Fallen Movie News: Officially Cam


How hot is Harrison Gilbertson? You know how much I love Cam and I know how much you love Cam. We can all agree that Harrison will be a phenomenal bad boy. I was crazy about his audition tape. I can’t wait for you to see him in action.

Stay tuned for exciting news about Penn and details about the filming dates.


All my love,



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  1. Sorry Lauren but here in Brazil there ir a lot of people that can´t imagine him as Cam…I really hope that he can change our minds about it… xoxo

  2. Ohmygod! Yess! I can totally see him as Cam. Put on some black leather, combat boots and a badass attitude and we’ve got Cam. <3

  3. Honestly?! I’m disappointed… Really… He couldn’t be more ‘wishy-washy, I mean, Cam Briel is a bad boy, and THIS guy… well… it’s not!!!

    I’m your fan, I’ve read all Fallen books, and THIS boy doesn’t fit in… sorry, but, I’m deeply disappointed!

  4. Very interesting, can’t wait to see this guy in action as Cam. I have nothing but faith in Lauren Kate’s choices.

  5. Omg can’t wait till the full cast! Been in love with this series as soon as I saw it at my school library shelf. Can not wait until the movie is finished. At least one of my favourite book series is Gunnar be a movie… So happy!!!!!!

  6. Harrison is VERY hot! This is such great news! I’m so happy about this and I know he’ll be a great Cam. I can’t wait for this movie!!!

  7. OMG i dont know what to feel ;___; being a Cam fan and all.. I hope he would bring the best out of our lovely bad boy


    Aussie Aussie Aussie!!

    Lauren, I met you in 2011 at the Sword & Cross Ball in the Sydney City, was such a wonderful night and I’m so glad to have gotten the chance. I’m so excited for the movie and even more so now that we have one of our own in it! Thank you so much for making the last couple years of my life so exciting, this series kept me up until all hours of the morning, in lines waiting for the new books to be released and all those crazy dedicated things. Thanks 🙂 xxx

  9. I was thinking of Cam being more of a Douglas Booth. Nonetheless, Harrison is way too cute to ignore. But why must the main actors be that good looking? We won’t be able to choose sides by the time the movie airs. 🙂

  10. Hmm… I don’t know how I feel with him being Cam. I liked him in Conspiracy 36, but Fallen? I don’t know how this will turn out. -_-

  11. AHHHH!!! I can’t stop screaming! He’s literally PERFECT!!! I’m already drooling, I can’t wait to see him act bad to the bone!;)

  12. 😀 he looks a little young to be cam but i bet he’ll do good. Since Lauren loved his audition. <33

  13. Can’t wait for the movie. If it is anything like your books, I will be watching many times over. Thanks for the great reads Lauren.

  14. SO HAPPY OMG! He’s GORGEOUS! I love all the cast so far; better than my expectations! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE FILM NOW OMG <3

  15. Ok, if this is Cam i won’t go to see this film. I hate it! I love soo much Cam but he is… an horrible child!!! -.-‘
    Sorry for the mistakes but i’m Italian.

  16. I guess I’m not the only one who is wanting these audition tapes more than anything … and I would think seriously about donating a kidney to have access to one, is for this we have two of this organ , right? To make sacrifices for their favorite books!
    I loved the choice for Cam, I’m so anxious to see him acting and too for new news about the movie.
    Kisses of more one of your (brazilians) fans <3

  17. I’m not sure how to feel about him. He is kinda cute, but he doesnt really look like our bad boy Cam. But, hey maybe he will surprise us. Being my only favored book series I’m a little nervous for the movies in general. We all know what usually happens.

  18. I really didn’t like this choice of actor. I didn’t see him in action though, so maybe he can go beyond the absence of look (he really doesn’t look like Cam for me, because he was supposed to be hot, and bad, and have that malevolus look in his eyes that’s supposed to make your legs tremble) and I sincerely hope that he can surpass this and be a good actor. The choice of Daniel and Luce didn’t satisfied me either, but I’m also hoping that them in action will change my opinion. When I read your books, in the beginning when you weren’t a fever, I was just passing through the store and your book was hidden there, and since I’ve the habit of siting in the middle of the bookstore to take books that are hidden, I found you… so, when I first read the stories I picture my own Daniel, Cam and Luce, and all the actors picked to actually play my dream-characters doesn’t look like my imagination.
    BUT I’m hoping to be totally wrong about this, I saw a picture of this guy dressed like a bad boy and he almost won me as Cam…

    Just an opinion, I KNOW it doesn’t make difference because the casting directors are those who chose the characters, but I know I can disagree with their choices and it won’t change a thing…

    k3 love

  19. Oh wow i think he would be so great! I actually had to double take this pic, because for a seond there he looked a bit like Harry Styles… hehe… (oh i could 1D fans freaking!) Great choice!!!

  20. Nobody liked this guy there, you could have thought of, or have read the Fallen again, you would see that he and Alisson look like the characters.I think if it were -Kaya Scodelario (Luce) Brant Daugherty (Cam) would be perfect.

  21. Eu não gostei esperava mais no nosso cam ele não tem cara de Bad Boy…………………decpecionada

  22. sorry but where did all greed and sarcasm expressed in the eyes of the Cam? Addison Tmilin has been a disappointment and now Cam too, a thousand apologies but from what I see the film will be a disappointment not only to me but also to all most fans of the series Fallen.

  23. Mis expectativas era de un chico genial y lindo… Adiós al cam del libro Bienvenido Harrison :/

  24. He’s too sweet for Cam, but we’ll see have hr’ll give his 100% on Cam’s character! 🙂 This is really exciting!! I really can’t wait! 🙂

  25. Eu realmente esperava mais da escolha do ator para interpretar o Cam, eu não gostei do ator e na minha opinião ele não parece nem um pouco com um badboy. Estou profundamente decepcionada com a escolha do elenco para o filme. Estou esperando a anos pelo começo das filmagens e escolha dos atores, esperando por um elenco que realmente atenda as expectativas para chegar na data da divulgação e me deparar com isso. Para mim este ator que escolherem para interpretar o Cam é muito “fofo”, e não tem nada a ver com o personagem na minha opinião…
    Ps: Meu Cam é o Brant Daugherty

  26. Not what I was expecting at all! Im definitely keeping my mind open for all the actors and actresses that have already been cast though, not what I was expecting at all. I can’t wait though! Lauren PLEASE tell us when the movie is being filmed and its release date soon!!!!! Btw Jeremy and Harrison are SO HOT! Addison is so pretty too, I’m thrilled!

  27. This is so unfair! I mean, really?? Do you have any idea how disappointed I am?? I wanted someone like Adam Gregory or Brant Dougherty and you say that HE will play Cam?? So far this is the worst cast ever! I REALLY liked the books, but if the rest of the cast is also a disappointment there’s no chance I will see the movie! I’ve no intension to be a ‘hater’ but that’s my opinion!!!

  28. When I saw the photo I said: He’s Cam!! Harrison is perfect for him!!
    now I’m waiting to know who will be Penn.

  29. Wow, I’m a fallen fan and I can’t imagine him being Cam. Oh well hope he convinces us all. He definitely doesn’t look like a bad boy more a mummy’s boy, but we’ll see. Fingers crossed for this one 🙂

  30. Não gostei de nenhum dos atores escolhidos até agora, a Luce eu achei muito velha, o Cam é feio, e o Daniel nada a comentar! eu sinceramente espero que eles não me decepcionem com a atuação. esperava mais do elenco²

  31. I hated this actor for Cam and all the fans here in Brazil hated too, we were expecting for something better than this.That appears like a baby comon Lauren you really desapointened the most part of yuor fans

  32. Oh damn!! I didn’t like Luce, I didn’t like Daniel, I didn’t like Cam, what the hell?!?!
    I’m feeling anxious about Gabbe and Roland now… who might they be??

  33. I am sooo happy that your book is going to become a movie!! I hope it will be as epic as the books! Is it going to be only one movie for all the books, or will there be a movie for each book?


  35. I do not believe it, until the jeremy will, but that there? nothing to do with the cam of the book, noo knew that Lauren had a bad taste .. this movie will be shit …

  36. Whoa! The cast is not exactly as in dreams, but this surprising so far. I am extremely anxious to see who will play Ariane, Gabbe and Roland screaming inside.

  37. Wow that is harsh! I think he looks good. The cast will never be exactly how you want it! Just remember that before you get all crazy.

  38. I think you people are way mean. The cast is never going to be perfect so get over it and be happy they are even making a movie!

  39. not not not cam assim nao !se esse for o cam o filme vai ser uma merdaaaaa…
    nao nos decepcione lauren pliss

  40. The only problem I have with him is that he looks sixteen when he’s twenty. He looks too young to play Cam. Hopefully he can act.

  41. What are you talking about? its great to see a new face. We’re just lucky he is cute, and has sexy dimples.

  42. Come on, movies based off books get pretty good ratings to begin with. The cast is just a bonus, who truly cares what they look like if they’re personality fits the part. Everyone imagines a character different in their head than another person. Get over yourself and just appreciate the fact that Lauren has agreed to turn her books into a movie. As an avid reader and fan of the Fallen series, you should appreciate the author no matter what. If you’re truly a fan of the book you will give the movie and the cast a chance. Stop being such a whiny baby.

  43. I think that Cam has to look like Zayn Malik or something like that, but Harrison is OK, it will be amazing!!

  44. Bom, espero que ele seja um ótimo Cam. Mesmo não tendo gostado muito, acredito na escolha da Lauren’ (:

  45. I think it is wonderful that Lauren is having a hands on roll in choosing the cast, most directors and casting agent don’t care for the opinion of the author, and will cast whomever they please. So I am happy for the casting decision thus far, as this is Lauren’s vision, I have complete faith that the movies will reflect her books, as she has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears in to them to see them fall by the way side. Remember guys, make up, hair colour, eye contacts and wardrobe can totally transform the look of the actor to suit the character in the books.

    If Lauren says she is thrilled by the audition tapes and they bring the characters of Luce, Daniel and Cam to life for her, then I know it will do the same for me as well.

    Have a bit of faith fellow fallen fanatics.

  46. You shoudnt be so mean. He is not the Cam we expected but it’s Ok. If his acting is good he’ll be perfect. 🙂

  47. Ohh!! I love Cam so much! even more than Daniel, Cam is everything for me in the saga, but I don’t think that guy is perfect for cam, where are the green eyes and dark hair, I think and in the spanish translation edition I read that! Please don´t kill my Cam, I love that character so much!

  48. I’m sure he’s a good actor (and hope i’m not the only one who thinks he looks like Harry Styles) but I do not think he fits Cam at all. I know there’s nothing I can do to change that and I trust Lauren Kate but wow, not what I was expecting.

  49. não gostei, ele não parece o cam, não gostei, mas se você acha que é ele, legal 🙂 BRAZIL LOVES YOU

  50. He may not look exactly how we want him, but those things can be fixed. I trust Lauren’s decision in picking him as Cam.

  51. I actually like him. He is not bad. He is good looking and, I hope, a good actor.
    I’m not going to judge before the movie but i think its ok.
    P.D: i can’t wait to know who will Penn be!!!

  52. I agree with you (escipally on the Harry styles thing!) I’m not gonna say its a bad choice cause I haven’t seen him act yet but this is not what I was expecting at all

  53. Hopefully his hair will be darker for the role, remember none of you guys have seen the audition tape, he might really own the character.
    Can’t wait to hear about filming, am dying to try to be an extra while I’m over in Americain November!!

  54. I’ve been waiting over a month for this?ugh he better be one heck of an actor and they better put make up on him to make him look like cam. I was cool about this at first but the more I look at the picture the madder I get I better get off before I offend lauren Kate’s judgement. Cause I love her and her work

  55. To be honest, I’m really happy with the choice of actor to play Cam. I’m glad he’s an unknown actor meaning the press will be interested in the movie even more and that he’s young (19-20 years old). I know all of us wanted the perfect Cam, but let’s be realistic. All of us have a different idea of how Cam looks like so not all of us will be satisfied when the casting directors choose an actor to interpret the character. But this doesn’t mean you can be rude about it. I’ve seen so many negative comments about Harrison like, “Ugh. He’s too young to play Cam!”, “I guess I won’t be watching the movie now.” and many other comments. First of all, Cam is supposed to be 17 YEARS OLD in the book, and it’s only appropriate to choose young upcoming actors, especially if they’ll be making movies (I hope! *crosses fingers*) for all the books. Another thing that really frustrated me is why would you base your opinion on the movie by just the casting choice? WHY!? I find this really irrational and childish like when a little kid doesn’t get the flavor of candy he wanted. The casting directors and Lauren Kate chose Harrison for one major reason: His ability to bring the character to life. Physical features like the black hair and greens eyes can be easily altered, but acting skills cannot. So please, don’t judge a movie before you’ve seen it. It’s like judging a book by its cover. Give Harrison a chance, as well as Jeremy and Addison. Let’s be glad that there’s people interested in bringing one of our favorite series to the bring screens since it rarely happens! We’ve been waiting for almost 5 year for movie news and now they’ll be coming like tide waves! 🙂

  56. I know there’s alot of hatred towards the actors… but honestly… whoever is chosen will be amazing because its not who they are.. its how they make the book come to live… and the how they become the characters… I’m happy theres pregress.. Can’t wait to see the movie 🙂

    I’ve been super angry about the casting for my fav books-turned-movies a million times before, and have never been disappointed by the final product!
    You’d be surprised how awesomely they can turn around actors and make them act and look exactly like the book!
    Anywho, I AM SO PUMPED FOR THE MOVIE!! Can’t wait, will be counting down the days…..

  58. lets all just hope that the movie won’t be mutilated by the scriptwriters like the mortal instruments and the percy jackson movies o.o

  59. Honestly, I want to see his audition or other acting he has done. Just to see whether he is the worthy choice for the role. I think he shouldn’t be Cam, he looks like he could be Miles. Depending on how well he takes the roles though, if Lauren thinks he is fit enough for it then Harrison should be placed in the role as it is of course her novel. Lauren was the one to picture her characters and if she can see the talent and the image she had thought of then he should play the part.
    After all the book wasn’t written by the fans, they might have the wrong image compared to how Lauren Kate imagined what it should be.

  60. Stop the hating whoever plays who as long as they bring out the characters as well in the book! I’m just ecstatic that there is a movie coming out period yay! N I thought Cam was blonde?

  61. Yeah. I don’t wanna judge him when I haven’t seen him perform but still. Everyone has their own image of Cam in their head and he doesn’t look like mine. But I’m still going to watch the movie when it comes out and hope for the best.

  62. I loved the Fallen stories! I love, love, love Cam! Can’t wait for the film to come out! Please keep me posted Lauren!!! You are my favorite author!!!!

  63. I really wanted Nicholas Hoult 🙁 guess i’ll just have to see what he’s like in the movie…but he’s still hot…so I think I can cope

  64. I too am very disappointed in the choice of Cam and Daniel for that matter, When I was reading the description of Cam, the vision I had of him was a this piercing eyed bad boy, The kind you can’t take your eyes off of. Ian Somerhalder or even Garret Hedlund has a great bad boy look. I cant wait though..

  65. He wasn’t what I expected but I cant wait to see the transformations in the movie, I’m an open book 🙂

  66. I think it’s stupid to base your opinion of him off just this picture (Or even past work)- I’m sure he’ll be phenomenal, especially if Lauren liked his audition so much! No one’s ever going to be completely happy because we’ve all got our own idea of what Cam should look like in our heads, as well as other little quirks we might have associated with the character. But I think he’ll be great and we should all give him a chance 🙂

  67. Lauren, Is there really a movie coming out? That would be awesome however there has been a lot of talk and I don’t want to get excited if it is just talk! Cheers. Bonnie (actor chosen for cam fits perfectly, if indeed there is a movie to look forward to and if there is a movie being produced, congrats Lauren!)

  68. Disapointing! I dont know who I thought to act the part of Cam, but I imagined someone comletely different! I thought maybe someone a little bit older and a little more well known and no offernse but a little more manlier looking. It really makes me nervous when Im looking forawrd to a movie especially for a long time and I see all these new comers that are going to be acting the big roles, I hope this guy does well and I mean truly does well and my high hopes for the rest of them and I really hope they make this guy to play the part of Cam look older, more grown up and darken the hair!

  69. And yes we are mean cuz we ara fallen fans and that means we wan’t this to be the best movie ever.
    And we want it whit cam not harry styles i love 1D but i love cam more so he has to be a great actor an be able to bring cam to live or he has to quit.
    We want the best and lets be honest he is not the bst cam in the world!

  70. estoy mas que contenta con la eleccion de cam…por algo sera que lo eligieron para ese papel…apuesto todo al actor

  71. CAM IS NOT MEAN! Wel he isen’t that mean and he certainly don’t looks mean, don’t forget luce woud have fal for him if daniel was not there

  72. i want to tell you all a story:
    once upon a time there was a girl. She was in love whit a character from here favorte books. Whene she saw that the autor had said wich actor was going to play the character she first took a bucket in case she was going to drool. But when she saw the actor the bucket
    got filled whit tears of disappointing cus the actor was not what she wan’t. And she realized nobody woud be good. Cam is perfect and no actor would ever be good enough!

    i am sorry but i am that girl and i am verry disappointed he is not my cam so i will keep waiting for him to show up. :”(
    I hope i find my cam but i doubt it :”'(

  73. He had better not be cam. Cam Is sexy and open and oh so unattainably georgious. He has extremely fair skin and pitch black hair, with soft way kissable lips the same shade as a budding rose. There Is NO WAY THAT HE IS CAM!!!!!!!!

  74. I am so disappointed with all of these characters.. Luce Daniel and Cam, have all turned out to be terrible cast. Their acting may be good, but they are supposed to look the part too… I mean what happened to Alex Pettyfer? He would have been a perfect Daniel! And I’m sorry, but I feel like I can’t watch the film without complaining

  75. I think Harrison Gilbertson is sweet and beautiful, but in my opinion the Cam-Actor must be sexier. But okay, I think he’s going to be a good actor for Cam. I give him a chance 🙂
    I’m so exciting for the movie and actually for the actor of Ariana
    Sorry for my bad english.
    P.S. He remember me harry styles ._.

  76. thanks i still hope this is a sick joke maby it would be better to make no movie at all its never going to be good enough for me and most of the fans

  77. nooooooo! I think the actors must be changed! please Lauren do something!
    sorry for my bad english… I’m italian

  78. I don’t like him
    I think he is too much like harry styles.
    Cam is my favourite character and I thought it would be someone like Logan Lerman.
    I really like the books and I can’t wait for the film but please, I hope it’s a bad joke!

  79. I know ;), but when you read a book, especially 1 as fantastic as this one ur never going 2 fulfill that fantasy of who u see in ur head when u read the book! :p

  80. YOU SHOULD HAVE PICKED TOM STURRIDGE, he has the bad boy look and everything I feel like the one who was picked looks like a little bot about to hit puberty. Cam is sexy and an asshole at times and just a bad boy haha

  81. Come on! Give him a chance, ur judging him for his appearence! Wait for the movie before saying he is a bad choice! I think u all will be surprise when u first see him acting!

  82. I was so excited to see who would be Cam and now I am really disappointed, he might be a fantastic actor but he is nothing like what I pictured Cam to be. Luce and Daniel are a let down, now Cam is to. Cam is meant to be tall, black hair, fair skin, green eyes and extremely sexy. Wow so upset.

  83. I don’t like him at all. He not even looks like Cam. I am seriously thinking about don’t watching the movie, I am totally disappointed with the cast choice.

  84. Okay, so him as Cam???! What’s up with that? I mean sure his audition tape was probably amazing and what not, but he resembles Harry Styles wayyyyy too much! And I thought the Daniel choice made most of the fans angry, but this?? It’s kind of infuriating. :/ I wish they’d just re-cast these characters, if not all at least him, because this is the biggest disappointment…EVER! :/

  85. I’m very disappointed with the cast so far. I was so excited to find out who got picked to play Luce, Daniel and Cam, but it was a total let down. I would have been happy if they picked Kaya Scodelario and Alex Pettyfer to play Luce and Daniel. I had already decided not to watch the movie before Cam was announced, but I told myself that I’d watch it if they chose the right actor to play Cam. I’m giving it one more chance, but if they don’t pick the right actresses to play Arriane and Gabbe then that’s it. I’m not even excited anymore.
    They should re-cast the characters because so many people are not happy about it :/
    I’m very shocked that Lauren is okay with this… the actors don’t even look a bit like she described Luce, Daniel and Cam to look like… I know there are a few fans who say that the cast is perfect but its not. Disappointed does not even begin to describe how I feel about this cast.

  86. I think there could have chosen so many other actor for this role I just don’t see him as cam and for Daniel I pictured Alex Pettyfer not Jeremy

  87. And the guy for cam looks too sweet, he has to have dark hair and green eyes like you wrote

  88. Thank you he looks to goody goody too sweet not the smartass reform boy what was described in the book but I have faith in Lauren Kate that she met the right decision

  89. i think that Jannis Niewöhner REALLY REALLY REALLY!! is the best (for me) for this character!!

  90. I’m so upset that that is cam they could of picked any one else. He reminds me of one of the boys from one direction and I hate them!!!

  91. i can see him more as cam then i can see deniel and luce :/ i personnaly dont like the choices for them but hopefully everything will fall into place

  92. They can either give him a wig or color his hair to match cam’s- he can also wear colored contacts- I think that if Lauren wants him to play Cam then she must have a good reason

  93. Honestly I did not like. The girl that will make Luce is still a way of arranging the hair and makeup by passing a “whiter”, but that Harrison … There’s no way he has the perfect Cam, would be perfect if it was Nicholas Hoult, he will always be my Cam <3 (Sorry for my english, I'm Brazilian.).


  95. Oh, i’ve thinking on this Cam these days… So I think he doesnt have the seduction of the official Cam. He can be “Miles”, because his personality is similiar!! Cam could be a seductor actor, and a little angelical perfomanc, but pretty little!

  96. I totally agree, I had the image of Alex Pettyfer as Daniel! But no matter what happens in the movie, whenever I read the books, I will always have Alex as the image of Daniel <3

  97. Is there a release date yet for the movie in the US? I absolutely love these books and I’m looking forward to the tattoo I’ll be getting soon enough of the front cover symbol.

  98. i say he is fine. its her book. only she know what her character’s bio./personally best.. you’ll all watch the me for two reason. 1. if your a true fan of the fallen series you’ll go.
    2. you just wont be able to not see the movie after you read the book :)… so please everyone stop being being rude and bad talking Lauren about who she picks and even more when she is happy about her choice.

  99. honestly ….that cam SUCKS !!! I was hoping for someone more handsome and not really sure about him….( i am kind of bitch :P) but i loved the books so i ll trust ur opinion and judjement


  101. I expected Nicholas Hoult because I really love him and he got this bad boy thing. But if you say so, Gilbertson would be perfect and I can’t wait to watch him. He’s already my fave. I hope it will be showing in the Philippines soon. We love you here! I love you Lauren!

  102. I didn’t know who Nicholas Hoult was until now. And I absolutely agree with him being Cam. I think both men should be different. I don’t find anything attractive about any of the people she chose. But who.knows..maybe Lauren didn’t choose thr people.

  103. This is Cam? Seriously…. This is going be a child movie Cam is supposed to have a bad boy vibe to him. The guy chosen to be Cam looks like a CHILD 13 yrs old. He looks younger than the girl you chose to be Luce. Between the casting of this book and Fifty Shades I am truly disappointed there goes me being so anxious to see Fallen become a movie… 🙁

  104. I Sooo prefer Logan Lerman to be Cam, If he grow his hair though.
    Lets just hope this guy will look amazing for the Movie. .

  105. Noooooooooooo………………………… not him. he looks like a child. I am reallllly excited about this movie. but i dont wanna see him as cam. CAM in the book and he are NO match

  106. True he doesn’t look like Cam but no guy will ever be him so stop going on about how childish he looks or how disappointed you are. She did the best she could under the circumstances.

  107. He’s kinda cute, I guess. But he does look way too young to be Cam. I’m definitely not really feeling this casting choice.

  108. Seriously?! I pictured someone like Ian Somerhalder to be Cam. He can pull off a great bad boy, I mean look at Damon!

  109. Do you mean dark as in hair color or skin color? ‘Cause in the book it clearly describes him as pale. If you meant hair I’m pretty sure every girl agrees with you there. Unless I missed something and brown became the new black.

  110. what I can’t believe, is how ridiculous people commenting on this are. A lot of the names being thrown around by fans don’t fit my idea of Cam. They will never find the perfect actor for everybody. Give Harrison a chance, I mean geeeeeez!! People didn’t like the idea of Heath Leadger being The Joker either and look how stupid they all look now….

  111. OMG he is sooo cute hopefully he will a good bad boy, cant wait to see who is Arriane shes my fave character =) <3

  112. as much as I agree with you, sadly Ian Somerhalder is just a lil too old to be cam as cam is to be a teenager like the rest

  113. Personally, I imagined Cam a more hot rather than cute. In my opinion, Harrison would be perfect for Miles’s role but not Cam’s. Anywho, I am looking forward to see Penn 🙂

  114. i dont know why everyone is freaking out.. he is beautiful and enticing and makes me want to see more or hear his voice as Cam is in the book, he is meant to be alluring.. if the colour of his hair is such a big problem then obviously he’ll do something about it.. i can not wait to see this beautiful boy play my fave bad boy 🙂 i can see that this guy secretly has a dark side 😉

  115. ok.I don’t miscall harrison he sure is talented and cute and a puppy face, but that’s the problem we don’t want a cute guy we want a sexy bad demon.Harrison gilbertson reminds me more of cupid

  116. I really am eager to know more things about when they plan on releasing movie dates for Fallen to hit the theaters. Or maybe a trailer release date. Just something so I can know for sure.Thx 🙂

  117. Cam was suposed to be tall and look way stronger than what he does besides cam’s skin its not supposed to be tan his hair should be way darker and I don’t think he would do a good Cam u.u I didn’t like jeremy as daniel either.

  118. Ok this is a bit creepy because I pictured him just like this, only with darker hair! I Love Cam! And Daniel! I need to know who is playing Daniel!!!!

  119. I still think that Alex Pettyfer is the BEST Daniel, and Ian Somerhalder the BEST Cam… but I will love the movie no matter what.

  120. I so agree with nayha21, alex, hell yea, I have a secret crush on Alex and Ian, don’t tell them!!

  121. Does anyone know if she has figured out what any of the other characters are being played by? I mean as nice as it is to look at Cam but I’m ready for a new person to look at.

  122. Is this the only character that we know if so far? I think Luce hale and Alex pettyfer would make great Luce and Daniel!!! I love this series and can’t wait for the movie!!!

  123. i love cam he is sooo sexy i like that she picked him to play cam but she should totally reconsider her choices for luce and Daniel i mean c’mon they seem so old nd i just wanted it to be perfect!

  124. Hello,

    I am not sure how you would play into this but i am 23, slim and brow hair, i have been an actress all my life and was wishing for a break to film for EVER. I have always dreamed of your series being put to film and saw me in them. If there was ever any chance that would be amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work btw, this series has alway stuck with me and there is no comparison to them.

  125. Luce is perfect but the guys casted are so far from the characters portrayed in the books. Alex P is the PERFECT Daniel and casting anyone other than him is a violation to all our achy breaky little hearts…

  126. I was so excited for the movie! Bit I just hate when a movie doesn’t stay true to the novel. They’re already describing it as a ‘love triangle’ ala twilight.. That’s a bad sign. Also, the descriptions of the characters are so detailed in the books, and the actor cast for Cam is NOTHING like it. There are so many good actors out there, I’m sure they could find a better fit for each character. I really hope they don’t ruin it as I’m looking forward to movie. They owe it to the fans to stay as true to the novel as possible.

  127. most of you are behaving very bad… how do you know that he isn’t going to be a perfect Cam?? this book and story is Lauren’s baby. she will do the best for it. we don’t know how the auditions went.. i personally believe that this choices are going great.. wait and see. this are Lauren’s characters and if they are like she was thinking when she wrote the book we should be happy

  128. Actually she doesn’t owe it to the fans to stay true to the novel because we only know a fraction of what she knows. So we can’t say it wasn’t true to the novel because we aren’t inside her head. I think as a true fan we should not complain until the movie is out because anything can happen so you might want to save your words for when they matter unless you like to judge a book by its cover.

  129. I could totally see him as Cam as long as they change his hair color and the green eyes, those are pretty important for Cam I think!

  130. Actually, the fans are the ones who make these people successful. So, I most definitely believe it should be a priority to please us.
    I’m not questioning her knowledge or vision, I’m simply voicing my opinion about what was written in black ink. She wrote down what WAS in her head (in great detail) so that we wouldn’t have to speculate. Thank you for your concern, but I think I’ll decide when to voice or save my comments and opinions. That is whet this section is for after all.

  131. Okay no need to be sassy about it. If you have an opinion you can say it I was just giving the facts

  132. I’m sorry I’d just found out my grandpa had passed away so words don’t exactly come out the way they are supposed to when you are numb. I just meant that as a writer you don’t put everything there to be reduced to two hours or have the people in your head as real actors so she is doing the best she can with what she has. I believe your opinion would stick more if you said it after you saw the movie because it is like judging a book by its cover before you even decide to read it. I know this is for opinions but that’s mine so take it or leave it.

  133. He really doesn’t seem like the bad-boy-supper-hottie Cam in the novel! Just please don’t make the film like one of those awfully cheesy teenager films. Hopefully he will be a better Cam than the most of us think!

  134. I think he will make a great Cam, I can totally see it. Just put in some green contacts and dye his hair black and he will be perfect. Hopefully they actually do the eyes! I

  135. I think the best way to see how much people are for this is to take a poll. See in the end how many people are positive about the movie. I for one don’t like the fact that all the characters with black hair are being played with actors/resses with brown hair. However it is nearly impossible to match a person to an exact character so I’m not going to complain about it. I mean I will not watch the movie because of him because I would really like to have a face still. Great job from the people she had to pick.

  136. I think Harrison will be perfect but I defiantly think you should die his black I don’t care much for the eyes but the hair is a must!

  137. I really hope he dies his hair black soon… they’re supposed to start filming soon, after all and I don’t think I could stand seeing Cam without his gorgeous black hair.

  138. OMG I LOVED the book and this guy looks like a hottie so I think that this movie will be perfect!!!

  139. OMG I love Harrison Gilbertson he is a mega hot and a grate actor I’ve seen him in conspiracy 365 and he’s gorgeous and he’s Australian just like me I think its grate that he’s been chosen to pay Cam he suites the roll well

    Can’t wait for the movie

  140. So I know that there probably is no truth to this, but I’ve noticed that there is a list of actors on IMDB for other roles. Does anyone have any information on that?

  141. I love the Fallen books!

    Cannot WAIT for the movie: however, I have a problem. I cannot seem to remember when the movie is released! When is it released?

  142. I used to think he’s not fit for Cam,too.. But then, I just saw his movie “Haunt”, and he’s pretty hot and his acting’s not bad!! like, it totally got me pretty excited for the movie! Yay! 🙂 ..

  143. I used to think he’s not fit to play Cam before, but I saw one of his movie the other day (Haunt), and now, I can totally say he’s gorgeous! 🙂 .. and his acting’s not that bad. 🙂 .. He actually got me more excited for the movie now! 🙂 .. Yay, FallenMovie2015. 🙂

  144. he leido esta saga en una nsemana y no pensaba que me iba a gustar como lo ha echo pero no solo que me ha gustado es una historia que te contagia el amor y el dolor y la felecidad de sus protagonistas y espero que las peliculas te envuelban como lo han echom los libros y estoy deseando que salgan para ser la primera en verlas

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