Willie Nelson Warm Up

I always listen to this song when I first start writing a Fallen novel…

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  1. Wow…that was beautiful. Such an inspiring song :). Songs are awesome inspiration for writing. Good luck with Rapture, and I can’t wait to read Passion when it’s released! Thank you for an amazing saga of reading so far x

  2. Whenever I read the Fallen books, I listen to “You”, “Mayberry” and “Here” all by Racal Flatts.

  3. i think Take my hand by Simple Plan is the perfect song…the chorus says “take my hand tonignt, let’s not think about tomorrow. take my hand tonigh we can find some place to go. cause our hearts are locked forever and our love will never die.” :):) i love it sooooo much

  4. When i read your book i just can picture chad micheal murray as daniel and steven strait

  5. Happy Birthday! You share your bday with my baby boy! Hope it’s a good one!

  6. Whenever i start to write a new story for my english essays (as im 17) i also listen to this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoBoeg-oyBA. its so beautiful, when i cant sleep, i listen to this. its so inspirational, one day i hope to be as successful as this, to be albl to play the paino with as much ease as this, as i am a grade 6 piano, merit.

    also, im team cam, but daniel is pretty hot too. and i have ordered passion!!! cant wait. why cant it come sooner?

  7. Try listening to Flyleaf’s Momento Mori CD. It’s one of my favorites and right up the Fallen ally!

  8. My song for the first Fallen book is definitely “Blurry” by Puddle of Mudd. It sets the right mood for me and I feel that it goes very well with the cover. I can’t wait for Passion to come out!! I’m freaking out just thinking about having it in my hands in just a few months:)

  9. When I listen to music while reading the Fallen books i usually listen to Evanescence’s My Immortal, Imaginary, Taking Over Me, My Last Breath, Whisper, and Bring Me To Life, i feel that each of these songs describes different parts and feeling from the books, from Lucindas feelings or thoughts to Daniels and from some of the other characters. Over all I feel that Evanescence is the perfect fit for these books <3
    Oh and im on team miles… Not that i think luce should be with him just that i want him… And cam but hey i can have both cause luce is obssessed over daniel

  10. When I read your books, I just can not stop. So beautiful, so much passion. Later I want myself to be a writer and you are a great example to me. If I read books I have in my head exactly how the characters look like.
    Its wonderful.

    P.S Sorry for my bad English.
    I come from the Netherlands.

  11. One of my most favorite songs that reminds me of Daniel and Luce is ‘Your Guardian Angel’ by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I LOVE this song and I LOVE your books. I’m looking forward to Passion and Rapture.

  12. I always listen to “Heaven” by Sam Watters. I looooove the song! It actually goes with the series’ plot. CANT WAIT TILL PASSION!

  13. I actually was listening to a song, that the first thing it made me think of was the Fallen series.
    The lyrics, anyway. It’s by a band called Blutengel, the song was Frozen Heart. CX
    “At the end of the world
    I wish she could find her love
    And with him she should go back
    To paradise
    Thousand years and thousand nights”

    Obvious connection is obvious.

  14. So awesome! All three books. I’m not done reading passion, and I can’t wait to read rapture!!!.. :))

  15. another good song for this series is “dream awake by lauren evans”.. :)) try to listen at it.

  16. I LOVE the Fallen series. 🙂 I finished Passion… it was awesome. I love the development of characters, the back story, the way you really lead us through… I feel like I have already watched your novels’ movies because the detail is so well done that I can envision the whole thing like I’m there. You’re really a talented writer – it takes a lot to get me interested in books.

  17. hey I’m 14 and absolutely LOVE all the fallen books I have just finished passion and normally I can read all 3 of the books in 2 days as soon as I pick it up I get lost in the story it’s so good I can’t wait for Rapture and this guy who I like was talking to me when I was reading the book and your book helped me work out what to do I love the books so much I wish rapture wasn’t the last one!x

  18. love it , love it i finished passion in one day , i couldn’t stop reading i feel like am there, i love angels sooooo much i can tell u that , but when the book rapture going to be released, i need to know the end:))))))))))))))))))))) i cant wait

  19. Loved the book I cannot wait for Rapture. Lovely song to listen to when reading “passion” is Christina Perri (jar of hearts) gets you right into the book. 🙂

  20. Passion was amazing!!! I couldn’t put it down, even though I wanted to drag it out as long as possible! Rapture is going to be just as amazing, I’m sure. Can’t wait!!!

  21. just finished passion couldn’t put it down can’t wait for Rapture to be released !!! xoxo

  22. Just finished passion nearly cried when I saw when rapture was coming out. Lovin the series keep rapture as gd ^_^

  23. i just finished Torment today..i love this series so much it actually reminds me alot of me and my boyfriend:) even some of the bad parts i feel each characters pain and put myself in their situation ive cried for them been extremely frustrated by luce’s stubborn behavior and erge to be alone i cant stand it when she turns away from daniel i pity him it often seems like she doesnt even love him and just lusts for him…ive been through some pretty crazy stuff myself and this series is so similiar to my life its almost scary haha this should deffinatly be a movie it would be tons mor successful then twilight its time angels took over this generation;P

  24. I think Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine is perfect. The tone, the lyrics, everything.

  25. I live in Quebec in a very little town called Val-d’Or. Here the Fallen books are only in French, so it means that I have to wait one year after the release of the book to read it, and I find it very frustrating. This summer, I went to my father’s house in Ottawa and I read Passion. I found it amazing, I just couldn’t stop reading! I love your books, and I think they are the best books ever! I can’t wait to read Rapture!

    P.S: The translation of the books in Fench is very bad, in some places it just doesn’t make sens. I think that it is best in English.

  26. I Love Fallen. I Definitely love it. The Book is so amazing I’m almost done reading Fallen. I just can’t wait for my dad to buy me Torment, Passion, and the upcoming book Rapture. Lauren Kate’s idea about Fallen Angels is incredible. Fallen angels are much cooler than Vampires,Werewolves, and Sorcerers. No Offence to Twilight and Harry Potter.

  27. I aways think in Alex pettyfer has Daniel!!Pasion is great I love it ;D

    P.S=I’m Brazilian so i think that i Write something wrong!!

  28. I just wanna say that I am a repetitive reader of this lovely saga…. The story is so heart felt and Im in love with the characters. Something feels at home to me with this story. Im so thankful to know there are such skilled thinking and writers like lauren Kate . Thank you I am privileged to read your thoughts.

  29. I think that this sereis is the best I’ve read in a while.. I keep re-reading them over and over. My mom get’s frusterated with me, because I read and I never clean my room or do the dishes.. All because I’m sooo obsessed with this…… Saga. Can’t wait for Rapture to come out.. Then I’ll have to memorise in that book to

    P.s. I think that Someone Like You is a good song to listen to when reading theese books 😛

  30. I agree with Evanescence. There’s an album by them called ‘Fallen’ oddly enough. Most of the songs on their suite the books. I love Evanescence. And I’m going quite mad over Rapture. I’m desperate to read it, as when a series captures my interest, I usually get obsessed.

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