Special Opportunity for International Readers…

Do you live in Spain or Mexico? How ’bout Holland? Germany? Italy? …Brazil maybe? Portugal? Italian speaking Switzerland perchance?!

If you answered yes, do you also think you have what it takes to promote Fallen abroad?

I have a whole stack of foreign language editions that need good homes. So I’m looking for a few dedicated and passionate fans from the countries mentioned above (as well as any other countries that Speak Spanish – though I also have copies in Catalan as well, so never fear my lovely fans from Barcelona!)

Here’s how it works: email me at laurenkatebooks@gmail.com with your name, age, occupation or grade/what you want to be when you grow up, and a short explanation of why you’d be great at promoting fallen. Who would you give the books to? Why? Maybe you have a school library that could use some work, or perhaps your mom works at a children’s hospital where patients need cheering.

Or maybe you just want your family to understand what all the Fallen fuss is about.

Whatever the reason, the fans I choose will be sent a whole bundle of books to distribute as they’ve described plus one or two goodies of their own, so get excited and start emailing! Submissions close on the last day of this month, March 31st!


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  1. can you come to london, plumsteadmanor school. theirs loads of fans there and me who love your books. and i think my school needs more of your books. thanks

  2. Hi Lauren, okay?

    Your email is not receiving, can not send since last week, so here it goes!

    My name is Leticia Damas, I am 26 and am from Sao Paulo – Brazil. Working as a manager of the Hall Objectives in the district of Santana.
    I started reading his books last year and since then has turned his fan.
    I am one of those who supports Daniel and Luce and how to twist. ‘ve Got to imagine afallen angel beautiful as Daniel into my life (laughs), I believe that all fans have fantasizedsomething.
    I love literature, and I think everybody should like also. Here in Brazil I do not see many people clinging to read, right here in my work gives people too lazy to read. I think Iwould be a great motivating people to read through his books.
    Well this is my reason.
    I say again that I love her passion for books and would be overjoyed to get this opportunity!
    A big Kiss

  3. HI Lauren! i’ am Leticia . i readed your Books and loved so much. I live in Buenos Aires.i Spent some years living in New Jersey, ,Madrid, barcelona etc .My passion are literature and create Websites. i want to be part of this Proyect.so you can Count with me.

    Also i invite you to visit http://www.sagaoscuros.com ( my spanish community about Your Books)

  4. hi, my name is mounia i’m a fan of youre books, my english is not good because i’m from Holland, sorry,

  5. Your email does not receive
    but I’ll leave it here

    Name: Karen Perez Rea Angelli Bojorges

    Age: 21 years

    Occupation: job selling sewing machines and literature study

    I want to be a teacher of literature and form a publisher to give opportunity to publish books by good writers but unknown.

    I want books as a super fascinates me but everyone I know tell me I have a obcesion but sometimes I do not care I think is really good hahaha but I have a second facility to get people to read hehe I first made my sisters read them because I was fed up and talk about them and wanted to see that it was the same happened with my brothers when I talk a brief introduction, after my two friends from work and also the interest and empesaron to read them, my 3 also raw and Denise are reading and tell my school friends. Finally every night I read my daughter a page of history to take an interest. In order for my aria that everyone read them too hahaha good my idea is a bit general so I want to be a teacher of literature that there is no better way to live other lives than reading. Really agradesco you for the opportunity not only to have the books if you can not experience love daniel and lucinda because that’s what happens when I read is really like lucinda and I feel the same as her, I cry, laugh, I worry there is not even finish reading when I feel the same in order that I’m a little crazy.

    Well sound somewhat desperate but:


  6. Your email does not receive. but I’ll leave it here

    Hi i´m really love a Fallen saga
    My name is Jose Alejandro Lagos I have 19 years I´m from El Salvador, i´m study engineering but my real passion is reading, Chemistry and Mathematics; curiously because in my country say: “the numbers don’t mix with lyrics” but that’s not true. your books have inspired me to write my own stories and so want others to have the same opportunity that I, who can create their own worlds. I had the opportunity to read Fallen and Torment.until the end of 2011 can be found in Spanish i’ll really loves this books. reading as a pastime is not very popular in my country, but for me if not just to hang out but it helps me open my mind to use my imagination and not stay in a square world, helps me to be creative, I want people read more but especially my sister, she is 4 years old and do not want this society away from the fantasy that did not stop but you can imagine traveling in the great world of books as well as I do. so I want to win the books not just for me also my sister help me personally to take their first steps into the world of literature.
    Thank you for creating a world where you can escape.

    sorry for the translation but I’m not very good at English but what counts is the intent. still writing and still creating worlds in the minds of your fans

    I wish you luck in everything you set out

  7. Hey lauren

    Well my name is murielle and i am 13 years old. I live in marbella spain but i am from Venezuela. I speak english because i lived in ireland.
    Well, you got it right my mom dos work in a hospital but i would also give some books to my school library. Like they have some good books but most of them are about the same so i would like to change that a little. I also have some friends that liked your books. So if you ever

  8. Sorry my iPad is going crazy

    So if you ever need someone in spain you totally have me. I really liked your books and i could totally give some in a lot of places, because i also know other librareis in Marbella


  9. HELLO LAUREN!!! My name is Tamara Quinteros I have 18 years and I’m from Argentina. I studied law and when I grow up I hope to be happy, marry, have children and why not write a bookof my life. I love all your books! The magic you create is amazing! I like to have the collection to give to girls who want to dream.
    Thank you for this amazing contest! Argentina loves you! ♥

    P.S. : Sorry for my English 🙁

  10. Hi, my name is Stefany, die in Brazil, more precisely in Itiruçu Bahia, in the street Ariston Pires de Novais, in the neighborhood of Santo Antonio, the house number 37, numbers of contacts: (73) 3538-1304 or (73) 9124 – 0334, I am 12 years old, studying in 7th grade, my dream is trabanhar as an actress in the U.S. or cineastra. And I have several friends are passionate about reading, especially novels. My mother is a college direitora public. I’d give one of the books to needy children who do not have access to these books, and the other part of the pro livrso public hospital in Salvador, since children have vairas complicated diseases and I think would be very happy to receive the books as it is with them conceguimos to travel to places magical and wonderful, and so we do so with a little bit to forget their problems.
    Congratulations for your wonderful work, and would like to Madar allows me a kiss, and say that I am very their fan.
    I´m really love a Fallen saga.

  11. Hello Lauren

    My name is Rafael Felipe from Brazil and I can say that I enjoyed very much your idea and would like to ask if by chance you come to Brazil and go through St. Paul could give you a little jump Penápolis here in, me and all your readers agaradecem .

  12. I think I came a little late for your lot of books in Spanish … happens that I did not know it until today. But I decided to try, as I’m a big fan of the series The Fallen. Unfortunately, I can not buy the books for lack of money, but the first gave me and, honestly, I loved it. Congratulations for the job, you get thousands of teenagers (and probably adults) fall in love with it, the characters of the story and the plot. It is excellent! Inspires me to write, to get the better of me. Well, I’ll give you my data go because I have nothing to lose 🙂
    My name is Daiana Nascimento and I’m from Argentina, Latin America. I’m 16 years old and now I’m not going to school because of family problems, but soon I’ll start. Here in my country, classes begin in March.
    When I grow up, I’d be many things: a writer, music, artist … I have many ideas of what we could do in my future, but I have to work to fulfill them (something, by now difficult).
    And, well, I would like to get the books to read it and to share with my friends. Also, I need something to distract me and help me avoid being on the computer, since I’m vicious and that’s not something that makes me feel good.
    Well … That’s it for now. I thank you for everything, Lauren. I hope someday you come to Argentina, is a very beautiful country and we are many your fans here 🙂

  13. hello Lauren Kate
    my name is kelly sophia I have 16 years
    and I am studying the 2 semester of high school
    I would like to be a writer like you when I grow old
    I would love to give me the great opportunity to read your books to my family, friends, neighbors, classmates, teachers and acquaintances
    because I would like everyone to have the opportunity to read this wonderful story about fallen angels
    and for people of my country to take much pleasure in reading
    I’m from Mexico Nuevo Leon
    I’m your fan
    I love you

  14. OMg I missed it… noo.. and I am from little country in EU.. .gosh.. never mind.. I still wanna sent you picuture about how look your books here =)

  15. Sou de São Paulo Brasil, tenho 28 anos, trabalho em um hospital, estou no ultimo ano da faculdade de enfermagem,sou casada tenho um bebe de 5 meses que é a minha vida o Miguel,
    Ler e ser transportadas para varios locais , epocas diferentes e outras realidades atraves da leitura é a minha paixão desde pequena, já perdi as contas de quantos livro já li por ano leio por volta de uns 20 livros a saga fallen li esse ano amei desde a primeira pagina simplismente devorei os livros em 3 dias ja tinha lidos os tres primeiro estou n o aguardo do quarto.
    Gostaria de ganhar os seus livros para poder compartilha com uma escola aqui da minha cidade que ajuda crianças carentes.

    Desde ja lhe agradeço pela oportunidade e te parabenizo pela iniciativa!


  16. Hello lauren.
    I cant wait for you books to come out in spanish, as i have many friends i have told about your books that live over there. My friends all thought they sounded like great books! i hope they become fans of yours like the many that already are:)
    I love your books and couldnt put them down, there very addicting! i hope to see many more novels come from your beautiful thoughts.

  17. It’s good to know your books are coming up in Spanish, I’ve enjoyed the Passion book and even though I like better reading in English I’m sure most of my students and friends would like them better in Spanish.

    thanks for giving us the opportunity to shear and imagine a world through your eyes.


  18. Hello lauren!
    I’m from Holland and love the fallen serie! Can’t wait ’till rapture comes out here!
    I tell everybody around here about the serie. Completely fell in love with it,
    and I think it would make a great movie aswell!
    I hope to continue reading more of your books in the future

    Kisses from the Netherlands!

  19. olá LAUREN KATE
    sou brenda tenho 12 anos sou daki de belem do pará hum.. amei sus livrro comecei a ler este ano dia 29 de maio naum tenho doda a coleçao dos seus livros mas dou valor nos ´que tenho aprendir palavras novas e assim fiko pensando toda hora nesses livros e parabens vc e uma otima editora e le considero muito bijoos thau.

  20. Hey Lauren, I have chosen your book fallen for an English assignment book review.and ummm I was wondering if you could answer some questions, okay first of all

    Why did you chose to write this book? Did you have any inspirations?

    Why have you crossed Luce to be the main character? Compared to someone like Arriane.

    What are the main themes you are exploring in this book? And why did you chose said themes?

  21. Hello Lauren Kate my name is Adara Ortiz I love your books it inspired me to become a author.if you don’t mind what inspired you to become a author? How did you get the ideas to write you story? If you have any time please message me.

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  36. i am in totally awe of your collection with Nelly. the pine pants are to die for and the shorts are just minimalistic perfection. i am so upset they don't ship to australia! i want them so bad..

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