The Passion Trailer. Sizzling.

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  1. loved that video, but I think Alex Pettyfer perfect for Daniel. And Kaya Scodelario as Luce. Do you already have an idea of the cast? Oh, and Daniel’s wings are very small in this video. Kisses Lauren! I love the series Fallen!

  2. NO SPOILERS! SO UNFAIR! Hahaha. Jk. It was FANTASTIC! It just keeps getting better and better πŸ™‚

  3. hi lauren
    yh i agree that alex pettyfer should play daniel and luce as emma roberts. when will rapture be out and have a cover???

  4. I love loved the first two books can’t wait to read
    Passion June 14 seems so long to wait

  5. I think you are genius for coming up with such story! Fallen angels are the next vampire!! And Lauren Kate will be just the next Stephenie Meyer!! Currently reading Torment! :))

  6. Did anyone else notice that the words –
    Luce N Daniel
    Love Never Dies
    – all start with the same letters?

    Can’t wait for Passion!

  7. OMIGODDESS! It looks awsome! I just have to keep saying to myself; One more month one more month! Kyaaa~!

  8. What date is Passion coming out in Australia? Trailer’s a tad iffy, can’t really say if I like it or not, it makes me excited though. Can’t WAIT for Passion to come out!!!

  9. So are the people in the book trailers going to be in the movie? I hope! …………………….!!

    Is it June 14th yet???? errrrr…

  10. Omg!!!!! I cannot wait for Passion!!!!! I am curently re-reading the series!!!!

  11. Also what date does Passion come out in America? I mean I know it comes out in the summer of this year but do you have a specific date?

  12. NICE VIDEO! Daniel looks so different from what i imagined him to look like…well honestly, I imagined Daniel to look like LIAM HENSWORTH πŸ˜‰ haha. so much for reading Fallen 2 days after watching the Last Song πŸ˜›

  13. i swear i saw the girl with wings i bet she is an angel too ooooooo cant wait

  14. omg… best series i’ve ever read!! im so exiited for PASSION!!!… p.s i like Kaya Scodelario wayyy better than Emma R. as Luce.

  15. *Scream!!!* I love the trailer!!! And Alex Pettyfer would be a great Daniel. And Michael Trevino would be so cool as Cam! Maybe even Ian Somerhalder? And Lucy Hale would make a great Luce πŸ˜€

  16. sorry ehm i’m italian and i have a question(is it right?)so when the book(passion) will be in italy??sorry for my bad english i hope that all you can understand..thank you for all πŸ™‚

  17. i cant wait till i can read passion and cant wait to see the cover of rapture love the books im soooo exited i might just die!!!!

  18. Hi Lauren Kate, I LOVE your books and am counting down the days ’till Passion comes out. If a movie does come out I think that Alex Pettyfer should be Daniel and Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars should be Luce. She even looks like Luce on the covers of the books.

  19. Not what I pictured like them at all. Will be disappointed if that is them for the movie.

  20. I so agree that alex pettyfer should be daniel.when I read the book I always imagined that alex Pettyfer was Daniel. I can’t wait for the next book to come out.

  21. I was hoping for a better cast, they just don’t fit my idea of Daniel and Luce, but the fact that the 3rd book is right around the corner makes me SUPER CITED, the first 2 were epic, after I read the first one at my school I went to the store and bought the 2nd (first time I ever liked a book so much I bought the next in the series) I loved the preview on Facebook, Russia sounds like a good place to start πŸ˜‰

  22. Worst casting ever for the trailer. Daniel actor looks like gay guy from Glee, the chick is just fugly. Surely there were better actors to play the roles for the trailer? Come on Lauren Kate, even Robsten would play these roles better than these two. They have to be favors right? Or hired from the pity pool. Please redo it no one likes it ;(

  23. OMG been waiting forever. But definately Ian Somerhalder as Cam, Alex Pettyfer as Daniel, Kaya Scodelario as Luce, Katie Holmes as Arriane and Julia Stiles as Gabbe. But cant wait til it is released in Aussie. Counting the days!!!

  24. Can anyone provide a link to sow stills of the trailer? I can’t view the video πŸ™
    P.S. I LOVE Fallen & Torment and cannot wait for Passion!

  25. Hello Lauren Kate! You are now one of my favourite authors! Cannot wait for Passion! I asolutley love this series! I agree with Alex Pettyfer as Daniel and Ian Somerhalder as Cam. Kaya Scodelario as Luce defintely! Don’t think the actors in the trailer capture the characters, but hey, I am still so eager to read Passion!

  26. I think that Kaya coledario should be luce, Ian somerhalder as cam, and Alex pettyfer should be Daniel. That would be perfect, well Ian somerhalder doesn’t really look like a teenager so maybe his role can be changer but everything else should stay the same. But Daniel has to have really big beautiful wings.

  27. and kyle patrick of the click five for daniel. hahaha. i know. ridiculous choices. πŸ˜€

  28. Hi lauren!! loved Torment but loved even more fallen. I agree alex pettyfer should be daniel he is so awsome and I think emma robberts should act luce they both look great together

  29. please put Alex Pettyfer as Daniel because he is sooo perfect!! and Logan Lerman as Cam!! they are the perfect matches for me!!

  30. Surely it will stir the hearts of all!

    Hopefully soon in Brazil +—-+

    Waiting Passion (yn’

  31. When does it come out in Aussie, and who ever that Alex is I hope he’s a bit more good looking the the guy in this clip, and dose’nt Luce have locks, would be alright if she looked like the girl on the cover, makes the picture in my head whilst reading the book more and more real.

  32. i love the book fallen and the rest but i thin k you should concer mrsdimitsa4ever for the cast i think she has wonderful plans look her up on youtube

  33. Why dont you make a movie…well i hope there will be one coz it would be awesome.

  34. i wish some one would make these books into movies but fallow the book. i hate it when directors dont fallow the book. but they would make a great movie.

  35. I think that Cam Gigandet should be Cam and Alex Pettyfer as Daniel and Ashley Greene as Luce would be perfect!!

  36. I think whoever they chose to be daniel needs to be sumwhat built bc he is obvisoulsly a warrior and the guy in this video or any character like that guy id laugh at bc im not a big woman but i’d kno id be able to take him and like i said danial is a worrior with a soft side so they need to pick a guy that would look like he can take care of himself and lucey if need be bc obvisouly she does need protection too bc she makes dumb mistakes although i dont blame i prolly do the same things bc she doesnt understand everything yet. and i think whoever they choose to do luce she needs to be unique be obvisoulsly she is even in human and the angel world shes one of a kind therefore someone who has that look that u can tell theres sumthing more to her more exotic maybe idk but i kno thats what would be more believable and more susscessful in the movies.

  37. Hell yeah! I would really love to see Kaya Scodelario play as—> Luce… Definitely… She’s gonna be awesome for the role…

  38. omg, i have loved the series so far (Fallen, Torment and Passion) and i can’t wait for Rapture to come out. the only thing i am confused about is the trailer… why is there a trailer for a book? and in any event, its not like anything actually happens in the trailer? could someone enlighten me PLZ!! Also, i disagree with the actors. he should be wow (not like the guy in the trailer) and she should have something unique and beautiful about her… cld someone please give me an idea of when rapture will be out? thanks πŸ™‚

  39. I agree with Selena about Luce being Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars. She is way prettier than that Kaya Scodelario chic! Does she even play a role in any movies? Ive never seen her before. But think about it her real name is Lucy, its like she was born to play THIS role. I mean Kaya Scodelario she is okay for Luce, but wouldn’t you want the best to play Luce? Lucy Hale is beautiful, has the long black hair, and the skin color with the baby face. She has the kind of face that multiple hot guys would fall for, Kaya Scodelario does not. Alex Pettyfer is perfect for Daniel, im with you on that one! Ian Somerholder is good for Cam.

  40. I am back. I watched Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Daniel should be Hayden Christensen. Do me a favor, and Google him or watch the movie. Look at his images. You will NOT regret it. He’s perfect.!! I am so excited about this movie. If i had to pick Daniel, Alex Pettyfer would be my second choice. Rachel Bilson will be my second choice as Luce, with Lucy Hale being my first.

  41. I agree! Hayden Christensen is perfect as Daniel!! I can see Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) as Luce. Rachel Bilson looks a tad bit old as a 17 year old… πŸ˜‰

  42. Is Passion the final book or is another in the works – the ending certainly made me think this might be a series, not a trilogy.

  43. You are right, Jas_man. I looked Rachel Bilson up and she is a tad bit too old. But the good news is that Lucy Hale is officially Luce. They have some of the cast on Google. But you have to type Fallen 2012, or the other movie Fallen with Denzel will come up. I think the director did great so far. But he has not picked Daniel yet, which means that he wants to find the perfect guy for him, so that should be great news! This is his first movie directing, so I hope he knows what he’s doing. That’s my only fear!

  44. Oh yeah by the way Joy Stuart, Passion is not the last book. The next book in the series is called the Rapture. Its coming out in the summer of 2012!

  45. You are going to do some book that talk more about the story of Cam? He’s my favourite caracter.
    Sorry if you not understend me, my english isn’t very good because I’m spanish.

  46. Lucy Hale seems like she’d play a fair luce. Though in my opinion, she looks a bit old. I absolutely cannot wait for the director to pick CAM and DANIEL. I just sincerely hope that he picks actors that at least LOOK the part. There are far too many ruined book-based movies.

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