Pictures of ze Day

The Fallen display at the ALA Midwinter conference in Boston. Sounds like it was a great weekend!

From my reading last night at the Borders in Mission Viejo. Thanks to Carlos and Rose at the store and to the great group who braved the apocalyptic storm to come out!

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  1. you should come to Canada for a tour – in particular Ottawa – i’ll make sure everyone there is wearing I Heart Daniel / Cam t-shirts lol

  2. I wandered in Borders for two hours looking for something to read. Finally the guy at the computer pointed me to the YA section and this book was facing out on the shelf. I took one look at the front and knew it was the book I’d been looking for. Now, (sigh) I have to wait for the sequel. What a great story. I could feel the humidity dripping off the pages!

  3. what the crap…here i am glancing at your blog…scrolling down. oh look there’s a picture of you at a signing. oh look, there’s an asian in the corner. i wonder where this was. mission viejo. oh what the crap, that’s my sister!

    it’s because of her i read fallen. too bad i didn’t have her get me a signed copy. i didn’t know if i’d like the book or not. but now i can’t wait for the sequel.

  4. wow, those r awsome pics!!!! I loved the book display, that looks like it took a long time to make that!!!

  5. With me happened almost the same thing as with Heather. I was looking in the internet for something to read, when I found a Brazilian site talking about Fallen, so I went to a store and bought the book. What a wonderful story! Now I just can’t wait to read Torment! And if you allow me to say, you already have a lot of fans in Brazil, and we all love you.

  6. Hey! I am so thankful that my best friend and I were able to take that picture with you. You don’t understand how stoked we were when we saw we were on your website. Thank you so much!! P.S. I cannot wait for Torment!!!!

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