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A Contest!

Sabal palmetto

This is a Palmetto. It’s being showcased today for two reasons:

1. Because it’s so cold up here in Laurel Canyon right now that I needed to reminded myself that I live in tropical southern California now and not the blustery East Coast.

2. Because this innocent little Palmetto tree plays a very important role in my book, The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove. And with all of the excitement yesterday over Fallen’s release (which has been wonderful*), Natalie was getting a little bit…jealous. You know how she is. Always has to be in the limelight. This fabulous review from The Book Scout yesterday assuaged her a little, but poor old Natalie is still feeling like the other white meat compared to another book of mine. Which is why I’ve decided to throw her a little book-giveaway party. Yes, three lucky people will get a signed copy of The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove just for attending her little bash. All you have to do is register to follow my blog, send me a message here with your email address, and include your nomination for the best dog name (I want one for Christmas!). The contest will run through 5pm EST Christmas Eve, and the three winners will be chosen at random. Just don’t tell Nat that you’re getting it for free. She doesn’t like to think of herself as that kind of girl…

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Flipagram Contest Winner!

After watching all the fantastics videos you created, I’m more excited than ever about the release of Unforgiven and the Revenge EP next week. I loved watching your artistic expressions of Cam and Lilith’s story.

The winner of a signed copy of Unforgiven is…Sara!

You can watch her fantastic flipagram here.

I would also like to give a special shout out to the amazing runners up: Mariana Izar, Carolini Batista, and Jayashina Parthiban.

Check out their videos and feel inspired to create more of your own using new music from Revenge’s EP, which will be available, along with Unforgiven, on November 10th.

Thanks to everyone who entered,

xx Lauren


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Waterfall Giveaway Contest

*UPDATE: Send your submissions to me at laurenkatebooks at gmail!

October 28th–the official launch date for Teardrop‘s sequel, Waterfall–is right around the corner. I love this story deeply and want to share it with a couple lucky fans RIGHT NOW. I have TWO advance reader copies of Waterfall I would love to put into your hands and minds and hearts.

Send me your best waterfall or teardrop inspired picture to by August 22nd. Any picture of you in any setting or situation that you feel best reflects the book, the title, or the characters will do. After all submissions are in, I’ll pick two standouts to receive a signed advance copy.

So grab your cameras and have waves of fun!


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Fallen Soundtrack Contest

I loved your dream casts so much I wanted your opinion on another favorite topic of mine–the Fallen soundtrack. So many of you have already sent in songs that remind you of Luce and Daniel. From Taylor Swift to Ron Pope, you each have different visions of what constitutes the perfect Fallen playlist. I’d love to hear from more of you!

The Details:

Send your playlist to laurenkatebooks at with the subject line “Fallen Soundtrack Contest” by May 14th. Please include a description of why you chose your songs. I’ll pick one of your submissions and post it on the blog (and keep it in mind for when we score the movie!).

Happy playlist-ing!



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Casting Contest

Yes, in case you didn’t know the good news, Fallen is being made into a movie. The rights were purchased by Mayhem Productions and the wonderful Scott Hicks has been chosen to direct. I am an executive producer for the film and I promise to let everyone know the moment any open casting calls are announced. Lately, I’ve been receiving lots of wonderful casting suggestions from readers. What better way to thank your for your interest in the series than with a casting contest? So here’s the deal: Send in your dream cast and explain why you chose each actor for each character’s role by March 25th to my email Laurenkatebooks at I’ll pick one of your submissions and post it here on the site (and keep it in mind for the real casting, which will be happening soon!).

And if you missed my recent blog post on USA Today, here is my time-bending fantasy cast, if I could have my pick of any actors from any era:

Luce: Olivia Hussey from Zefferelli’s Romeo and Juliet makes the intense vulnerability of true love look magnificent. She’s innocent, hopeful, and willing to give all of herself to Romeo, just as Luce gives herself to Daniel.


Daniel: Steve McQueen from the Getaway is tough and independent. He can be diffident, but is unabashed when it comes to love. And he’s undeniably sexy.


Cam: Sean Penn in Bad Boys would be perfect for the villain we love to love. The rougher and tougher he is, the more we fall for him.


Arriane: Stockard Channing in Grease is sassy, sexy, and surprising enough to make a superb Arriane. We yearn to trust her even as she keeps us guessing what’s behind that knowing ever-present smile.


Roland: Harold Perrineau from another version of Romeo and Juliet (Baz Luhrmann’s) is mysterious and unique. He manages to be loyal without ever seeming too “moral” and his imagination is a wonder to behold.


Gabbe: Alicia Silverstone from Clueless plays the role of the quintessential buttoned-up beauty who still knows how to throw down. She’s intimidating from a distance but happy to befriend the new girl and show her the lay of the land.


Penn: Diane Keaton from Annie Hall is just as charmingly neurotic as Luce’s best pal at Sword and Cross. She’s the kind of girl you can be completely yourself with and never feel self-conscious.


Miles: John Cusack in the Sure Thing is just shy of being too sweet for his own good. Like Miles, he falls in love easily and is irresistible to everyone–except the girl he wants.


I look forward to reading your suggestions!


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Fallen Thanksgiving Contest

This Thanksgiving, I’m giving thanks for you wonderful readers. And in celebration of the season, I’m hosting a very special contest. Want to participate? Just answer this question in the comments section below:

“Why does fiction make you thankful?”

Are your favorite books a means of escape? Are great stories the way you connect with the world? Do books bring you closer to the people in your life? Share your perspective below for a chance to win this gorgeous box set of all four Fallen books. Good luck! Happy Turkey Day! And thank you so much for another wonderful year!

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Unforgiven Giveaway on Flipagram

November is drawing close and I am eager to share Unforgiven and the rest of Cam and Lilith’s songs with you. I enjoyed seeing Revenge’s Flipagram video for their song “Exile” and I would love to see your versions as well. Let’s make it interesting. A contest.

For your chance to win a signed copy of Unforgiven, make your own Flipagram video with “Exile (Lilith’s Song)” and use #Unforgiven in your post. I’ll reflip my favorites and choose one winner to receive a special signed first edition of Unforgiven. You can make the video about anything you feel captures the essence of Cam, Lilith, and their rock-and-roll love–or even how excited you are for the book and the 4-song Revenge EP.

I’ll select the winner on November 6th, so be sure to check back here for the announcement.

Catch you on the Flip side,

xx Lauren

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Dear Readers,
Welcome to the new online hub for all things Lauren Kate. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll come back frequently for updates on my books and movies, details on contests and giveaways, snaps from my upcoming book tours, an invitation to sign up for my monthly newsletter, and a brand new online store for some very chic t-shirts, posters, and other fun goodies you’ll want to get your hands on.

Thanks for stopping by. Take off your coat and stay a while. Sign up to be a Superfan! Drop me a line in the comments section and let me know how you like the new site.

Yours passionately,


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Lauren Kate Superfan Page

Have you loved Lauren Kate since
the day Fallen came out? Have you
read every Lauren Kate word ever
written? Have you and your friends
already made plans to see the
midnight premiere of the Fallen

If you answered
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To become a Superfan, buy or order a
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The Winning Soundtrack

Hi Fallenatics,

First I’d like to thank you for the effort you put into creating your soundtracks. Your submissions gave me fresh insight into how you experience Luce and Daniel’s love story. They exposed me to new music I’ve loved listening to–including original songs created by many of you. I got over 300 incredible submissions! It was a blast to read through all of them and very hard to choose just one. I want to give a shout-out to the four runners up: Tai Lynn, Lorraine R., Caitlin Smith, and Haley Marie. Thank you for your inspried ideas and creativity.


Now, I’d like to announce Anna Griffiths as the winner of the Fallen Soundtrack Contest. I’ve known that Anna was a big Fallen fan since we met in Bath two years ago, and she gave me the most lovingly crafted fan book. What impressed me most about her soundtrack was the way she matched songs to individual scenes and characters based on the moods she felt they evoked. The songs are beautiful and sad and smartly chosen. (And I love that she included a song called Teardrop on her soundtrack. Before you know it, I’ll be asking for your help with songs for the Teardrop soundtrack!)

Thanks to Anna, and thanks to all who submitted. Just a reminder that this is not the ACTUAL Fallen soundtrack, but I promise to share your ideas with the movie folks.

Without further ado, here is Anna’s winning soundtrack:

GENRES: Alternative/Classical/Modern Classical/Indie Rock/Singer Songwriter/Acoustic/Pop/Folk
Civil Twilight – Quiet In My Town
I have always envisioned the first half of this song to be used in the scene of Lucinda witnessing Penn die in slow motion or when she visits her grave. It’s one of my favourite songs. It truly is beautiful. I also think this would sound good as a song playing whilst the shocked pupils of Sword and Cross look on at the destruction of the battle’s aftermath.
Ludovico Einaudi – Indaco – MAIN THEME
I think the first half of this song is not only pretty, but I think it has a very faint but noticeable gothic under layer to it. I think a song like this SCREAMS the official theme of Luce and Daniel as a whole. I could see this being used very frequently in the movie, and I really do hope you chose this song for the movie! The string sections are truly enchanting.
I also think that this would go well with Luce and Daniel’s first sighting, In the moments before he flips her off. this is now made clear, that this is the main motif for Luce and Daniel. (there is a song lower down the list that I think would go well directly after Daniel flips Luce off.)
This would also go well after their second proper interaction with each other, when Luce goes to research Daniel’s background in the library BEFORE the fire. I can just imagine her flicking through the pages of books, and having soft flashbacks of what she has seen of Daniel so far.
I also think that the song Dietro L’Incanto also by Ludovico Einaudi would be nice song to throw in there somewhere! (if you look past that abrupt intro.) I love that one too, because one of my friends played it to me once before performing it to a large crowd. It was a beautiful moment in my life. (THE JOYS OF BEING A MUSICIAN WITH MUSICIAN FRIENDS! HAHA!)
The Whitlams – No Aphrodisiac
I think this song would go perfectly for the scene where Cam and Luce go into the bar! I always imagined the whole bar scene to be a little sleazy with a jazzy, lazy mood. I think the song would be best fitted if it were on a radio playing in the background faintly in the bar.
Massive Attack – Teardrop
This is one of my all-time favourite songs by one of my all-time favourite bands.The vocals are by Scottish vocalist Elizabeth Frazer from the cocteau twins. The song is both creepy and almost trance-like. I love the dark beauty to it. I’m not sure what specific scene this song could fit into, but I feel as if it could be a worthy contender for a spot in the play list!
Oh Land – Lean
I think this song could be a good song to play whilst Luce is alone in her new room at Sword and Cross, unpacking her things, and having small flashbacks of her sentence, and Trevor’s death. (Trevor’s death being hazy visions and images.)
James Newton Howard – The bad colour (MUSIC TAKEN FROM ‘THE VILLAGE’)
I think up until 0.36, this would go great in the scene when Luce overhears Gabbe and Daniel talking during the party outside.
~ Rocky/Exciting/’Badass’/Energetic ~
Mikky Ekko – Who Are You, Really?
You may have heard of Mikky Ekko from the hit single with Rihanna, ‘Stay’. Mikky Ekko makes very exciting music in general, and this song is great! I think this could be used in the scene of some sort of preparation for the battle at sword and cross. I can just imagine people painting tribal marks on their faces when I listen to this song! It’s truly great, and exciting!
Lana Del Rey – Lolita
Okay, so Lana Del Rey is one of those artists that either you love insanely, or you hate with a passion, and me? I love her insanely for reasons that would take me hours to explain. This song, Lolita, I can just imagine in some sort of party scene. It’s full of ‘black-lace’, and it’s got a ‘ghetto’ feel to it, which some characters represent to me, such as Molly and Arriane. (Please do not let this song put you off the entire play list if you dislike it!)
Skinny – Failure
This song has such a vibey groove to it! I can almost image this song becoming Roland’s theme!
Hard-Fi – Living For The Weekend
Again, I could see this song being featured in some sort of battle or battle preparation scene. Or maybe, even, the section of ending credits where visuals are shown crediting the main actors and production team before rolling all the cast and crew credits.
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Swim And Sleep
If there were to be a scene in the movie showing pre-Sword and Cross Luce having fun at a summer camp BBQ with Trevor and her friends, I think this song would be a great song to have in the background on some form of radio or something. It’s reasonably retro, but has a funky theme to it.
Sweet Baboo – Lets Go swimming wild.
Like ‘no aphrodisiac’, I think this song could go very well in the background of the scene where Luce and Cam go to the bar.
The Dead Weather – I can’t Hear You
I think this song would be perfect for the moment when Luce looks away from Daniel, embarrassed by his rude hand gesture to her. I can imagine this playing when Luce walks into her first class (just after her first interaction with Daniel), and the students are all plotting things, and messing around with each other whilst trying to dodge their teacher. It’s got a sexy, dangerous feel to it.
Massive Attack – Risingson
I think this song could go well for when the fire breaks out in the library. With bells ringing, and people screaming, and alarms blaring, I think it could be one of the darkest moments in the movie.
~ Happy/Triumphant/Gleeful/Victory ~
Edward Sharpe And The magnetic zeros – All Wash Out
I think that this beautiful song could go with two scenes.
1. When Luce and Daniel swim out to the rock together.
2. When Daniel tells Luce that he shall be with her soon on the island that she is taken to, and kisses her and as the plane goes into the distance.
(There’s a climactic section of this song near to the middle which could be the part where Luce is siting in the plane recollecting her and Daniel’s moments together so far, and her mentally preparing herself for their future.)
This song is gorgeous, and I think it would be really REALLY fantastic song to end the movie before the credits.
Matt Corby – Lighthome
This song always makes me feel emotional, in a good way. I think it would also be a very good song to play when Luce and Daniel first kiss on the beach. I think with the dim glow of the sunset in the background, and Luce’s hair waving in the wind whilst Daniel passionately kisses her for the first time in this life, would be a really beautiful touch. At roughly 2:11, after the song’s climax, it would be really perfect to play the ending when Luce and Daniel are shown driving back to Sword and Cross, with them exchanging sweet glances now and again.
Angus And Julia Stone – You’re The One That I Want
I think this song would go well in depicting a potentially ‘steamy’, passionate moment between Luce and Daniel kissing, where Daniel has to refrain from hurting her, and then afterwards, they just hold each other, embracing a beautiful moment together. This song is unique, because it’s a sultry cover of ‘you’re the one that I want’ from grease. It’s beautiful in the sense that it is NOTHING like the original version.
Vampire Weekend – Hannah Hunt
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG, AND THIS BAND!!! I really do believe that this song would go very well in the end credits of the movie! I want this song in the end credits more than anything else! The band, Vampire Weekend, are my all-time favourite band, and this song, ‘hannah hunt’ is off of their newly released third album, ‘modern vampires of the city’. Its a beautiful ballad with really really subtle elements of elements of country music and electronica. There’s a beautiful climax section to this song, which really will go well playing off into the very last names of the credits. I cannot stress how much I think that this song will embody the sheer beauty of the love story of Luce and Daniel. It’s also eerie, which makes it even more unique. The lyrics are also very beautiful, which will fit with the theme of the tale; time, and love. PLEASE INCLUDE THIS SONG AS THE END CREDITS PIECE! (I am also seeing them LIVE next month!)
LUCINDA PRICE – Ludovico Einaudi – Passagio OR Eisley – Marvelous Things
Passagio – this song has a playful theme to it, which symbolises youth, to me, which Luce has plenty of. It’s simply stunning, too.
Marvelous Things – again, this song has, at first, a serious, dark theme to it, but then breaks out into a beautiful chorus full of youth and hope.
DANIEL GRIGORI – Bridezilla – Mister Young
This song has a dark, powerful flow to it, which just screams something important and crucial to Daniel’s character. It’s full of excitement, but tells me that it could be worried, or tired.
CAMERON BRIEL – Mellowdrone – Orange Marmalade
It’s a sleazy one. This song reminds of Cam, and how he can be a bit of a naughty boy with his attitude and image.
ARRIANE ALTER – Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet
This song is just as quirky as Arriane is!
Penn was a hard choice, and I like this choice. It reminds me of her character, which is friendly, caring, somewhat positive, but still damaged at the same time.
GABRIELLE GIVENS – Primal Scream – Rocks
I can just imagine Gabbe jumping up down to this song! She’s not a girly-girl, but she still has that sassy personality and look. This song is so bad ass, and I can just imagine her walking down the corridor, curls flowing, white pearly teeth gleaming with a massive smile, with everyone looking at her!
ROLAND SPARKS – Electric Guest – Awake OR Skinny – Failure
Awake – I always imagined Roland to have this cool, Californian vibe, what with his attitude and the dreads he has. This song has a funky feel to it that I love! It also sounds almost mischievous, which Roland is, by sneaking things in  to Sword and Cross. (I have also seen this band, Electric Guest twice LIVE. Both times have allowed me to meet the lead singer, Asa Tacconne!)
Failure – Again, a groovey vibe!
The song is just as gut wrenching as Molly is herself!!


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Winning Dream Cast

Hey Fallenatics! Thanks to everyone who entered the Fallen Dream Cast contest. You shared so many terrific ideas that it was tough to choose a winner. (Just a reminder: THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL FALLEN CAST. This is one fan’s brilliant vision!)

And now, a super congratulations to our winner… Valentina Paz Gajardo Rivera! Her witty descriptions charmed me, and I love the YouTube videos she chose. Her passion for Fallen is clear, and her casting decisions are inspired. Take a look at these clips to fully enjoy Valentina’s dream cast.

Do you think any of these actors will make it into the Fallen film? I hope to share the *real* cast with you very soon!





1.   Kaya Scodelario as Lucinda ‘Luce’ Price.


I think Kaya would make an amazing Luce. Ever since I saw her on “Skins” as ‘Effy’ I’ve thought she was a very good actress. I think Kaya can angst and act wild and crazy quite well. Those emotions are what I expect Luce to show, because Luce seems to always be about to lose her mind due to all the hard things that have happened to her during “Fallen”, and after we see her pretty rebel and tough in “Torment”, only to discover her true inner strength. Though I know Kaya has blue eyes, I think she could still fit how Luce would look physically: dark and wavy hair, pale skin and her complexion.

2.   Tim Pocock as Daniel Grigori.


I’ve struggled with Daniel’s look since I started reading the books. I just can’t seem to picture him blonde (Thanks to my boyfriend who has brown hair and I often project him while I read). So I’ve never really imagined how he would or could look. That was until I saw a promo for “Dance Academy” recently. Tim Pocock is quite handsome but not in what I’d describe as in a “regular” way. He has amazing bone structure that I envision Daniel having. Being an angel, I picture him as very masculine and I’ve always considered a strong jaw to be a very manly thing. Not to mention he also has that to-die-for sculpted body and nice eyes.

3.   Adam Gregory as Cameron ‘Cam’ Briel.


I’ve been in love with Cam since the very beginning, and it’s not that I’m team Cam for Luce, because I truly believe she belongs with Daniel. It’s just that he’s the bad boy who’s been hurt and who struggles during the whole saga. That said, I still think he was kind of a jerk during “Fallen” and “Torment”. The moment I saw someone else’s dream cast and saw Adam Gregory on it, I was sold. Adam played ‘Ty’ on 90210 and he played the ultimate rich cocky boy that happens to want the new and innocent girl, only to break her heart, along with a couple more. But he still showed some true feelings and it just spelled out Cam for me… well,
that and his amazing physique.

4.   Emma Watson as Arriane Alter.


Arriane is also a character I’ve kind of struggled to picture, but I think Emma Watson could be a good choice to play Arriane. She has been stuck as ‘Hermione Granger’ for too long and she’s been trying to let go of that role by appearing on “The Perks of Being a Wall Flower” and now “The Bling Ring”, portraying two very different roles – from Hermione and from each other. She really surprised me when I saw “Perks”. ‘Hermione’ was always a very strong character and a brainiac, but Emma played Sam, who’s so vulnerable and outgoing, incredibly well. I think Emma is a fantastic actress and I would love to see her as someone who’s at the same time fun and crazy but still very friendly and strong. Emma has showed that she can both rock out short hair and
that she’s a very talented actress.

5.   Dianna Agron as Gabrielle ‘Gabbe’ Givens.


The same thing that happened to me with Adam Gregory happened with Dianna Agron. Someone cast her as their dream Gabbe and I realized that person was totally right. I searched for Dianna Agron images on Google and I thought she was the true definition of a southern beauty with her long and beautiful blonde hair and those big blue eyes. I immediately cast her as my
Gabbe too. I’ve seen Dianna play some cute characters, but none like Gabbe and that makes it very interesting for me. Gabbe is not just a pretty face, she’s also a big hearted person and tough as nails, so it would be quite interesting to see Dianna in a stronger and nobler character.

6.   Cara Delevingne as Mary Margaret ‘Molly’ Zane.


I had another actress in my head as I was reading the books for Molly, but recently I went to the movies and saw “Anna Karenina”
and there I got to see Cara Delevingne. The movie presented her as a fantastic mean girl. Cara has a very rocker chic sense of style in her everyday life and she kind of has the face of someone you don’t want to mess with, because she isn’t just pretty, she’s very intense looking too. So once I thought of it, she made the perfect Molly for me, someone mean yet beautiful and rebelious.

7.   Samuel Larsen as Roland Sparks.


I never really had in mind how Roland would look like until I saw Samuel Larsen on “Glee”. He just has the Roland style all over him! He’s new in tv and I think portraying Roland could be an amazing challenge for someone like him, specially because he could grow as an actor and embrace the character. In “Glee” he plays a very quiet and religious character, so it would be fun to see him as someone with a sad past, yet still a party boy. Dreadlocks included.

8.   Ellen Page as Pennyweather ‘Penn’ Van Syckle-Wood.


Penn is described as a very lonely and awkward girl and I think Ellen Page’s ‘Juno’ was all Penn: she’s weird, kind of a loner yet a good person. She’s also kind of what I picture when I think of a nerdy actor: she looks very smart and she has played very intelligent and emotional characters, so for me she has everything needed to play Penn.

9.   Gary Oldman as Mr. Cole.


Mr. Cole was that character that I always pictured as very strict, yet at the same time someone with a sort of parental role as he takes care of and helps Luce and Daniel. I love Gary Oldman’s ‘Sirius Black’ in the Harry Potter saga. He was very good at channeling his parental side toward Harry. He was so believable and memorable and it’s one of my personal favorite
characters because he plays a tremendously important role in Harry’s life. Also, I really liked his role in Batman as ‘Commissioner Gordon’; again he played a loving parent and a very loyal character. Those are the kind of feelings I get when I picture Mr. Cole in my head so I think he could be amazing in this role.

10. Anna Paquin as Sophia Bliss.


Miss Sophia is just the character we all love to hate and to make that even more obvious I always thought she would have to look flawless, amazingly beautiful, and young. Anna Paquin plays goodie-two-shoes ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ in “True Blood” and I think she is a surprising actress. She portrays a very naive character who everyone seems to want to help and take care of, while still being disliked by some other characters. I think that quality is very Sophia-like: she projects herself as someone very relatable that you can trust and then BAM! she stabs a knife in your back. So I would really like to see Anna showing a more feisty and fierce side standing in Miss Sophia’s shoes.

11. Lisa Edelstein as Doreen Price.


Well, during “Fallen” we don’t really learn a lot about Luce’s parents, at least until the last part of “Torment”. But somehow I always managed to get an idea of Luce’s mom in my head, which is kind of stereotypical. I picture her as very neurotic and a control freak who kind of loses it after what happens to Luce in the fire and after her troubled childhood,
becoming really pushy as a way to protect Luce. Lisa Edelstein plays a very busy and neurotic woman in “House” and when I thought about Luce’s mom she came to mind as a very good choice.


12. Christopher Meloni as Harry Price.


On the other hand, I have always thought of Luce’s dad to be a much more reachable character, who tries to make things easier on his daughter. I’ve loved Christopher Meloni ever since I started watching “Law & Order SVU”. He plays a tough guy, who struggles a lot with family issues, but you can see he really tries to be a good father and cares about his family. That’s why I would like to see him finally in a more closely paternal role.

13. Dot Jones as Randy.


I absolutely adore the character Dot Jones plays on “Glee”! She’s just super! Such a tender, vulnerable, and fun character and she completely nails it! She’s an amazing comedic actress and that’s exactly why I would really like to see her as a tougher and less “adorable” character like Randy.

14. Callan McAuliffe as Todd Hammond.


I love how Callan McAuliffe always seems to be serious, with his tiny eyes and confident look. Still he was a complete sweetheart as ‘Sam’ in “I am number four” when he played the good guy. Todd is a character, though we don’t really know much about him, shows amazing strength by helping Luce out from the fire in the library. That’s why I pick him for Todd, he kind of has the bad boy look but he’s also very charming.

15. Emma Roberts as Shelby.


I think Shelby’s a really cool character. She’s a total badass and she’s all cocky and sarcastic, but deep down she’s still a very emotional person and a loyal friend and it’s nice to figure her out as the book goes on. Emma Roberts is someone who I believe could absolutely portray that kind of girl. She has done a lot of shoots for Tyler Shields in which she looks completely different from the good girl role I was used to seeing her in, so I thought it be nice to see her cast as Shelby who’s so determined and fun. Plus, I think she totally has the Shelby look.

16. Thomas Mann as Miles Fisher.


Miles is the sweet guy who’s always in the friend zone waiting and waiting for the girl he loves to finally notice him, suffering silently and always being there for her… and then, suddenly he notices a girl that does like him back and both fall in love. That’s the cutest of the cutest. Recently I saw Thomas Mann in two movies: “Hansel & Gretel: Witch hunters.” and “Beautiful Creatures”, and in both movies he landed secondary roles. He seems so naïve and willing to help in “Hansel & Gretel” that I couldn’t keep from
thinking he’d make a stunning and adorable Miles.

17. January Jones as Francesca.


When I think of Francesca I picture a very accessible, caring person who at the same time is very smart and suspicious. Therefore, I’ve always pictured her in my mind as someone very beautiful but with a sort of stiff look, and that’s where January Jones came up to me. She has a very cold and intense look and she’s a very beautiful actress that happens to have a great smile. She just speaks ‘Francesca’ to me.

18. Matt Bomer as Steven.


I am crazy in love with Matt Bomer: he’s so handsome and has the most stunning physique, and I absolutely love his eyes. Steven seems so mysterious and sexy, that it just makes perfect sense for me to choose Matt Bomer, because I would love to see him portraying a more serious character.

19. Zoey Deutch as Callie.


Callie is Luce’s best friend from Dover and she’s always sounded like the very bubbly, cute girl who’s very attractive and it’s into boys and partying. I’ve pictured her as a very pretty and fresh looking girl. When I saw Zoey Deutch in “Beautiful Creatures” I thought she embodied that southern beauty and kind of sassy attitude, while still being very refreshing. So, for me she would be an amazing choice for Callie, where she would have the chance to play a little bit more of a good and soft character.

20. Alex Pettyfer as Trevor Beckman.


Trevor seems to me a very stereotypical character: the football player with everything he could ask for, including a hot girlfriend, but who somehow realizes he might want different things than what others want. Unfortunately, he dies kissing Luce. So what a better way to suffer along with Luce than by killing a really hot guy? Alex Pettyfer is very handsome and I’d like to see him even if it is for two minutes at the beginning, because I think he portrays the handsome jerk pretty well, like his role as ‘Kyle’ in “Beastly”.

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And the winner is…

Thanks to all who participated in my Thanksgiving Contest. You sent in wonderful, thoughtful responses. I loved reading your praise of fiction.

Congrats to Savannah W. on her winning entry (keep an eye out for your Fallen box-set in the mail!) And a special shout-out to  runners up: Adriana, Cara W., Carmen B., and Arrielle.

In Savannah’s own words: “Fiction makes me thankful because even in the most fantastical, most unrealistic stories, there is something very real about the characters that we grow to love. Characters in fiction books can show us the best and worst in humanity and help us to see those traits in ourselves. A great fiction book can give us a best friend when we feel we have none, find us love in an unloving world, and break our hearts as though it were happening to us. I am thankful for fiction for the days when it gives me hope for a better future, and the days of comfort when hope is nowhere to be found. I am thankful for fiction for keeping me up at night reading and for keeping me impatient as I wait for the next installment of a best-loved series. I am thankful to fiction for the days when I finish a book and simply cannot move from the spot where the story left me, because I am still too invested in this world that I love. I am thankful to fiction for the tears, the talks, the laughter, the smiles, and the fury. But most of all, I am thankful to fiction for taking me to a place outside of myself, but a place that is wholly within myself.”

Thanks again!

Below: Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom has great book style.

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Your Stories – From the Passion tour

Dear all,

I’ve received a handful of wonderful stories and photo submissions from fans across the world, and now the time has come for me to share them with YOU! First off I’d like to thank you all once more for coming out to support the release of “Passion.” You are the greastest.

Now here’s our very first installment of fan tales from my worldly wanderings. More to come soon, so if you haven’t sent me your story yet, there’s still time – email away!

– Lauren Kate

    • Wilson – Melbourne:

      “Well, I first went on plane. Ever. To go to Melbourne. To meet Lauren Kate. On Collins street, Boarders.

      The plane flew, then deceneded in Melbourne. When, there we and my family, then went to the apartment. Went around Melbourne, and explored the place. Then it hit, “six’o clock” and me and my mum rushed into Boarders. Quickly.

      Then we where there. And lauren kate walks in. Yay! Then the angels start to fall. And so on.”

      Anastasia – Melbourne:

      “On August 3rd my life long dream was fulfilled. I was able to finally meet you, give you a hug, have a conversation with you (one I will NEVER forget) and get my books signed. My friend Denise, and I were so ecstatic about meeting you. For months we were planning what we were going to wear, as well as what gift to get you, we even arrived at the signing before anybody else. Days before the signing, I noticed that you posted your love for Tim Tams and Carmello koalas on your Twitter. That was the ultimate decider. Along with a basket full of goodies, came a note (hoping that you read it :p) expressing our absolute love and admiration for you. Lauren, you have inspired me in numerous ways. Before I read Fallen, I was in no way, shape or form to interested in reading, period.”

      Christine and Tom – London:

      “I got to meet you in London during a High Tea, because I won the contest from WPG from Belgium, I was there with my boyfriend Tom.

      You signed the first two books from the Fallen collection and the third one which we received in London. We also talked about the things I am writing and you gave me a lot of tips. Which off course I am using! Thank you for the wonderful day we had in London. I still remember it as yesterday and think about it when I am reading Passion. Keep on writing, because we love your work.”

      Lucimar – Rio:

      “Yes! I was with you on tour of the book Passion, with my sons Jeremiah and Gerard, Matthew and a friend. The conference was great, you’re very sweet, and helpful, answered all questions, and at the hour of autographs …. was great, congratulations on you meet your fans with all affection. I love your books!”

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A little bit of news…

Hi everyone! Several bits of news today:

First off, I’m excited to report that I’ve been nominated for an Indigo Teen Reads award in the Best New Writer category. This is the inaugural year for the contest, run by the great Canadian bookstore, and the best part is: readers get to choose the winners! Please visit the site, fill out the very quick registration form, and vote for Fallen (and me) in the Best New Writer category.

This is what you’ll see after you vote. If you’re hard core, you can come back and vote every day!

Next up, I’m about to head out on a blog tour in the UK for a little armchair (or desk chair) travel. Tomorrow (June 30th), you can find me at Book Chick City, and I’ll be making about ten more stops after that. More details, dates, and links to come.

My Brit blog tour coincides with the perfect-beach-read mass market paperback release of Fallen in the UK, and I also have this wonderful new trailer to share. Some of you Brits might be seeing it during the theater previews for Eclipse this week!

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Hot Springs, Arkansas where I am spending the week with family and friends. We spent a week in Dallas with my fam hoarding QT with this little longhorn:

My niece Jordan
My niece Jordan

then drove up to Arkansas to see this little cookie monster:

My nephew David Franklin
My nephew David Franklin

before we head to New Orleans for New Years Eve and then jet back home to L.A. Altogether, a pretty perfect holiday break! It’s been so cool to see copies of Fallen and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove under some nearby Christmas trees. I hope everyone is enjoying the break, relaxing with family, and having some holiday cheer.

Now it’s time for me to give a shout-out to the three winners of my Natalie Hargrove giveaway contest!

*drumroll pls*

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Hello from the Big D

I can’t get enough of this Bridezilla song in the beautiful Fallen trailer from Australia.

I am home at my parents’ house for the holidays and last night, I did a reading and signing at Legacy Books in Plano, TX. It was great to promote Fallen and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove in my home town, in front of so many friends and family members, and at such an amazing bookstore! 

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Born in Time

The other day, a reader asked me the best question I’ve been asked yet about my books. She’d read a particuarly lovey-dovey scene between Luce and Daniel and she wanted to know whether I really believed that love like that existed in the real world. Of course! I told her. I just found it myself.


Today is my husband Jason’s birthday. Because we’re going home to our families in Texas and Arkansas this weekend, he will get not one, but four birthday parties. Today we’re celebrating with a few of his favorite things: The Beatles (we watched disc 5 and 6 of the box set last night), Starman (we’ll squeeze in a viewing of that classic sometime today), and cheese dip–he is from Arkansas (we’re going to a Mexican joint tonight with a 30 person mariachi band!). HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!

This was our first song at our wedding. Also works for birthdays: Bob Dylan: Born in Time

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