. I cannot wait to see who you casted as Arriane and Molly.

  47. I want to send everything they need but I don’t exactly understand what I have to send and to where? Can anyone tell me this? Please?

  48. So excited!!!!!! I hope the movie is as magical as it is in the books!! Truly amazing book I have ever read has me searching for an angel lol 🙂

    Sophie 25yrs old.

  49. oh my god
    ur kidding. I love ur books just finished torment and I’m looking for passion.my friends have gotten tired of me pestering them to help me find it. I had to promise them chocolates.

  50. i cant wait to see who plays Arriane defiantly my favorite angel besides Cam an Roland lol Daniel an Luce are my #1 though but there the main characters so there most peoples lol im just extremely excited for the cast to come out an see whos gonna be in it

  51. Cant wait to see that movie!!!BEST BOOK EVER!And I hope to be the BEST MOVIE EVER!I hope to alex pettyfer as daniel!!!Cant wait who you pick for miles,cam and luce!!i wanted to have an odicion but i leave in greece..so its not easy at all!

  52. Excuse me *cough cough* OMIGOSH! I am so excited to see this movie. I am really hoping I won’t be disappointed because I loved the books so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I loved the entire series, Fallen is and always will be my favorite. It is amazing!!!!!

  53. Ahhhhh how excite!! Probably slightly too old (26) and in the wrong country to audition, but I’m in America later this year and would love to be an extra. I’d definitely fit in as one of the goth/alt chicks at Sword & Cross!

  54. I really hope Kaya Scodelario plays Luce, Alex Pettyfer plays Daniel, & either tom sturridge or nicholas hoult plays cam because I was reading all the fallen books, all I could see were these actors

  55. i had been waiting to see if there would be a film for the novel ever since i read the 1st book n lately i was reading rumors of it on the internet.
    i literally squealed with joy when i read the blog, because it confirms rumors about the film!!!
    cant wait to watch it!!

  56. Omg i really really can’t wait for this! this is by far the best book i’ve ever read! I really just can’t wait to see who plays who and see if the film is as good as the books! eeek!

  57. I really hope Disney won’t ruin the movie with bad casting. I really hope they do it well with casting and the making of the film. and I cannot wait!

  58. Can anyone tell me what I have to send to who because I don’t really understand it but I would like to audition

  59. Wholy fudge!! I can not wait the books where the most amazing thing I’ve ever read and continue to read and I can’t wait till the movie comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Kaya Scodelaria it has to be Luce PlEASE PLEASE! and Alex Pettyfer Daniel all the fans wan’t it!


  62. OMG i can not wait for this movie to come out ive wanted this to come out ever since i got done with the frist cant wait!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

  63. Can’t wait for the movie… can’t wait to see who Cam is gonna be!!! i have been in love with the series since, i started reading… XD

  64. I always get nervous when Hollywood gets a hold of a book I love. PLEASE please please let this be as true to the book as possible.

    On a side note, anyone heard of the song “Great Love” by Flyleaf. Totally reminds me of this series.

  65. Cant wait this has to be one of the most anticipated movies to date……cant wait to c who will be cast as Cam and Daniel.

  66. Woo wanted it to come out since i finished the book the other day best book I’ve read ever going to start the next book soon!

  67. I can’t wait for this movie to come out! I love the part when Luce falls for Daniel!! But I think all of ur books of Fallen series are great!!

  68. I just read the last book of the series and I was sad that it’s over, so I’m thrilled to know the whole serie is going to be a movie!! 😀 Can’t wait who is gonna play Daniel, Luce and Cam!

  69. OH MY GOOOODDDDD I literally can’t wait I have been wanting these movies for ages and I finally have them…. These books are what made me start writing after I met you Lauren when you can to Chermside shopping Center in Brisbane, Australia 🙂 your amazing and I hope they stay as close to you descriptions and writings as possible 🙂 Xx

  70. I Cant wait for the film i am reading the last book now and this is probable my favorite series ever. So excited to see who will play all of the characters.

  71. Olá Sou Brasileira e uma ótima leitora de fallem, estou super ansiosa para a estréia do filme não tem como acelerar o processo de gravação ? estou ansiosa e não consigo mais esperar :/……. parabens peso seu sucesso e por favor não deixe que mudem a história pois é linda.

  72. Hello I am Brazilian and a great reader fallem, I’m super excited for the premiere of the film has to accelerate the burning process? I’m anxious and I can not wait anymore :/ ……. parabens weight your success and please do not let that change the story as it is beautiful.

  73. i have only read the first one so far but the book is amazing. Hope the movie is just as amazing. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited

  74. I’m so excited for this movie to come out!!!! I read this whole series and loved it! I bought it and had my grandma who was suffering from cancer read it with me and she was just as if notmore in love with these books as I am 🙂 When I told her that the books were being made into a movie she was thrilled and now that she is doing better we’ve made it a goal to go see the movie together as soon as it’s released…. there’ve been several months where she thought she wouldn’t make it but we’ve got hope and are looking forward to every progress the movie makes 🙂 we pick and guess at possible cast members and what our favorite scenes will be…so exciting! 🙂

  75. Ooh that’s amazing! I was sad that the at the end of the last book because I thought it was the end of the series, but now I am happy again because their is a movie coming up!! I can’t wait to see it!!


  76. I’ve read all the books to the Fallen series. Quite quickly I might add. I absolutely love this series!! What makes me more happy is to hear its going to be made into a movie!! I cannot wait. When this does enter theaters, I’ll be one of those people waiting in line to buy tickets!

  77. I’ve read the whole series and now i’m reading it again. So execited to see it on the big screen. Can’t wait to see who plays Daniel and Cam

  78. I absolutely LOOOVE the Fallen series and I hope Daniel and Cam will be the most gorgeous ‘angels’ ever! Also Arriane and Luce are among my favorite characters so please make the cast live up to (I assume) everyones expectations! I can’t wait to see the moments when each angel unfurls his wings! Hopefully some very big majestic wings, at least this is how I imagined them.

  79. I am so excited! my friend recommend the book series to me and I couldn’t put them down they were amazing! Cannot wait for what it will look like on the big screen.

  80. My eyes started to tear when I read this!!!!! I cannot WAIT to see Daniel’s majestic wings and Cam’s green eyes!! AHHH. This is surreal

  81. I am sooo thrilled about the film! I fell in love with all the characters from the start. Especially Daniel and Cam! ever since I started the series I had always had Alex Pettyfer as the image of Daniel. Not only was Alex gorgeous but I could imagine Daniel having a sexy voice like Alex’s. Jeremy Irvine doesn’t seem as sleekly masculine as Daniel sounds but we shall see how he plays out. I am most looking forward to who they cast for Cam. If anything he must be cast by an undiscovered talent. I am definitely looking forward to the trips that Luce takes back in time to witness her and Daniels love firsthand.

  82. I am SOOO excited!! When I was done reading the books, I told my daughter this was going to be made into a movie. YEAH!!

  83. Another good song that truly reminds me of Luce and Daniels love is “You Got The Love” by Florence and the Machine n.n

  84. In the movie i am probably most excited for Luce and Cams first encounter. I loved that part in the book and I hope it is as good in the movie.

    Xoxo -J

  85. SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! have the whole series and have reread it a couple times, I’ve been waiting for it to be made into a film!!!! Can’t wait :))))

  86. I really LOVED all four of the books. I just finished reading Rapture last night &dd I loved it♥. When I first read Fallen I told my husband, that they should make the story into a movie. Then 3 days later I found out that there will be a movie on the Fallen Novel, and it made my day I was SO happy. &dd now I can’t wait to see the movie.

  87. I’M SO EXITED FOR THE MOVIE! I cant wait for the movie. I’m most exited for when Luce mets Arriane

  88. I have been dying for this series to be made into a film however i had very different views of who would play daniel but just make sure he wings are as majestic and beautiful as it is described in the book. SOOO EXCITED!

  89. The only movie I’m genuinely anticipating. I really cant wait to see the transformation from book to the big screen. I’m also excited to see the cast they’ll have for the characters. I’m always gonna be a Cam fan, no matter what c:

  90. I know this song was in Twilight but omg… A Thousand Years by Christina Perri would be seriously the best song EVER for Fallen!!! I am sooooo looking forward to finding out who they’ll cast for Cam!!! He’s my favorite character 😀 I can’t wait for this!!!! It’s my favorite series EVER

  91. OMG!!! M so excited…. I waited so long for you guys to announce this…… I m so gonna watch this movie…..

  92. I am soooo exciteeeed!!! I cant wait to see the movie!!! I hope they use the “Everytime We Touch by Cascade” the slow version of it for the theme song…. PLEAAAAAASE!!! It will suits the movie!!!

  93. this is fantastic. i bought the first book yesterday because, i like the mortal instruments and the fallen series were recommended, if you like TMI. I have read the first three chapters till now, but it is really great.

  94. Omigosh I can’t wait for the movie to come out!! I wanna see who they cast as Daniel lol xD and I think the song Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab would totally be excellent as the theme song or part of the soundtrack!!

  95. I just read all four novels in the past three days. I couldn’t put them down. When I heard there will be a movie I got so happy and anxious. I can’t wait!! I truly hope the two you picked for Luce and Daniel can give the chemistry justice. And btw since everyone is throwing out music suggestions. Phillip Phillips- Gone Gone Gone.

  96. I know that it is a bit late but i want to thank you Lauren Kate for making an amzing series for me andbother poelpe to read which gas made me impove on my english. Anyway i cant wait for this movie to come out but i have been annoying my parents that they should ,a,e it into a movie. Now i dying to see the movie. (I cant wait to see Daniel on the big sceern)

  97. I read the books, And I have to say I’m in love with the history and with CAM…..!!
    Can not wait to see him playing, and see the cast.
    And as well I can’t wait to see the final movie were Luz-bell will appear. I think I like him too.
    And yes… thank you Lauren because English is my second language and you make me read and improve with your fallen novels.

    If you are going to use a song for Lucinda and Daniel use this one; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljrB3M2IEqw

  98. Não acredito !!
    SETEMBRO DE 2013 ??????????????????
    SOMENTE EM SETEMBRO???????????????

  99. Omg! I own this series and I am reading rapture right now and just got te idea to look up what has happened with the movie plans and saw this! Yay!!! I have read this series 8 times and can’t get enough!!!!! Sooo happy! This is like the greatest low story ever!!!! Whatever with twilight! This so beats it!!! Yay!!!!! Can’t wait to see me some Daniel and Luce!

  100. Ohhh I am Soooo excited been waiting for ages! Since I read the books about a year ago love it sooo much and I can’t wait to see Ohh the characters pn stage!! 😀 so excited eek 🙂 <3

  101. OMG! The moments I heard this was going to be turned into a movie I started to flip out. I just love these books they are so amazing and I just can’t wait to see it on the big screen soon.
    What I’m looking forward to in this movie is everything from the moment Daniel and Luce meets and gets together.
    I just love the whole story between them two, and how they fight to be together.
    I’ve loved all the books from the begging to the end but what’s been driving me crazy though is there going to be a next book after Rapture? Becauae the series just ends right there after they lose there memories because they chose love over God. Where they are at a party and Daniel joins Luce and he said to her like I feel like I’ve known you from somewhere then that was the end.

    I’m re-reading the books, I’m way to excited about this being turned into a movie and I really can’t wait till I hear about the release date. 🙂

  102. Two songs I’ve always had in mind for the movie is Letters from the Sky by Civil Twilight and Crossfire by Brandon Flowers…. Just listen to the lyrics!

  103. so, i have to questions…
    firrst one is, when is the movie comming out ?
    and the secound one is, is there already a trailer ? fuse when i read this i was so happy !!

  104. OMG!!!! I can’t believe it’s going to be a movie! I just finished the last book and OMG!!! I cried!!! The movie better be good! they better not take anything out or kill off anyone! I wonder who they’ll cast!

  105. Two songs I think would be AMAZING!!! For this movie are She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 and Clarity by Zedd! I believe they fit perfectly!

  106. Two songs I believe that would be perfect for this movie are She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 and Clarity by Zedd. I think they fit PERFECTLY!!!


  108. Just sent out my resume and headshots… I really hope I get picked for at least an extra role! 😉 I LOVE FALLEN 😀

  109. I would like to know when the movies Fallen will be out so I can make sure I am free to go and see the movies my sister and I really enjoy your books and hope you will write more thank you

  110. OMG I am freaking out!!! So excited!!!!! I hope they don’t mess up the castings me they’re doing for Vampire academy. This is one of my FAVORITE books series ever!

  111. Ik wil de film dolgraag zien!!!!!! Maar ik zou ook graag een rol hebben hoor! Maar waar moet je auditie doen? Al is het maar voor een bij rol! I Love Fallen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much !!!!!!!! <3 <3

  112. I Love Fallen! so cannot wait for the movie. Haven’t read the last book yet but I ordered it, still waiting for it to come in. When is the movie coming out?

  113. I love fallen so much!!!!!!!! And I can’t wait for the movie to come out!!! I bet it will be the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Finally it’s like my wish came true! I literally just finished the first book a few hours ago and I’ve been fangirling since! And bam fallen is going to be a movie!!!!!!

  115. I just hope TO GOD it doesn’t turn into a Twilight fiasco. The book was great the movies sucked. This needs to be like the Hunger Games. The books AND movies were great. The fallen series is phenomenal now this movie needs to be AWESOME. None of this Team Daniel and Team Cam crap. No. Stahp. Shaddup. Hold up. Rewind. Back it up. Turn. Swerve.

  116. I’m estatic about this! I absolutely love the books and I know I’ll love the films just as much, could you please tell me…well us..When we’ll get to see a trailer or somthing? Thanks! X

  117. IKR I Just hate when the books are awesome and then the movie turns out to be crap. But I love the Fallen book. I am on book 3 right now and I can honestly say. That Lauren Kate is a genius!

  118. Umm I have read the Twilight books and they got it pretty well on the button and loved the big surprise at the end that left all the book readers gasping!! Hunger Games great books, good movie but not as graphic as the books which was a little sad and could have done with a little more rather than trying to make it as PG as possible…let’s just hope they do a good job. The casting thus far, don’t really mind Luce, or the Daniel Pick but really don’t like the pick for Cam..Oh well will it stop me from watching the movie…HECK NO – just wish it would hurry up already

  119. OMG I LOVE Fallen it is so AWESOME! I have read all of them and I started this series a month ago I can’t wait till it comes out!!!!!


  121. Omg!!!!’ I am soo exited I loved your books especially the ending and am so so happy I get 2 go see it in theaters in a movie!

  122. When is it coming out?!?!? i’m so excited. i can’r wait to see the scenes i’ve created in my head on the big screen! I haven’t finished the book yet but its already one of my faves. I admire you so much.

  123. Erm.. Right so I’ve only just finished reading fallen to rapture, and omg omg when is the film coming out?! I’ve searched the internet and I just can’t find what I’m looking for?! Like,is it coming out this year?!? Omg I need to know!!!!

  124. I was wondering! Ther perfect song would be a thousand years by Christina perri! Oh! And when is the film coming out?!? Is it already out?!? I just can’t find it!!!! Please tell me!!!

  125. Hi I am Brazilian, I love very much the Fallen series and can’t wait to see the movie.
    I have the complete collection and already read and reread the books thousands and thousands of times.

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