Countdown to Passion

With just a little over 2 months until Passion comes out (in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), I wanted to let you know some exciting news. First of all, this time when I go on my book tour, YOU get to decide which cities I’ll visit. Log on to the Fallen facebook page and vote from eleven US cities for the one nearest to you!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a Passion trailer, sneak peeks from the books, and some never before revealed behind the scenes information! I can’t wait to share all of this with you–and of course, cannot wait for June 14th!

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  1. Absolutley loving the fallen series so far and cannot wait for the 14th of june when passion comes out, how many books will be in this series?

  2. Yes! I can’t wait for the trailer, they always make me hyped up, and the extracts of course. This will definitely be one of my must read books.

  3. I cannot wait for that trailer! And the tour!
    I don’t think I have ever been so excited for a book.
    These are the best books I have ever read and I look forward to Passion and Rapture! <3
    Thanks so much!!!

  4. I can’t wait to read Passion! I don’t have facebook…..yes I’m the lone ranger with no facebook. I would love for you to come to Virginia or anywhere close.


  5. Omg omg you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for a trailer to come out I’m soooo excited 🙂 good job at writing books you’re the best!

  6. This series is has everything in it!! Love, hatred, curiosity, excitement and danger!! Daniel and Luce are the ultimate love story<3
    Can't wait for Passion!!

  7. I’m so excited about passion, just re-read torment for the fourth time and have decided that I actually find Luce slightly annoying and feel sorry for daniel! Lol I cannot wait to finally find out what happened in their past lives! Maybe we’ll see a different side to both of them, most of all I just want to know what really happened to start all this in the first place! These books are amazing!

  8. I absolutely LOVE your Fallen series! I definetely cannot wait till Passion comes out! Lauren, you are the greatest writer, that has ever walked the earth. I appologize for being so obbsesed, your just amazing and I wait for the day when Passion comes. 🙂

  9. The Fallen series is my favourite escape and my copies are falling apart i’ve read them so much! I cannot wait for June 14th when it comes out!! Please please please come to Australia for a book tour!! It makes me so jealous i’m not living in the Northern Hemisphere to come to see you so please come down here!! Thanks.

  10. I am absolutely in love with these books! I can not wait until June 14th. I wish you were coming to NC I would love to meet you in person and get a signed book. You are a awesome writer, I jope there is more after Passion. I reallywish there will be a movie on these books ! LOVE YOUR WRITING!!
    Your fan forever- Patrice

  11. I love the Fallen Series! I couldn’t put the book Fallen down! My best friend bought Fallen as a birthday present for me! She knew how much i wanted to read it, so she got me the book. I finished It in less than a day, and read Torment as fast as i read Fallen! Both books were amazing! Can’t wait till Passion comes out! June 14th is so far away! Thank you Lauren Kate for writing these amazing books! Keep up the great work!

    When can we read the first chapter of Passion?

  12. hey, i know i wrote more than once before but i just wanted to know about the latest updates involving the book passion and in addition the total amount of books that will be in this book series !! i cant wait till this book comes out because i have read the others and i am very excited for this book!!i love your books!!!!!! 🙂

  13. i loved Fallen&Tourment so much! I found them in my school libary and couldn’t put them down! They are the best books I have ever read, I can’t even get into any other book cause I just want to read Passion, I cannot wait for it to come out! I love your books they’re amazing, and your such a talented writer<3

  14. OMG! I’m so excited I’ m seriously counting down the days. I cannot wait! 😀

  15. Did anyone else notice that the words –
    Luce N Daniel
    Love Never Dies
    – all start with the same letters?

    Can’t wait for Passion!

  16. I am so exctied about the release of Passion. June the 14th is my birthday, which makes it even better. So, happy birthday to me! Thanks to Lauren Kate for being such an amazing and intriguing author. 😛

  17. I am obsessed with these books and have gotten my friends in on them. I feel like I can relate to her and therefore get sucked in. I do not have a facebook, but for you to come to Anchorage Alaska would be amazing. Thanks for your books:)

    Ps you should have the vote on twitter:)

  18. Hi Lauren,
    I´m just so angry at you ! I live in Holland, and the book comes out in 2012, I can´t wait that long ! Aaah ! 🙂 Is there a movie? Or going to be?

    I just keep reading Fallen and Torment `Kwelling in my country` until Passion comes out. I´m so excited ! And I´m in love with Daniël, haha 🙂

    Can you answer my questions, pleasseee ?
    Love your books, and you even more !

  19. dear lauren, i want to ask when u would launch your book in my country, malaysia? i cant wait to read your book, passion.


  21. hi lauren i’m one of the millions italians fans!! i would like to tell you that your books are amazings!! I bought Fallen and Torment when i was in Scotland and i read them in a couple of days!!! thank you for’s a pleasure to read your books!! PS I’m looking forward to read Passion!! can you tell me when the book comes out??

  22. hi lauren!!
    i’m one of the millions italian fans who loves your books!! i would like to tell you that your books are amazing!! I bought Fallen by chance when I was in Scotland… I read it and i was speechless!! it’s amazing the way you write!!
    thank you !! PS i’m looking forward to read Passion..can you tell me when the book comes out in Italy???

  23. Hi Lauren!you are awesome,I just cant wait to get the new book!perfect book for my summer 🙂 wish I could read books like Fallen to my exams at school,too 😀 I am just simply addicted to your books!love ya

  24. Omgg Passion is really good..It is out in Trinidad and read it its verrryy good loove it..But its kind of a cliffhanger causeim dying to know whats gonna happenn…But its good..Cant wait for Rapture..:)

  25. Just finished reading Passion last night, had my face in my Kindle almost the whole time I was at work. Then dying when I had to drive home, I just wanted to keep reading. Love the Fallen series. Can’t wait for Rapture

    Honolulu, HI

  26. I have to say after reading Torment I was a bit hesitant to begin reading Passion. Torment truly did “torment” me. But, as I began reading Passion I found that it held the same substance that I was longing for since the first book, Fallen. This book was beautifully written and I fell in love with Daniel all over again. Spring 2012 can not come soon enough for the release of Rapture!

  27. I love the fallen series but am a little upset i have to wait so long until i read the next book. Please please please release Rapture earlier. I am so excited to read it. x

  28. I also think the Fallen Series would make a fantastic film!! I would love to see this hit the big screen once all novels have been released. Wonderful Series, well done x

  29. i have got 2 of your books fallen and torment ands they look fantastic and they really are amazing so far i cant wait to get passion i am looking forward to reading it

  30. Passion is fantastic!!!I could not put the book down on my holiday in Turkey!thats a huge thing,so Lauren you are amazing!!!cant wait for next summer when Rapture will be released!

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