Happy Valentines Day

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  1. beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and cant wait to read it and i hope so to <3 fallen series

  2. Whtt’s the name of the girl in the picture?
    I want to see her full face so I can see whtt Luce is supposed to look like. 🙂

  3. hello!! I m from Argentina, and i love the cover of passion!! i love the saga Fallen! you are great!!

  4. Hi, Iam from Poland 🙂 Despite of many authors that write about fallen angels and battle between good and evil, I thnk, that the Saga Falllen is one of a kind, unusual, andI REALLY, REALLY can’t wait for Passion …

  5. Wait let me rephrase what im meaning to tell: ignore the first one i post-im crazy when i type all short of things. Im a hyper type girl-werd.

    I was saying: Im dying to read the third book!!! I love the books cover! Gosh it make me all dreamy in heaven.

  6. omg looove these series. their amazing ive read both fallen and torment like 5 time already cant wait for passion. you should a teaser of the book on you site just so we can get a taste. TEAM DANIEL<33

  7. I looooove the Fallen-saga books!* It’s stunning and super exciting! Please hurry up with Passion,I seriously can’t wait..hehe

  8. OMG. this is awesome. i have been waiting since september to read passion and i cannot wait until it come out!!! i know it will be amazing!!!!!!

  9. OMG!!!! i love the fallen series!!! i got like almost 2 whole 7th grade classes wanting to read it!!! its going to be a battle of the books when it released!!! cant wait!! and that is a beautiful cover!!! i love your work!! i hope to be as good as you one day!!! you are my inspiration to keep reading and writing my own books!!! writing one now!!!

  10. Omg!!!! Love the cover!!!<3 my mum thinks im crazy cuz I've read fallen and torment tons of times and they keep getting better!!! Can't wait for june 14 haha that's my bday woop woop im excited!:)

  11. I am begging you after all of the book releases to make it into a film i will buy all the copies mwhaahaa I LOVE LAUREN KATE!! 😀

  12. my name is luce and thats what got me to read the fallen series! i did not think i would love it but i do its so great!!!!!!!!!! i have fell in love with it cant wait to read passion already pre-ordered it!!!!

  13. i’m sorry for what i’m about to say but the cover it is not what i was expecting for.The girl in the cover seems like 40 years old .the first and the second book had very beautiful cover but this…anyway the story is amazing and that’s what it counts.i hope the last books cover to be awesome.

  14. Passionu okumak için sabırsızlanıyorum iki kitapta çok başarılı ve çok güzel büyüleyici Bence bu üç kitap filme çevrilmeli üçüncü kitabı okumadım ama en az o da diğer iki kitap kadar güzeldir süper başka diyecek bişi bulamıyorum ama inşallah filminide izleyebiliriz

  15. Its so pretty and awesome we actually get to see a part of luce.. dont get wrong the otheirs r beautiful with da dresses but this shows a more open mind of things.


  16. Comment Comentário Olá amei tanto fallem quanto tormenta, estou ansiosa esperando paixão.Mas a capa de paixão eu não gostei , pensei que a Luce era linda, decepicionante.Beijo, Carla

  17. Well i love the series!! It is very incredible the way their destiny is!! it took me like in one week i read bothe fallen and torment one after the other!! Can’t wait for PASSION the question that is like stuck in my head is if luce and daniel will be together or if she will pick Miles!!! is passion the last one??
    <3 it!! ♥

  18. i agree w/ sophi about the cover. i love this series & love the covers to the previous book but not this one, not to passion. i wish the cover would of flowed better from the last two but it doesn’t. the last two covers had a mysterious romantic look to them & that’s what captured me & a few others to read it. passion’s cover looks like it’s from a whole different series & im sorry to say but the girl looks a little creepy. im sorry but this is just my opinion & it’s only about the cover, im sure the book will be great!

  19. omg I CANT WAIT i love this series its better then twilight i bet if this series was made into a movie they would have Team Daniel and Team Cam and then there would probably be more people that like this more then twilight i mean no ones fighting over edward and jacob any more they wait to long to have the next movie come out BUT with this i think everyone would be talking about which team they r on even when its over

  20. Um… I had the name Luce first!!!! Omigod… I love the series and am in the middle of reading Torment… I CAN’T WAIT TO READ PASSION!

  21. I love all the covers of the books andI love the books themselves i finally bought torment and i am half way through it well gota go to my next class bye!! 🙂

  22. eu PRECISO ler Passion, PRECISO!!!
    terminei de ler TORMENTA hj e é simplesmente perfeito
    amei a revira volta que teve no final OMG!!!
    Gostei de FALLEN mais TORMENTA foi muiiiiiiiiito perfeito
    LAUREN KATE é simplesmente uma GÊNIA
    tudo sobre o lado do bem e do mal que ela falou no livro me fez pensar muito, esse negocio de anjos e demonios não serem tão diferentes me fez pensar bastante
    bom eu to loka pra saber pra onde a luce foi na final
    eu não fico muito roendo as unhas mais se eu roesse ja taria nos tocos dos dedos com diz minha querida Marimoon.
    e adoro as capas também, que são feitas por uma artista brasileira como eu, ela é a Fernanda Brussi e em tormenta é realmente ela na capa só que ela está de costas e vc perceberam que em fallen ter uma parte do livro que é exatamente como a capa, e sabiam também que não foi um foto feita exclusivamente pro livro, foi por acaso que acabou sendo exatamente igualzinho como uma cena do livro

    Now for those who do not speak Portuguese and want to know what I said in my comment I will translate

    I NEED to read Passion, I NEED!!!
    TORMENT finished reading today and is just perfect
    I loved the rolls who had back at the end OMG!
    FALLEN liked, but perfect storm was muiiiiiiiiito
    LAUREN KATE is simply a genius.
    everything on the side of good and evil in the book that she said made ​​me think a lot, this business of angels and demons are not so different made ​​me think hard.
    I’m good loka to know where the end was in luce
    I do not get much more biting your nails if I was already gnawing on the stumps of the fingers, as my darling says Marimoon.
    and I love the covers too, which are made ​​by a Brazilian artist like me, she is friends Brussi storm and it’s really just the cover that she’s back and realize that you have a part fallen into the book that is exactly how hood, and also knew that it was not a photo made ​​exclusively for the book was no accident that ended up being exactly like a scene just like the book

  23. i think the cover is nice but im ready to read the book its self were would i go to get a small reviwe

  24. Ich liebe das Buch Engelsnacht, es ist klasse! Ich habe es bereits 2 mal gelesen ( worauf ich sehr stolz bin). Ich mag auch den COver davon. Engelsmorgen ( Torment) habe ich noch nciht gelesen, es existiert momentan nähmlich nur in der englishen Version, um es auf English zu lesen reicht mein Sprachtalent leider nicht aus ^^””
    Den Cover von diesem Buch mag ich nicht, tut mir sehr leid, aber ich finde er zerstört die eigene Vorstellung von Luce ( ich schätze mal, das auf dem Bild ist sie…), indem ihr Gesicht sichtbar ist kann man es sich nicht mehr selber vorstellen, das finde cih schade 🙁
    Ich freue mich trotzdem schon riesig auf Engelsmorgen und ,,Passion,, 😀
    Danke dafür, das es so tolle Autorinen gibt! ;D

    And now I try to say it in english ( with my english talent that’s very difficult xD)
    I love Fallen, but Torment I can’t read, because I’m a loser in english ^^”’ And I like the two covers. But this cover, the cover from Passion, I don’t like. I think it destroy the illusion about Luces face… I think all the people who read this book have another illusion as Luce looks. With the foreseeable face it’s not the same thing. Excuse me, but I think this cover is not beautiful…
    But I wait longing for this books in german! Lauren Kate, thank you very much for so good books! 😀 <3

  25. Luuuuvvvvvv this series! Can barely wait 2 mos. for this book to come out! It’s going to be AwEsOmE!!!!!!!

  26. I need to read Passion!

    Minha nossa! Fabuloso! Levei apenas o final de semana para terminar a leitura!

    Lauren vc é maravilhosa!
    Lauren, you are the best!

  27. I so enjoyed reading fallen & torment, and so did my teenage daughters…. looking forward to …….. PAsSioN…..

  28. Torment was by far my fave in the series; I am very excited for Passion to come out, but I don’t care much for the cover… it looks too bright and cartoony compared to the covers in the rest of the series. also, i kind of liked not being able to see the face of the girl on the cover. it added a familar sense of mysterious edge to the book… obviously the cover won’t keep me from reading Passion… but i must say that the cover of Fallen made me want to pick it up and read the book for the first time when i didn’t know anything about it.

  29. Hi, I`m from Bulgaria.I really love this books.And I`m very excited for out of Passion.I hope will make films for books.Do they make film for books ever?

  30. Loved the first two. This one I would have love as well if they didn’t show so much of the models face. I like the mystery of that.

  31. Dear Luaren,
    I have been writing a book because of you it is also a love story. You have inspired me. I was so totally hoping you could either come to Waynesville, MO or St. Louis, MO thank you

  32. mabey you should have had the models face looking behide so i can only see her jaw bones that would have been better but love every thing eles but the models not that pretty

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