Time Off!

I’ve been on vacation this week. Torment finally went to my editor, my parents came to visit, and it was my birthday on Sunday. A perfect little storm. My favorite thing we did with my parents was take them up to Santa Barbara for a night. We drove along the PCH through sun and fog and seabreeze, ate at the Hitching Post (of Sideways fame) and stayed in the cute Danish town of Solvang.  While we were gone, Milo went to visit his godfather, Matt.

Some say he’s a cautious dog. Easily terrified is another way of putting it. Matt captured a lot of Milo’s adventures on film. Here’s a clip of some of the fun he had without us.

For my birthday on Sunday night, Jason took me to a secret supper club in Santa Monica. It’s run by these two cool women chefs, pops up in a new location just four times a year (you get an email two hours before the meal to let you know where to go), and is so underground that I was supposed to agree not to blog about it. Whoops! But I the food was so so so incredible and it was such a cool, special birthday present that I must at least mention it. Not by name. Below is the remains of a chocolate souffle with corn ice cream and chile-flecked cotton candy.

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  1. Hi Lauren. I just finished reading Fallen and I loved it!
    What I wanted to know is: Is there any way I can get an ARC of Torment? I would just absolutely love one!
    Will you be doing giveaways?


  2. Loved Fallen, anxiously waiting for Torment. Is the ETA still Fall of 2010? Ready to do the pre-order!!!!!
    Thanks and Continued Success to you!

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