Quotes from Rapture…

I’ll be sharing one little quote a day for the next few days leading up to the release! Get excited and check back tomorrow… Only four more days!

😉 Lauren

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  1. Woah, the outcasts better not be talking about Luce in her next life. One, that means she has to die and two, they can’t steal her from Daniel, that has to be impossible…Right? Anyways, I CAN’T WAIT!!! 🙂

  2. Ok im going a bit mental this is so exciting, its so sad that the series have now ended but im as excited as i am scared to read rapture! thanks you lauren for these amazing books that helped open my heart <3

  3. Gosh I cannot wait for rapture! I have read the Fallen series twice to make sure i have had everything down pat JUST for this novel! I just finished reading Fallen In Love by Lauren and I have started reading the Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove! MYGOD I <3 FALLEN! TEAM CAM! (:

  4. The book was amzing Ms. Kate. Love the quote and love the book altogether!


  5. I’m waiting unpatiently for the moment Rapture will ne releases down here in the Netherlands.
    Thank you for writing these novels, Miss Kate, I’m really grateful.

  6. OMG!! I love your books ms Kate! It’s a masterpiece! These books marked me! I really can’t wait The Release of Rapture in France! It’s in October or November,it’s too far! So i’ll read it in English. And I want to thank you because you are bright! So thank you for these very good books!!

  7. I’m almost finished Rapture–I’ve just got chapter twenty and the epilogue to go–but I stopped reading for fear of what comes next. I know I’ll be ecstatic after I’ve finished, however I just don’t want to feeling of ‘it’s over, there aren’t any Fallen books left’. I love the series, and I always will.
    I can’t thank you enough, Lauren Kate. I traveled for two hours to see you in person last year at Dymocks, Parramatta, Australia, and it made my life up to this point. ♥

  8. OMG! Really really really enjoyed reading all the fallen series! They were absolutely amazing! It really opened my eyes at how just simple words can mean so much to someone! Love these books so sad rapture had to be the end :(! Thank you lauren, your amazing! 🙂

  9. Lauren, I am not a teen. I am a middle aged woman, however, I love your Fallen books series! When I look for books to read I try to stay open minded and make a selection I feel I would like to read. As I read the back cover of the first book, I was instantly interested and drawn to the story. I have bought every book that has come out and I too am looking forward to reading the ending. I’m curious about what’s going to happen in the last book, no matter how it ends I realize we don’t always get a happy ending, but I hope we do in this case. My husband thinks I’m a hopeless romantic and I always will be and hope for the best until it all plays out and then accept the outcome. In my opinon you are a very talented writer and with all the books I’ve read, I don’t believe I have ever read any books quite like the Fallen series. I like the kind of books that go way out of the norm and I just want to say you have accomplished that with your talented writing and thinking way beyond anything I have read thus far. Please keep writing because I have now become a fan of your writing.

  10. already finished the book. one of the most unforgettable stories i ever read. thank you for sharing this with us. such a wonderful ending to a wonderful love that endures everything. someday when i am old and grey, i’ll definitely share this story to my grandchildren, teaching them lessons they will never learn academically. it really brought me to tears, or maybe i was just so emotional at that time. best wishes! 🙂

  11. WHAT HAPPENED TO CAM?!?!?!?! at the epilogue of Rapture Shelby asks about Cam but no one replies….so what happened to him?!?! im dying to know!!

  12. hello…I love your books and I am looking forward to reading Rapture…..I have never read more interesting novels than those

  13. Ok so I read Rapture and cried my heart out… I was just so happy for Daniel and Luce!! But I got confused because there is another book Fallen in Love and I thought that was after Rapture but then someone told me it was before Rapture! So I went online and some websites said it wasn’t part of the series…. Urgggg!!! I’m confused

  14. Also I think the series should be made into a movie… Like… HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE!!!!?!?????!!??!!!

  15. Okay I loved the books, but what happened to CAM!? I read to the whole series routing for cam and luce. And then in the end he doesn’t even get a proper ending? Is there going to be another series about cam or at least another book? Because as much as I loved the character (possibly my favorite) what was his point after fallen?

  16. i have read the book. SPOILER ALERT! the thone make daniel and luce forget there past and make them mortals then send them to live on earth. 🙁 🙁 i cried and cried. They meet each other again but dont remember a thing.

  17. Just finished rapture a minute ago i cried .
    It suprised me that luce and daniel gave up there angel powers.
    They make it work though cam needsto appear soon
    If they actually talked they would a least come to an ending.
    Well with there problems they should be friends.
    and they would make a cute couple. Maybe oneday not right now and i am
    seriously routing for luce and miles i think they would make a great couple

  18. I just finished the book and…now, I’m dying to find a love like Daniel and Luce’s! But my heart goes out to Lucifer…I cried when Luce saw him in that laundry room and all he could do was look at her with sorrowful eyes~
    What happened to Cam??? Why did they fall into an awkward silence when his whereabouts was asked? Awkward silences are never a good sign! They always mean there’s something they want to hide or rather not talk about.NOO~

  19. I never thought that Luce was also an ANGEL, the 3rd highest in rank, at that…
    I feel so bad, this is that understatement of the year, for Lucifer…he invented Love for them and all he gets is heartache…

  20. I’ve really loved all the fallen books, already read Rapture. Truly amazing. I am afraid that the movie will ruin it all, judged by the trailer, it doesn’t look as amazing as the book, the characters dont appear to be portrayed as in the book.

    Sincerely, TeMai.

  21. the ending broke my heart, i finished Rapture two days ago and the ending kept me crying all night long. ;c nonetheless it was still bueatiful. I need a spin off series with Cam! He just disappeared :c your books are amazing, can’t wait to read your next one c: good luck.

  22. Ler a trilogia Fallen e viajar no tempo e sob a ótica do amor como descrever isto: delicioso, encantador, apaixonante . Todos nós estamos em busca constante de nossas almas gémeas, as vezes me pergunto se ela realmente existe? E peço aos Deuses do Amor que eu seja contemplada a viver este amor nesta vida! Ver uma historia de amor tao bonita de Daniel por Luce (Lucindas) e outras personagens brilhantemente criados por Lauren Kate nos transporta para momentos magicos e inesqueciveis! Que venha o “Extase!”

  23. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUHH ! I’m very anxious for debut in Brazil …. I love this saga and i can’t wait for de film , fallen in Disney , i’m count the hours … , i ‘m really love the book , and i want to know , if Lauren Kate will whrite more books about angels after this saga ??

    xoxox Lu the best fan of fallen

  24. Hola’ just finish read you saga and one question what happen with cam? Please or u have a history for him?? Please I need to know tnks. For all!!

  25. i love your books they rule i have told all my friends about it the best one is Fallen in love

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